Friday, April 1, 2016

Postcards Sent Through 8/31/16

I'm having such a blast sending and receiving postcards through Postcrossing and Postcards United.

537.  PCU 8/29/16 W. Quoddy Light to China
     9/18 - 21 days
     Thank you for my card. I was excited to get one from as far away as your country! If you want to keep in contact my email is: My blog: or

536.  cag 8/29/16 Route 66 with corvette to Norway
     9/6 - 8 days
     “Hi there! Thank you so much for your Route 66 card! Many Norwegian dream of drive that road! I love the stamps too! Best wishes and happy postcrosing! Bente :)”

535.  cag 8/29/16 Grandma Moses "At the Well" to Russia
     9/15 - 17 days
     “Dear Chris, 
Thank you for a pretty card. I hope, your autumn will be as bright and rich as summer.”

534.  PCU 8/29/16 ANP Carriage Road Bridge to Poland
     9/5 - 7 days
     Hello, Thank you so much for the postcard with beautiful stamps :) Best wishes, Monika

533.  cag 8/29/16 North Dakota Pheasants sculpture to New York
     8/31 - 2 days
     received with no message

532.  PCU 8/29/16 Amish "You've Got Mail" (Amish kids with bike) to Russia (female)
     9/13 - 15 days
     Chris, thank you very much for the postcard with the bike )) And thanks for beautiful stamps!! Good luck and happy postcrossing!

531.  cag 8/29/16 Delaware vertical map to Germany
     9/2 - 5 days
     “Dera Chris,
many thanks for your Delaware-postcard. Hope you enjoy your trip!
Greetings, Wilhelm”

530.  cag 8/29/16 PA multiview to Dijon, France
     9/5 - 7 days
     thank you very much for this beautiful postcard
529.  8/26/16 PCU Yellowstone National Park card to Russia
     9/15 - 20 days
     Hello.Many thanks for a wonderful postcard of Yellowstone Park.Best wishes,Olga

528.  cag 8/26/16 ME (cartoony) map to the Netherlands
     9/1 - 6 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thank you so much for this wonderful postcard! I so adore bats! The stamos are also very pretty. Yay! Your travels across the States sound pretty interesting, especially the part about the national parks and book shops. Some of the things I would really enjoy, I believe. 
Best wishes to you and your family! 

527.  cag 8/26/16 ME (cartoony) map to Moscow, Russia
     9/11 - 16 days
     “Hello! Привет!
Thank you for interesting card and beautiful staps! I like it: stamp with ice cream and banana; waterlemons - summer mood :)
Have a nice day! Хорошего дня!”

526.  PCU 8/25/16 Tombstone, AZ to Macau (China)
     9/11 - 14 days
     Thank you so much for your beautiful postcard . I really like it. You make my day! By the way, You can follow me on Instagram -> . Wish you all the best. Regards, khaki catia

525.  cag 8/25/16 North Dakota: Enchanted Highway deer to California
     9/1  -  8 days
     “Hello Chris, 
Thank you for this awesome postcard and I like it very much and i just got back from visiting my sister from San Luis Obispo and it was for a few days and I would like to go again soon and that is great that you are visiting your buff in Novato and have lots of fun and best wishes and luck in life take care and happy postcrossing! And a safe trip too ~Emma :) :)”

524.  cag 8/25/16 Arizona bat (sipping from a saguaro flower) to Slovakia
     8/31 - 6 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thank you so much for this wonderful postcard! I so adore bats! The stamos are also very pretty. Yay! Your travels across the States sound pretty interesting, especially the part about the national parks and book shops. Some of the things I would really enjoy, I believe. 
Best wishes to you and your family! 

523.  cag 8/25/16 Sunset Crater, AZ to Slovenia
     8/31 - 6 days
     “Hi Chris!, thank you for you beautiful postcard, I really like it. :) 
Keep smiling and have a nice day! :) 

522.  cag 8/23/16 PA: Owl to Hong Kong
     8/29 - 6 days
     “Hello Chris, 
Thank you very much for your lovely card, I like it very much! Wish you all the best! 

521.  cag 8/23/16 Somesville Bridge to Germany
     9/3 - 11 days
     “Hello and happy postcrossing,
thank you very much for your postcard.
Many greetings 

520.  cag 8/23/26  Whoopie Pie recipe to Taiwan
     9/2 - 10 days 
     Thank you for your postcard~the recipe is so great.  It looks so yummy.  I also like your life style.  So fun.
519.  cag 8/22/16 Kid-drawn Appalachian Trail card to West Virginia
     8/25 - 3 days
Your card arrived in no time from PA to us here in WV. My mom and I (Bre) visited Arizona a few years ago. We flew into Phoenix and drove down to Tucson. Of course we made the trip to see the Grand Canyon before we left, but we had more fun at Tombstone and Kitt Peak. Anyway, we hope you are having a wonderful trip visiting your family and that you get a chance to visit Amish country to find a beautiful quilt to take home with you.
Safe travels, 
Bre and Kabir”

518.  cag 8/22/16 Somesville bridge to Germany
     8/29/16 - 7 days
     “Hello. In the 2 weeks of my vacation (Hungary) your postcard has arrived. 
Just today I can confirm receipt. The postcard like that. 
I am glad that you wrote to me. 
Thank you, good luck and Happy Postcrossing, Udo”

517.  PCU 8/19/16 Casa Grande Ruins, AZ to Michigan
     8/30 - 11 days
     Hi there Chris, Thank you for the postcard. I am happy to just get one. I appreciate all no apologies needed. Hope you are having a great time traveling. I've always wanted to visit Maine. It's nice to get cards from the USA :) Best wishes, Beth

516.  PCU 8/18/16 Many Faces of Tombstone card to Indonesia
     9/24 - 39 days
     Thank you for the beautiful postcard. Love it! krisna

515.  PCU 8/18/16 PA map to Malaysia
     9/1/16 - 16 days
     Thanks for the awesome map card with cute stamps! A new addition to my collection!

514.  cag 8/17/16 Main Street, Ellsworth, ME to Spain
     8/24 - 7 days
     “Hello Chris greetings from Spain and thank you for your postcard and beautiful stamps.”

513.  PCU 8/16/16 Griffith Observatory to Malaysia (Isabella Fang Fang)
     8/30 - 14 days
     hi dear, Thanks so much for d awesome card. it's a great addition to my collection. Thank u too for putting nice stamps for me.U made my day Happy postcard Uniting Love, Isabella

512.  cag 8/16/16 Acadia sunset to Czech Republic
     8/28 - 12 days
     for some reason, updating this one contains a "broken connection" that I can't remedy.  She sent a lovely thank you....

