Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from New Zealand

346.  Greetings from New Zealand
Hello Chris, My name is Naomi.  I am from Christchurch, New Zealand.  The strange looking bird on the front of the postcard is a kiwi.  They are native to New Zealand and are also our national symbol.  The lady in the boat or waka as the native Maoris call it is dressed in their traditional clothing.  They were here before the westerners arrived.  Christchurch became the first city in NZSZ on July 31st 1856.  Would love to hear about where you live.  Naomi

507.  Queenstown, New Zealand
Hi Chris,
Queenstown is a beautiful resort town in the south island of New Zealand.  It is 2 hours drive from where I grew up.  You can ski at Coronet Peak or the Remarkables (which has a steep scary road - well, it did last time I was there probably 20 years ago).  We went night skiing at C. Peak a couple of years ago.  In the summer you can waterski, bungy jump, and hike.  This photo was taken from a hill with a skyline restaurant and a gondola to get there.
Best wishes, Denise

573.  Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand
card sent from BORNEO (like the above....two in one day?  CRAZY!)
Salam/Hello.  My nam's Wildan.  I come from Bontang, East Borneo.  My city is quite small with its rainforest and black orchids conservation house.  I wish you all good.  Wildan

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