Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from China

1236.  Suzhou, CHINA
I'm Zhong?? come from Suzhou of P. R. C. The red ink is my own stone seal engraved patern., a blessing!  I hope you can like it.

1122.  Beijing, China
Hello Chris, Best wishes from China.  My name is Geng Haibin.  I live in Beijing.  I'm 27 and an engineer.  I like to collect stamps and postmarks.  My favorite sport is bicycle riding.

800.  Shanghai, CHINA
A large, square card with the  greeting, "Hello, friend!"

786.  Hangzhou, CHINA
Hello!  I'm Silvia.   Greetings from China.  I live in Hangzhou.  It is a modern presperous city to the west of Shanghai.  What strikes me most is the beauty of West Lake.  Spring and autumn are the best seasons in here.  Best wishes to you.

772.  China
Greeting from China.  Nice to meet you.  This is a postcard of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (cemetery).  Sun is the father of the country Hope you enjoy it.
NOTE:  Dr. Sun Yet-san (1866 - 1925) was the founding father and 1st president of the Republic of China.

621.  Wuzhen, CHINA
Lang Peng, by beauty for passers - by to provide a shelter from the rain, a good place to rest
Hello Reader Chris,
My name is Summer, and I live in Foshan, the city famous for Kung Fu.  I am a college student majoring in tourism management, and I like travelling around.  Last month, I had a trip in Szchuan.
Best wishes!

613.  Postcrossing the World - Shanghai, CHINA
Hi friend,
Greetings from Shanghai china.  Your profile shows that you like map cards so I choose this card for you.  Have a good time.  Zhang

599.  Tibet (mailed from China)
Hi.  I'm a girl from China.  This is a card about map of Tibet.  I went there last year.  That's an amazing trip.  Really hope you can visit there one day.  I now study furniture design in Beijing.  I like visiting museums and some bookshops or some beautiful buildings.  Jan

582. Shanghai CHINA
Hello!  nice to meet you!  I'm from China.  Shanghai is a very big and modern city in China.  This card was designed by myself.  Hope you like it!

578.  China
Hi.  My English name is Carrie.  I'm come from China.
I started to send postcards last year, but I don't send when I go to school.  Because I have no time to do that.  Your are my first people to sent on PU.  It's my first time to play.  This month I play PC and I had sent 4 postcards but now no on had receive.  hve a good time!!  Carrie

563.  Xiamen University, China
Hi Chris, nice to meet you!  I'm a 19-year old Chinese girl and I'm studying Portuguese in college now.  This is a postcard of my university, Xiamen University.  Hope you will ike it!
Best wishes, Clin Chen

548 - Guansheng from The Water Margin - China
Hello Chris, I'm a girl from China.  I'm 15.  This postcard is about a character in a popular fiction called (in English called "The Water Margin").  The character name is .  In English is Guangsheng.  He's a good man who is humble but thinks much of ties of friendship.  Happy Crossing and have a good day!  Mwwam

525.  Blue And White Porcelain - Qing HuaCi From China
card sent from Taipei, Taiwan
Hello!  I'm Peggy and I live in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.  I chose this card to you.  Hope you like this postcard and the stamps.  I study management at the university.  Have a nice day.

518.  An odd card to received from CHINA...
Hi Chris!  Greeting from China!  I'm Sophie, a 18 years old girl.  And I will enter college this Sep.  So excited!  I just can't stop dreaming about it!  Being a teacher must be cool.  Cause I have many cool teachers.  Thery are really nice.  Good day!

490.  Prospect Hill Park (est. 1421), Beijing, CHINA
Hello, Chris!  Greetings from Beijing!  On this card is the Jingshan Hill.  It's only about 60 m high, but the panoramic view of Forbidden City there is great!
Zhang Yuyu

470.  Gulang Island, CHINA
Hello!  I'm Fanny, from China.  This is a mailbox I think ... maybe.  This card is from Gulang Island, a famous view of Chine, it just near my city.  This island has many old European buildings and delicious seafood.  Happy postcrossing, Fanny

467.  Greetings from....China
I am sending my first card from postcardunited.  I also do "postcrossing."  Do you know that?  There are more than 540,000 postcrossing users.
     I hop[e the greetings from card will make you day.
     I just read The DaVinci Code.  Excellent book! (heart)

460.  Greetings from China
To Chris:  You can see the wonderful picture on the postcard.  This is one of famous views in my hometown, Haining Zhejaing.  And we called it Qianjiang tide.

459.  Art card from Western China
Chris:  Greeting from Carrie in Shenzhen, a city near to Hon Kong in Southern China.  I got this card in Dunhuang, an ancient city in Western China last year.  It says that the local people eat a lot of dried fruits, eg. dried pears, dried Chinese date...

454.  The Longmen Grottoes: The 24th UNESCO World Heritage Site of China; Luoang, China
Hi Chris,m
Greetings from China.  This postcard was taken by my dad and I made it into a postcard.  Hope you will love the card.  Mandy.

383.  Gulangyu Islet Amoy, CHINA
Hope you will like this postcard.  Best Wish!
From: YeYang, China

363.  China
Hi Chris!  Many greetings from China.  My name is Nelly and I live in Hangzhou.  Hangzhou is famous for beautiful West Lake.  Nelly
338.  Kang Xinyu - Tree
(There was no number on this card so it could not be registered, but it looks like it comes from last June or August - although the postmark looks like 2016 03 01)
Hello Chris, I'm a university student living in China.  This is the phot I pictured in my hometown.  My hometown is a peaceful place living with many panda.  It is such a great place for me.  Hope you will like it.  Yours, Tree

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