511.  cag 8/15/16 Bar Harbor collage card to Minnesota, USA
     8/19 - 4 days
     “i thank you for the card i have not reached the confidence to travel by myself I hope one day cause it would be an adventure i would like to concur”

510.  PCU 8/14/15 Whoopie pie recipe to Spain
     9/1 - 17 days
     Hi, Thanks for the beautiful card and the lovely stamps. I liked it a lot. It was a delight to find it in my post box. Have a wonderful day.

509.  PCU 8/14/16 PA collage to Romania
     8/24 - 9 days
     hello! thank you for the lovely postcard. it looks like there a lot of things to see in Pennsylvania. have a nice day!

508. cag 8/14/16 Harry Potter & Ron Weasley to Russia
      9/20 - 37 days

507.  cag 8/14/16  Atlantic Puffin to Czech Republic
     8/29 - 14 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thank you very much for your nice card and for beautiful stamps :-) 
Have a nice day! 

506.  cag 8-14-16 Lupine on MDI card to Austria (supposedly a dog..)
     9/27 - 43 days
thanks for this wonderful card, I love it so much. Looks like a very peaceful place there...would like to run through the colorful field...
All the best and be happy 
Rosalie, miss dog!!”

505.  cag 8/14/16 to Appalachian Trail Student-drawn card to Wisconsin, USA
     8/19 - 5 days
     “Hi Chris, 
Thank you for the wonderful card! I hope you are having a wonderful time on the East Coast.
Funny that you mention Captain Fantastic, I had an acquaintance mention that she had just seen the movie and she thought I'd like it.
Have a good rest of the summer, 

504.  PCU 8/10/16 Boothill Graveyard card to Germany
     8/16 - 6 days
     Dear Chris, thank you so much for the nice postcard and the beautiful stamps. In Germany we say "witches cottage" (in german "Hexenhaus" or "Hexenhäuschen") to a very old, small and crooked house. =o) All the best for you! Best wishes from Mayen, Andrea

503.  cag 8/10/16 Cadillac Summit View to Germany
     8/17 - 7  days
     “Hello Chris! 
Thank you very much for your beatyful card! 
What a nice idea to travel to your homeland during the whole summer! Are you hiking? 
I'm coming from the south of Germany and it was always an idea of me to hike to the south in many similar parts. This is about 1000 km away. 
Actually I begann to hike allone round the Baltic Sea. I did the first 100 km and it was really wonderful! 
I wish for you, that you make the right decisions where you want to live! 
Best wishes to you! 

502.  cag 8/10/16 Amish buggy to PEI, Canada
     8/23 - 13 days
     “Thank you for the pretty card. I hope you make it the Island someday. Emma”

501.  cag 8/10/16 Maid of the Mist Under Niagara Falls to Beijing, China
     10/15 - 67 days
     Hi, Chris, thank you so much for the beautiful card and I hope I can travel to the Niagara Falls in the future! Have a nice day!”

500.  cag 8/10/16 San Xavier drawing to Wisconsin, USA
     8/13 - 3 days
     “I could never take the heat in Arizona but good for you. I love the card you sent. 
Thank you”

499.  cag 8/10/16 Maine Blueberry recipe to Hong Kong
     8/20 - 10 days
     “Thank you for your Snufkin postcard!”

498.  PCU 8/8/6 Lupine on MDI to Poland

     8/26/16 - 18 days
     Hello Chris Thank you for the postcaeds

497.  PCU  8/8/16 Yoda (in homemade envelope) to France
     8/18 - 10 days
     hello thanx for the superb card you send me greetz from France :)

496.  cag 8/8/16 Maine MAP to Pennsylvania (Honesdale)
     8/11/16 - 3 days
     “Hello from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. I received your postcard today. I love it!!! I will put it in my postcard collection.
Many Thanks, 

495.  cag 8/8/16 Arizona Inn Drawing to the Netherlands
     8/15 - 7 days
     “Dear Chris,
Thanks for your nice card with the nice stamps. 
Have a nice day.
Greetings Marloes”

494.  PCU 8/5/16 Boston (shaped card) to Malaysia
     8/26 - 22 days
     Hello Chris, thank you so much for the shape card!That was really beautiful Boston view. I hope you really enjoy your day. This card is my second shape card today. I will keep it at my collection shape card. Thanks again!

493.  PCU 8/5/16 "Greetings from Texas" to China

492.  cag 8/5/16 Niagara Falls card to Portugal
     8/16 - 11 days
Thanks for your card from Niagara Falls 
Maybe someday I will go there. 

491.  cag 8/5/16 Maine cove w/fishing shack to Belgium
     8/19 - 14 days
     “thank you for your card,”

490.  cag 8/5/16 Old Faithful to Brazil
     8/31 - 26 days
     “Hello! Thank you very much for your postcard, I received today, and I like it! 
Very nice postcard! 
All the best. I wish you happy every day!
Ronaldo Reis”

489.  PCU 7/31/16 London Bridge, Lake Havasu to Moscow, Russia
     9/2 - 33 days
     Thank you 

488.  cag 7/31/16 Gambel's Quail card to Missouri
     8/5/- 5 days
     “Thank you for the Gamble Quail postcard. It is a new one for me! Enjoy the rest of your travels - Happy Postcrossing!”

487.  cag 7/31/16 Shoofly Pie recipe card to Germany
     8/8 - 8 days
     “Thank you very much for the great card! You really made my day. :)”

486.  PCU 7/29/16 Harry Potter on broomstick to Poland
     8/6 - 8 days
     Hello! Thank you for the postcard, I love it! It's nice to hear some facts about your life and travels. Best wishes, Dorota

485.  PCU 7/29/16 a card to Stoke on Trent, UK (can't remember which one, darn!)
     8.5 - 8 days
     Thank you for a great card x

484.  cag 7/29/16 Elvis biscuit recipe card to Russia
     8/27 - 29 days
     “Hello, Chris. Thank you for awesome card "Elvis + food"! It made me laugh:)”

483.  cag 7/29/16 Maine Wildlife card to Germany
     8/9 - 11 days
     “Hey Chris, thanks for the beautiful postcard and stamps! Wish you a good trip and a great summer!”

