Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Letterboxing

I've gone to a number of "traditional" sites this month, but was unwilling to venture into the undergrowth of desert because of snakes.  I saw one at the beginning of the month, right out in plain sight while I was looking for my first Munzee, and it freaked me out a bit, so I'm being really careful.  I only had 25 paces left to go just this afternoon to find a box, but after a-not-so-lengthy deliberation, scrapped the idea!

My 4/30/16 stats:

P1 F94 X46 (not much change here)

New in April:
Traditional:  1 find
HH: 1 find (now 9F)
Postals:  19 found, 1 carved and planted (Now 9P 87F)
LTCs: 4 quisps found (Now 1P 16F)
Travelers so far 40F
Event Boxes so far 18 F

My only carve this month was the Road Trip - AZ to ME (above)

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