Saturday, April 30, 2016

Postcards That Show Doors and Doorways

781.  Ukranian Doorways
Hello!  Greetings from Belarus!  My name is Marina, I'm from Minsk.  Few days ago I came back from Lriv (Ukraine) - I like this homely, cozy, lovely town so much!  I bought this card there.  I though that it is perfect for you.  Hope you like it as well as me. :)  Make only love.

760.  Hong Kong
Greeting from Hong Kong, a city located in Asia which is packed and crowded city.  I am planning my vacation in end o fyear, most of the time I will send myself a postcard when traveling.  Will you do the same?  Happy Postcrossing, Fennie

469.  Old temple doors in Pushkar, Rajasthan, INDIA
(card from Norway)
Hello!  I have chosen this old door card for you, hope you like it.  This weekend my son turned 21!  He just escaped to Oslo with some friends.  We have had some nice and sunny days now, and I am waiting for my Greek vacation in August.  Thailand is our other preferred vacation land.  All the best!  Inger

513.  St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Hi!  Greetings from rainy city St. Petersburg.  This is not a doorway, but a cool window frame!
Daria and Kirill

601.  Kazan, Russia
Kazan State Univercity in the door reflection of the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan
Greetings from Russia!  Best Wishes, Aliya

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