482.  cag 7/28/16  Moose with cut-out hoof to Netherlands
     8/2 - 5 days
     “Hello Chris, thank you very much for your amazing card and stamps. Greetings Kitty”

481.  cag 7/28/16 U of A Football field to Czech Republic
     8/8 - 11 days
     “Hi from Brno, Czech republic.
Thank you very much for greetings and beautiful postcard and stamps.
I like it a lot, have a nice day.

480.  PCU 7/27/16 Route 66 signs to Michigan
     8/17 - 21 days
    Love this card! Thanks so much :)

479.  7/26/16 Yellowstone/4 picture multi to Germany
     8/16 - 21 days
     No message

478.  cag 7/25/16  Maine Wedding Cake House to Texas
     8/2 - 8 days
     “Thank you for the postcard of the beautiful Wedding Cake House. What a beautiful building!! I just got back from Massachutsettes. I have family there and took my 82 yr old Mother to see her Brother (my uncle). 
I live in the south too and cant imagine the winters up there!! 
Best Wishes, 

477.  cag 7/25/16  Tombstone "Lester Moore" to Germany
     8/2 - 8 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thanks a lot for a great postcard! 
Happy postcrossing, Inga”

476.  PCU 7/25/16  PA - Amish covered bridge to Mexico
     9/9 - 46 days
     Hello Chris, today I received the postcard you sent me. Thank you very much! I like the view card and the stamps :) Greetings from Mexico, Martha

475.  PCU  7/25/16 Flu-flu bird funny card to Colorado
     8/28/16 - 34 days
     Strange card but funny. I envy your summer long trip. I would love to do that someday but probably have to wait for my husband and I to retire. We have a travel trailer and hope to someday see all the states we haven't yet seen.

474.  cag 7/25/16  HP? Ron Weasly card to Belarus
     8/8 - 14 days
Thank you a lot for this great postcard, stamps and interesting story! I like it :) 
Wish you all the best! 

473.  PCU 7/25/16 Niagara Falls card to Germany
     8/11 - 17 days
     No message received

472.  PCU 7/25/16 Amish Kids "You've Got Mail" to Newburyport, MA
     7/28 - 4 days
     Hi, Chris! Thank you for the really great card! I totally love it! I hope you have a fun trip. Stop by Newburyport on your way to Maine. It's a nice place to visit! Have fun! Nathan

471.  cag 7/24/16 West Quoddy Light (Me) to Russia
     8/9 - 16 days
“Thanks for your wonderful postcard with beautiful stamps!!! 
Happy postcrossing!!! 
470.  PCU 7/24/16 Maine lobster shack on the harbor to Chile

469.  cag 7/23 Welcome to Beautiful Maine card to Germany
     7/28 - 5 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thank you for your vacation-card.(printed in Italy!) 
All the time best feeling 

468.  cag 7/23/16 Field of lupines to Belarus
     8/26 - 34 days
     “Hello Chrio! 
Many thanks for your great postcard and stamps!!! 
Best regards from Belarus + good luck + many postcards from all over the world + happy postcrossing + may your wishes come true + a healthy and happy time!”

467.  PCU 7/23/16 Bull Moose card to Czech Republic
     7/30 - 9 days
     Hello Chris, thank you for your nice postcard. I really like it. I wish you all the best. Andrea

466.  cag 7/20/16 Maine Blueberry Muffin recipe to Czech Republic
      7/25 - 4 days
“Hello Chris, thank you for nice postcard with recipe i try to bake it and send you a message. Bluberries are my favourite fruit. Enjloing your trip and visit your family. 
Have a nice day Bára from Czech republic. :)”

465.  cag 7/20/16 Arizona Jackalope to Germany
     7/25 - 5 days
     "Thank you very much for you great postcard, I like it a lot - very interesting!  :-)  Wish you all the best, Lisa"

464.  cag 7/20/16 Maine white water rafting card to Japan
     7/28 - 9 days
“Thank you so much!”
463.  PCU 7/20/16 Moose with facts card to Southampton, United Kingdom
     7/23 - 3 days
     Hello, Many thanks for the lovely moose card from US. I wish there are many beautiful seceneries along the way, take good care =) you and your family all the best! Shengqi

462.  cag 7/19/16 Moose card to Illinois
     7/25 - 6 days
     “Have fun on your trip and best of luck during your retirement!

461.  cag 7/19/16 Route 66/AZ drawing to Taiwan
     7/29/16 - 10 days
     “Hello and greetings from Taipei, Taiwan!
Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. It brightened up my letterbox today and I really appreciate it. 
Happy Postcrossing and all the very best of good wishes to you.

460.  PCU 7/18/16 Jordan Pond from the AIR to Maryland
     7/20 - 2 days
     Hello Chris, Thank you for the great postcard of Jordan Pond! It's a great view to open my PO Box to. Your postcard adventure sounds wonderful. I've travelled across the country once to move to Maryland from California. I wish I had known about postcrossing then. I would have bought a lot more postcards :) Anyways, I wish you all the best with your travels and hope you have a blast visiting family. I'm far from retirement (not even done with school). Happy retirement to you!

459.  PCU 7/18/16 Massachusetts Map to Malaysia
     8/5/16 - 18 days
     hi dear, Thanks for d awesome shaped card. It's a great addition to my collection. Love d beautiful stamp u put for me too.U made my day Happy Postcard Uniting Love, Isabella

458.  PCU 7/18/16 San Xavier altar to Poland
     7/25 - 7 days
     hello Thank you for a beautiful postcard from USA Greetings from Poland - Norbert

457.  cag 7/18/16 Star Wars Production Painting to Russia
     8/14 - 27 days
     “thank you for the card”

456.  cag 7/17/16 Davis Monthon AFB to Czech Republic
     7/22/16 - 5 days
     “Hello Chriz, 
thank you for wonderful card, I really enjoy it. Have a nice day 

455.  cag 7/17/16 Yellowstone Old Faithful to Germany
     7/22 - 5 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thank you for this card! In June, I was in Miami Beach, and I loved it :) my next Travel to USA is in planning... 
Bye, Renate.”

454.  cag 7/17/16 Golden Gte Bridge to Poland
     7/27/16 - 10 days
thank you for a card; serdecznie pozdrawiam and happy postcrossing

453.  cag 7/17/16 Old Presidio Traders/Tubac to the Netherlands
     7/24 - 7 days
“Hello Chris,
Thank you for your postcard from Arizona.
Warm greetings from The Netherlands, Sandra”

452.  PCU 7/13/16 Tucson city view to Turkey
     7/24 - 11 days
     hey thank you for the pretty city sight card ♥ :)

451.  PCU 7/13/16 PA Map to China
     9/24 - 74 days
     thanks for your nice card

450.  PCU 7/13/16 Dells Army Ducks to Moscow, Russia
     7/25 - 12 days
     Hi, thank you very much fpr your wonderful card with interesting view. Greetings from Moscow, Alexey

449.  cag 7/13/16  Tucson at Night to Germany
     720 - 7 days
     “"Hello Chris, and many thanks for choosing this perfect 'City light of Tucson' postcard! 
Greetings from Nuremberg, Regine"”

448.  cag 7/13/16 PA Amish buggies to The Cotswolds, United Kingdom
     7/19 - 6 days
     Hello Chris thank you for your card and stamps,it sounds as if you have your hands full but what a journey 
Have a great summer 
Kind regards 

447.  cag 7/13/16  PA Amish buggies to Russia
     7/29 - 16 days
      “Hi. Today I received your postcard. thank you very much. 
good luck.”

446.  cag 7/13/16  Colorado Wildlife: Buffalo to Germany
     7/20 - 7 days
many thanks for your great card – I like it very much!
Have a mice day, 

445.  cag 7/13/16 Welcome to Beautiful Maine to Oklahoma
     7/17 - 4 days
     “Thank you for the great card! I hope your road trip has been a fantastic one. Enjoy the time with family and friends and especially the sights along the way!
- Lissa”

444. PCU 7/12/16 Old fashioned Jello card to Russia
     7/27 - 14 days
     Thank you for the beautiful postcard and nice stamps!!!! I liked it!

443.  PCU 7/12/16 Maine map to Indonesia
     8/17 - 35 days
     Dear , Thaks alot for the postcard,i just went back from visiting japan,amazing though as i heard driving form one state to another took long hours... -sherly-

442.  PCU 7/7/16 Maine Wild Blueberry Muffin Recipe to Norway
     7/15 - 7 days
     Hi! Thank you for your nice muffin card! 😊

441.  cag 7/7/16 San Francisco at night to Japan
     7/15 - 7 days
     “Hello Chris! 
Thank you for the beautiful postcard and stamp! 
And I think it cute! 
Best wishes, Hiromi.”

440.  PCU 7/5/16 SWH Lobster boats to Russia
     8/26 - 52 days
     thank you for the postcard!

439.  PCU 7/5/16 Egg Rock Light to Russia
     8/31 - 57 days !!!
     Hi! Thank you for your wonderful postcard! I love nature of your country it is really amazing. And it is a pleasure for me to get postcards with USA Id number, because postcard travelled a long way! You have nice handwriting ;) Wish you all the best!!! Anna

438.  cag 7/5/16 Funky Owl to Taiwan
     8/13 - 39 days
“Thanks for your postcard!”

437.  cag 7/4/16 Foggy Maine card to Finland
     7/13 - 9 days
     Thank you 

436.  cag 7/4/16 Lupine on MDI to the Netherlands
     7/13 - 9 days
     “Thank yo for the beautiful postcard. 
Have a nice summer! 

435.  cag 7/3/16 ANP long view to Russia - far EAST nr. China
     7/3 - 28 days
     “Hello Chris! 
Thanks for the postcard! 
Amazingly beautiful view! 
Happy Postcrossing! 

434.  cag 7/3 - Washington DC/4-view to Germany
     7/18 - 15 days
     “Thank you for your card :) your travel experiences sound amazing!”

433.  PCU 7/2/16 (funny) Flu-Flu bird to Salt Lake City, UT
     7/8 - 7 days
     Chris, Thanks for the funny post card. I wish people had good sense of humor like this, but so many people are so worried about being p.c.! This is one of my favorites! Enjoy your summer off from teaching!

432.  PCU 7/2/16 Acadia National Park longview to Finland
     7/12 - 11 days
     Hello Chris!Thank you so much for the amazing view!I would love to visit Maine :) Best wishes,Marika.

431.  PCU 7/1/16 World Map "WE ARE HERE" - Maine to Germany
     8/12/16 - 42 days
     Hi Chris! I am glad to send you these lines. I looked everything up, after you wrote me that you miss a registration of your map card. But I didn't find it in my postcard box. And yesterday I went to Phaenomenta to look after my new letters and cards, there it was on the staple. At the moment mail takes long to me and from me... I don't know why. But in the end it counts that it arrives finally. By the way, I like the map and especially the penguin stamp :-). Many greetings from Germany Skycey/Petra

430.  cag 7/1/16 Ocean Drive to San Francisco, CA
     7/10 - 9 days
Thank you for the beautiful card! Your trip sounds amazing, i hope you have a wonderful time!”

429.  cag 7/1/16 Yellowstone Art-card bear to Germany
     7/13 - 12 days
     Thank you for the lovely card. Bye Martina”

428.  cag  Day of the Dead Skeleton couple to to California
     7/8 - 10 days
     “Hello Chris: 
Thanks for the terrific Dia de Los Muertos card. Love it! Oh, your Novato friend must be arriving any day now. I wish you both safe travels! 
Best wishes, 

427.  PCU 6/28/26 Yellowstone grizzly bear to Texas
     7/2/16 - 4 days
     Chris, I received the Grizzly Bear postcard from Yellow NP today. Thankss very much. I ould like to be in the northeast...or NW Pacific. I like a cooler climate. How neat you're taking the whole summer to travel and visit family. My husband is a former Marine and we drove from Portland OR to Charlotte NC where his new 'duty station' was in 2007, with two meowing Siamese cats. I went to Boston when I was young about 40 years ago. To Hardward to visit a friend. Was very pretty. Have a great summer. AZ too hot/dry for my liking, just as Texas. But we live here to be close to our only daughter. Thanks again for the card...and is nice you used a stamp that isn't the typical postcard one for USA. I don't have that stamp in my collection yet, so yayyyy.

426.  cag  6/27/16 Moose multi-view to Germany
      7/3/16 - 6 days
     “Hello Chris, 
Thank you so much for this cute card of the moose. I really enjoy it.^^ 
Best wishes to you 

425.  cag 6/25/16 6/25/16 Nubble Light (ME) to Florida
     7/6/16 - 19 days
     “Thank you very much for the beautiful postcard
Happy postcrossing!!”

424.  cag 6/24/16 Enchangted Highway 'family' (ND) to Canada
      7/4 - 10 days
“Thanks for the cool postcard :D!”

423.  cag 6/23/16 Kissing Puffins to Taiwan
     7/16 - 23 days
     “Thank you”

422.  cag 6/23/16 Flagstaff card to Germany
      6/28 - 5 days
     “Dear Chris, 
thank you so much for the card you sent, thank you for the nice stamps, and thank you for what you wrote. Nice to hear from you. 
Greetings to you from Germany, have a good time! 

421.  cag 6/22/16 Shoof-Fly Pie Recipe to Singapore
     6/30 - 7 days
     “Oh, thank you very much! It is my very first postcard, which I gained by this project! It's amazing! And it's aspecially touching that you send me postcard with reciepe!!! :)))”

420.  cag 6/22/16 Ellsworth multi-view card to Thailand
     7/10 - 17 days
     “Thank you for this awesome postcard :D traveling is amazing! I love it too :) 
Have a great day and happy postcrossing! 

419.  PCU 6/22/16 glittery Boston card to Russia
     7/5 - 17 days
     Hi! Thank you very much for the nice postcard! I really like to receive postcards from different corners of the USA! Special thanks for the stamps! I really like the series of stamps of your country with the planets! I wish you all the best and happy postcrossing!

418.  PCU 6/22/16 PA map to Germany
      6/30/26 - 8 days
     hi Chris, thank you for this nice map! wish you everytimes nice travelling and happy moments ! Ingrid

417.  PCU 6/22/16 OBX/NC lighthouses card to Australia
     7/7/16 - 15 days
     20c, Sunny, Mid Winter, Nadgee Wilderness Area, Eden, Australia G'day Mate! What a TOTALLY AWESOME, FANTASTIC postcard from you. I LOVE it!! :-) I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your choice and wish you all the very best in everything you do! Regards Sharon x

416.  PCU 6/20/16 Portland Herad light to Kazakhstan
     8/33/16 - 44 days
     Hello! Thank you for your nice postcard and stamps! All the best, Jane

415.  PCU 6/20/16 Hummingbird card to Russia
     7/19 - 29 days
     Good day! Thank you for the lovely Hummingbird! Very nice stamps! A wonderful postcard. Happy postcrossing!

414.  cag 6/19/16 ND Map to Finland
     6/29/16 - 10 days
“Hello Chris! 
Thank you for the map card and stamps. 
Greetings from cloudy Finland Eeva”

413.  cag 6/19/16 Sonoma Coast China
     8/9 - 51 days

412.  cag 6/19/16 Main St. Bar Harbor to Austria
      6.12.16 - 8 days  
“Thanks for your card! Greetings from Austria - Brigitta”

411.  cag MAY 10 (forgot to record NYC Central Park to the Netherlands)
     5/25/16 - 46 days
     “Thanks! Your card make makes me longing for NY! 
Grtz, Marjolein”

410.  cag 6/18/16 So. California map to Ukraine
     7/4/16 - 16 days  
“Hello from Krivoy Rog! Thank you for the beautiful postcard and stampts. With best regards, Dmitry”

409.  cag 6/18/16 Tucson skyline to Russia
     7/5/16 - 17 days
     “Thanks for the postcard”

408.  cag 6/18/16 Yellowstone Bison (art) to Germany
     6/23/16 - 5 days
     “Hello Chris, I enjoy your wonderful postcard from National Park. Thank you! Also thanks for your story. The stamps will not be stamped. With other handwriting is written: "cool stamps". Who was that? 
I really like your postcard. 
Kind regards 
Edelgard from Germany”

407.  cag 6/18/16 VanGogh portrait to Texas
     6/22 - 5 days
     “Hey Chris, 
thanks for your card. Have fun with your family! 

406.  cag 6/15/16 Route 66/68 Mustang to India
     7/3/16 -  18 days
      “beautiful card thank you.”

405.  PCU 6/14/16 Gambel's Quail to Belgium
     6/21 - 7 days
     Hi Chris, thank you for the gambel's quail card, I really like it! Greetings from Belgium Veerle

404.  cag 6/14/16 Thuya Gardens to Germany
     6/23 - 9 days
     “Hello Chris! Thank you so much for your wonderful card. We wish you all the best for your big tour. Greetings, Martha & Ulrich from Munich”

403.  cag 6/14/16 Maine Map to Tennessee
     6/17/16 - 4 days
     “Thank you so much. I did not have one. That sounds amazing. I would love to take a month or two and travel out west. Just go whever, no agenda and no maps. Just drive. Love it”

402.  PCU 6/12/16 North Carolina lighthouses to Texas
     7/13 - 30 days
     Hi, Thank you for the wonderful postcard you sent. I am sorry for the late posting. I have been in Europe for the last month. Happy postcarding, Demaris

401.  PCU 6/12/16 Colorado Native American tribes to Russia
     6/28/16 - 15 days
     Hello, dear Chris! 🎈 I've received your wonderful postcard 📬🌠 oh, I love it 😠The picture, the story, wonderful stamps and most of all the message make your postcard precious â¤ï¸ Thank you very much! It would be pleasure to me to send you a postcard too if you don't mind to receive one 😀 Wish you never lose your sense of wonder 🎈 Your friend Irina

400.  PCU 6/12/16 Kennebunkport Region multi-view to Poland
     6/20 - 7 days
     Hi! Thank you for your postcard. It's nice! Have a nice trip! Kasia

399.  PCU 6/12/16 San Francisco to Japan
     6/20/16 - 7 days
      just received your beautiful postcard today - the stamps on the card are beautiful too. thanks so much x. Have a safe travel!

398.  PCU 6/12/16 Greetings from Texas card to Hong Kong
     8/10/16 - I sent her a message asking if she'd ever received this card ( it's been 58 days).  She doesn't think she has, but registered it anyways. thanks chris for your message but i think i still haven't received that yet... hope i could receive your card soon :) have a nice day! I'll send her another.

397.  PCU 6/12/16 Tucson cityscape to Guyana
     7/4/16 - 23 days
     â€œWe the People" of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana would like to Thank you for helping us to celebrate Guyana's 50th Independence Anniversary our Golden Jubilee. It’s a real Joy to have received your postcard. Many thanks for your good wishes, we appreciate it.. Best wishes. Happy Postcard Uniting for The People of Guyana.

396.  cag 6/12/16 AZ map and flag to France
     6/17/16 - 5 days
     “Thanks for your nice card. Aline”

395.  cag 6/12/16 Back to the Future/Universal Studios card to Russia
     7/26 - 44 days
Thank you for the beautiful card. This is one of my favorite movies. 
Good luck, Tatiana”

394.  cag 6/12/16 Maine shore dinner to Germany
     6/18/16 - 6 days
     “Hello Chris, 
thank you so much for your wonderful postcard! I love it! 
your traveling sounds great - this year we won´t have a chance to travel a lot as we have a lot of work and renovating our house so it´s twice as nice to get such wonderful cards as yours! 
Take care - Sabine”

393.  cag 6/12/16 Tucson at night to Russia
     7/18 - 36 days
     “Dear Chris, 
thanks a lot for you beautyfull card with night view!!! 
Best wishes and happy postcrossing!”

392.  cag 6/10/16 Maine signpost to New York
     6/19/16 - 9 days
     “Hi Chris, 
Thanks for the great postcard! I'd love to go to Maine some day. We went when I was a toddler, but I want to go again since I don't remember our trip there. Maine sounds like a much more pleasant place to spend the summer than AZ! ;-) Thanks again and best wishes! 

391.  cag 6/10/16 Saguaro to Germany
     6/18/16 - 9 days
     “Hi Chris, 
Thanks quite a lot for your wonderful card. I love flowers and the saguaros are fascinating. 
It seems to be very hot there most time? 
Wish you a happy and healthy life. 
Greetings from Bavaria, 

390.  PCU 6/6/16 Massachusetts map to the Netherlands
     6/114/16 - 8 days
     Thank you for the great postcard!

389.  cag 6/6/16 Greetings from Texas to Taiwan
     6/14/16 - 8 days
     “Hello! Thank you for the postcard. 
Have a nice day and 
Happy Postcrossing!”  筱青

388. cag 6/5/16 Baby coyotes/NV to Germany
     6/13/16 - 8 days FAVORITE
     “thanks a lot for your adorable postcard 
hope you're way back home was/is well!? 
visiting family is always fun but hard, for me x) 
many greetings and best wishes 

387.  cag 6/3/16 Saguaro to the Netherlands
     6/7/16 - just 4 days!!
     “Hello Chrio, today your nice "tree" arrived! Thanks a lot. Also for the nice stamps!! In 2000-01 my daughter was in LA for a year to improve her English before she went to university. My son and husband visited her for a fortnight and saw also the nice surroundings and the giant cactus. I stayed at home to look after my mother, so I'm glad with your card!! Love MAHE”

386.  cag 6/3/16 Lighthouses of Massachusetts to Japan
     6/17/16 - 14 days
How are you? 
I hope you're fine.
Thank you for your postcard. 
It's so great! 
I like it so much.
This week was so bad for me:( 
However you make me happy:)
Have a nice summer.

385.  cag - in response to a request from a received card: 6/1/16 Ogunquit card to Germany
     6/9/16 - 8 days
     “Hi Chris, thanks a lot for your nice postcard which arrived today. I love the stamps, too. Best wishes and happy postcrossing, Denise”

384.  cag 6/1/16 Tucson at night to Belgium
     6/8/16 - 7 days
     “Hi ,
Thank you for the nice postcard.
Great that you are heaving a cross country trip.
I wish you a great summer ;-)
All the best.

383.  cag 5/31/16 Whirpool Galaxy card to Finland
     6/7/16 - 7 days
     “Thank you Chris so much for your amazing galaxy card and very nice stamps. Oh how happy I am, postcrossing is the best hobby! 
I can only imagine how good it has been living in southern Arizona. Your retirement and moving really touched me, I feel sentimental and don't know why :). I wish you all the best!! 

382.  cag 5/30/16 Sedona card to Russia
     6/23/16 - 24 days
     “thank you for the beautiful card. Your favorite Arizona must be very beautiful.”

381. cag  5/30/16 Petrified Forest to Wisconsin
     6/4/16 - 5 days
     “Thanks very much for the great Petrified Forest card. JT

380.  cag 5/30/16 Route 66/corvette to Germany
     6/10/16 - 11 days
     Hey Chris , thanks for this card we like it very much. 
It sounds great to travel through the USA. Have a great trip and a nice time with your Family .
All the best Kathi and Stephan”

379.  cag 5/30/16 Flu-Flu bird (joke) to Oregon
     6/7/16 - 7 days
     “Hi, thanks for your postcard! Enjoy your summer travels. :)”

378.  PCU 5/30/16 Ogunquit/5-view card to Germany
     6/7/16 - 8 days
     Dear Chris, thank you so much for your postcard :) Best wishes Nicole

377.  PCU 5/30/16 Hubble Lighthouse/no writing/in envelope to Tunisia
     I sent him a query on 11/15/16 about whether he'd received this or not.
     On 11/17 he registered it, with no message. It had been 171 days since I sent it. So he either got it and forgot to register it at the time, or he's registering it as a favor to me.  Either way, I appreciate it, but I did offer to send him another...

376.  PCU 5/30/16 Tucson at night to Lithuania
     6/6/16 - 7 days
     Thanks so much for your great card!  JRita

375.  PCU 5/26/16 Coronado, CA card to Sweden
     6/5/16 - 14 days
     Thanks for the postcard and stamp

374.  PCU 5/25/16 Rte. 66 with car in envelope to Laurent in Australia
     6/9/16 - 15 days
     Hello from Sydney / Bonjour de Sydney 

Many thanks for the great ROUTE 66 postcard which arrived today.

373.  cag 5/25/16 WOODEN Maine card ($2.30 postage) to Cz. Republic

372.  cag 5/24/16 Tucson at Night to Ukraine
     6/2/16 - 9 days
     Thank you for a wonderful postcard. She is very bright, I love the city, night city. I wish all the best. Have a good mood and happy postcrossing. Vera:)”

371.  PCU 5/24/16 Shenandoah NP Black Bear to Russia
     6/22 - 29 days
     Hello, thank you for beautiful postcard. Black bear is very nice/

370.  PCU 5/24/16 MDI map to Malaysia
     6/10/16 - 17 days
     Hi =D Thank you so much for the great mapcard Its new in my collection Thanks for using lots of nice stamps too

369.  cag 5/22/16 Mt. Vernon, VA card to Germany
     6/2/16 - 11 days
     Dear Chris,
Thank you very much for the postcard of Mount Vernon :)
I wish you all the best and a lot of fun during your trip!

368.  cag 5/21/16 Northeast Harbor from the air card to Latvia
     5/31/16 - 10 days
Thank You!
Paldies Tev!
best wishes.

367.  cag 5/19/16 Yellowstone NP to Russia
     6/22/16 - 34 days
Hello! You have found for me a wonderful postcard. I do like it! Thank you so much for your choice!”

366.  PCU 5/18/16 Red-Juried Invitation AD card to Sweden
     5/24 - 6 days
     Hej Chris thanks for the cool art gallery card /Annika

365.  4G 5/18/16 Tombstone, AZ card to Russia

364.  cag 5/17/16 Day of the Dead Skeleton Woman to Taiwan
     5/29/16 - 12 days
     “Thanks for the amazing Mexican style Day of the Dead card,I really love it! :)
HAPPY Postcrossing”

363.  cag 5/17/16 B & W Clara Barton card in envelope to Finland
     5/24/16 - 6 days
Thank you very much for your postcard : ))
I was really glad to receive it!
Thank you and enjoy interesting postcards!!
Pirkko ;-)”

362.  4G 5/17/16 Celestial Seasonings card to the Netherlands
     5/25/16 - 8 days
     “Hello Chris,
Thank you for the lovely card I received today.It brightens my day :) Also the stamps are nice !!
The weather here is 14 C and rain .No spring at all
Have a good time and take care”

361.  PCU 5/17 16 Dells (Wisconsin) Army Ducks WWII card to the Netherlands
     5/25 - 8 days
     Hey! Wow thanks a lot for the amazing postcard and lovely stamps. Enjoy your trip and wishing you a long and joyous retirement. Have a nice day Corina

360.  22m 5/17/16 Harry Potter card to Thailand
     5/30/16 - 13 days
     “Hello :)
Thanks for Harry potter postcard. I really like it.”

359.  cag 5/17/16 Chiricahua Natl Monument card to Kenosha, WI

358.  cag 5/17/16 Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l :Pk card to Germany
     5/25/16 - 8 days
     “Your choise was right, and when I could I would visit all these natural beauties. But dreaming of is still a good preparation for may be once I can go.
Best wishes Mike”

357.  cag 5/17/16 Javelina card to Russia (used Russian address)
     6/15/16 - 29 days
     “Greetings from St.Petersburg! 
And thanks for your lovely card! It's very nice! 
Thank you very much for your stamps! I'm very happy!!! Wish you all the best!!!”

356.  cag 5/17/16 Az Flag card to China (used Chinese address)
     6/1/16 - 15 days
     “I love it and thank you very much! 
Best wishes!”

355.  4G 5/15/16 Harry Potter card to Czech Republic
     5/24/16 - 8 days
     “Hello to Tucson! 
I received two cards for Tucson in one day, it's interesting :)
Thank you for a Harry Potter card with nice stamps.
Wish you all the best.

354.   4G 5/15/16 Tucson at Night card to TN
     5/24/16 - 9 days
     “Thanks for the card from Tucson! I've been there! It's an amazing part of the country.
Best,     Nat”

353.  4G 5/15/16 card Bison at Yellowstone National Park to China (used Chinese address)

      SWAP 3/13/16 -  3 cards to Ankara, Turkey
352.  Eric Carle fireflies
351.  Navajo woman & child
350.  Boston Light in Boston Harobr

349.  cag 5/13/16 Tucson mntns & saguaro to NC

348.  PCU 5/13/16 Arizona map (brown one) to Indonesia

347.  22m 5/13/16 Arizona Margarita recipe to Czech Republic
     5/29 - 16 days
     “Hi Chris,
thank you very much for a great postcard. It fits in my collection perfectly😀
Happy Postcrossing

346.  22m 5/12/15 Barcello abstract painting (3 women) to Germany
     5/20/16 - 8 days
     “Hi Chris ;o)
Your great postcard arrived,thank you very much. I really love it.
I love your place of home very much. The way of living and people who seems to be very positive and optimistic.
All my best wishes for you. Have a great time and enjoy your life.
Take care.
A lot of warm greetings

345.  cag 5/11/16 SATURN card to Germany
     5/21/16 - 10 days
     “Thanks so much for your great postcard! 
Take care

344.  PCU 5/10/16 TUCSON mntns & saguaro to Russia
     6/10/16 - 31 days
     Hello! Thank you for the wonderful postcard and beautiful stamps, I really like it. All the best, Suzanna.

343.  cag 5/10/16 AZ map (on red) to Germany
     5/17/16 - 7 days
     Dear Chris,
thanks for your fantastic card. I love it. And the stamps as well.
Best wishes, Melanie”

342.  PCU 5/10/16 Hummingbird to Germany
     5/17/16 - 7 days
     Hi Chris, today you nice card arrived.  Thank you very mutch.  Heidi.

341.  PCU 5/10 Arizona Bird Quiz to Russia

340.  PCU 5/10/16 Gambel's Quail to Czech Rupublic
     5/17 - 8 days
     Hello Chris, thank you very much for nice postcard and amazing stamps.  This bird is really funny, I don’t know it.  In Czech it’s called “krepelka”.  Best Regards, Bela

339.  PCU 5/9 Elvis Buiscuit recipe to the Bahamas
     5/25/16 - 16 days
     Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. Remember every Day is a Great Day to have a Great Day. All the best in 2016 and Happy Postcard exchanges

338.  Classy 5/9 Tucson city view to Germany
     5/25/16 - 16 days
     “Hello Chris, thank you very much for the beautiful postcard and wonderful stamps. Have a great time. Lovely greetings, Waltraud”

337.  cag 5/9/16 Arizon/ single framed saguaro to Colorado
     5/17/16 - 8 days
     “That cactus looks huge!! Thanks for the cool postcard. :)”

336.  Classy 5/8/16 TUCSON Mntns to the Netherlands
     5/14/16 - 6 days
       “Hello dear grandmother, thank you very much for your beautiful card and for the stamps, it was a big surprise today! All the best to you, Eva”

335.  22m 5/8/16 Sepia & White Old Rte. 66/Hackleberry, AZ to Finland
     5/16 - 8 days
     “Thankyou from lovely card. Stamp is also lovely. I like. Kaisa”

334.  cag 5/8/16 Some Bunny in AZ Loves You to Hong Kong
     5/17/16 - 9 days
     “Thank you very much for your lovely postcard:)

333.  cag 5/8/16 Boston Baked Beans recipe card to Russia
     5/28/16 - 20 days
     Thank you very much for a great postcard! Best wishes from Russia!”

332.  PCU 5/7/16 TUCSON Mntns. to Italy
     5/13/16 - 6 days
     Hello Chris, thanks for the nice card of Tucson.  I hope to visit Sonora Desert and Tombstone city (I’d like to see if there’s still the place of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral).  Hugs, Paola

331.  cag 5/7/16 Gambel's Quail to California
     5/11/16 - 4 days
     “Hi Chris! Thanks so much for the adorable postcard with quail! I love them! They're the California State Bird, you know. :) Stay cool out there!”

330.  22m 5/7/16 Montezuma's Castle (AZ) to Czech Republic
     5/13 - 6 days (amazing!)
     “Hello Chris! 
Many greetings from the Czech Republic! 
Thank you for the beautiful card with interesting information! 
Have a nice day! 

329.  Classy 5/5/16 Elvis Biscuits recipe to Finland
     5/15 - 9 days
     “Hello Chris,
Many thanks for the lovely postcard, I just love it! Now I can bake the real Elvis-biscuits :)
Special thanks also for the stamps :)
All the best from

328.  22m 5/5/16 Guacamole recipe to Turkey

327.  Classy 5/5/16 TUCSON Catalina St. Pk to Taiwan
     5/20 - 15 days
     “I'm glad to recieve this card!Hope you have a lovely day.( ´` )

326.  cag 5/4/16 TUCSON mntns to Luxembourg
     5/10 - 6 days
     “Hi Chris, Tombstone well know because of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Tucson for some movies Thank you for your card. Louise”

325.  cag 5/3/16 Grand Canyon to Hamburg, Germany
     5/10 - 7 days
     “Hi Chris, 
thank you very much for your beautiful postcard and all the information about Tucson, I really appreciate it!
I wish you all the best and always a full mailbox!
Kerstin from Hamburg”

324.  22m 5/3/16 AZ card (w/flag, flora & fauna, saguaro, fox, etc.) to Russia
      5/31/16 - 28 days
      “Hello, Yael. 
Thank you for the lovely card. 
I see your city in the comedy television series "The Last Man on Earth" 
Best wishes, 

323.  PCU 5/2/16 Tucson 5-View to Luxembourg
     5/10 - 8 days
     Dear Chris, thank you very much for ht egreat postcard, I relly like a lot.  I wish you all the best.  Greetings from Luxembourg.  Jean-Marc.

322. PCU 5/1/16 TUCSON (mountains & saguaro) to Siberia, Russia (Krasnoyarsk)
     On 6/18 I sent a message asking if this had been received.  On 9/19 it was registered with no response.....141 days......

321.  Classy 5/1 Burrowing Owl-requested to Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
     5/18/16 - 17 days
     “Thank you very much for your card! 
I was away on a business trip for a few days, and when I came home, a nice big pile of cards were waiting for me. So I'm using this rainy afternoon to register and scan cards.

320.  Classy 4/30 TUCSON (mountains & saguaro) to Staunton, VA
     5/6/16 - 7 days
Thanks for this cool postcard of the saguaro cacti. I have been to the Mojave Desert when my son was stationed at Fort Irwin, but have never seen these beautiful plants. 

319.  Poetry Postcard Project 4/30 sent an AZ map card as a thank you for their card

318.  PCU 4/29 AZ map & flag to Hong Kong
     5//10 - 11 days
     Chris, Thank you for your postcard.  I like the postcard and stamp so much.  I wish you Have a nice day and take care.  Yuk.

317.  PCU 4/29 TUCSON 5-view to Russia
     5/26 - 26 days
     Hello! Thank you for the beautiful card - it's wonderful! Postage stamps are very beautiful! I wish all the best! Maria

316.  cag 4/28 AZ map to Germany
     5/9 - 11 days
     “Hello Postcrossing-Friend!
Today I received your nice postcard. I found it in my mailbox and it makes me very happy!

315.  PCU 4/27 FL state map to the Netherlands

314.  Classy 4/27 Golden Gate Bridge-requested to Russia
     5/24/16 - 27 days
     “Hello, Chris! 
Thank you for your postcard!
I hope someday I will visit USA. Have a good day!”

313.  cag 4/26 TUCSON (mountains & saguaro) to Malaysia
     5/29/16 - 32 days
     Thank you for your card. Good luck and happy postcrossing!
312.  cag 4/26 TUCSON (at night) to Russia
     5/16/16 - 20 days
     “Greetings from Russia! Thank you so much for your beautiful night view postcard!! I admire these beautiful cactus on a postcard !!! They are awesome! And how beautiful are this mountains. You live in a stunning location! Also Thank you for your beautiful stamps! Good mood and good health to you and all your family! Regards, Anastasia”

311.  PCU 4/25/16 TUCSON (mntns & sag) to Romania
     5/10/16 - 15 days
     Dear Chris, every time I send or receive a postcard to or from Arizona, I feel an imense wish to fly there at once. :) As a photographer, I have to tell you I've been dreaming of visiting a few places there and I think I will be able to do that one day, hopefully soon. Thank you for the beautiful Tucson postcard with so nice stamps on it: I promise it will take a special place in my collection! All my best 

310.  4/24 TUCSON (mntns) to India
     5/7 - 13 days
     “Dear Chris, thank you for your nice postcard. Take care”

309.  SWAP 4/23 TUCSON (5-view) to Mexico
     7/14 - 82 days
     “Hello Chris,
Thank you for your lovely card. Hope you'll receive mine soon! Seems like the mail service is being very, very slow. I just received a card from Europe which was sent to me on March!
Best Regards, 

308.  Classy 4/24 Moose to Czech Republic
     5/9/16 - 16 days
     “Hello, thank you for a nice postcard. Have a nice day. Happy postcrossing. Kája”

307.  22M 4/24 Hugs & Kisses Prairie Dogs to France
      5/7/16 - 14 days
     Thank you very much for the nice postcard you've sent us ! 
We really like it. I hope you'll also reçoive nice postcards like this onde ! 
Sincerelly yours. 

306.  22m 4/24 TUCSON mntns. to Malaysia
     5/10/16 - 17 days
     “Thank you for your postcard, Chris. The stamps are beautiful!
Wish you all the best in life & many happy postcrossing moments!
Cary from Malaysia”

305.  PCU 4/22 AZ map & flag to South Korea
     5/9/16 - 16 days
     “Hello Postcrossing-Friend!
Today I received your nice postcard. I found it in my mailbox and it makes me very happy!

304.  PCU 4/24 Strasbourg RR to Switzerland
     5/2/16 - 9 days
     salüüüüü Thank you so much for the adorable postcard. I love the stamps :))) Have an adorable day Sarah

303.  22m 4/22 AZ Bird Quiz to British Columbia, Canada
     5/5/16 - 13 days
     “Thank you for your postcard - I only new a couple of the birds although I am familiar with related species of a couple others, but the Love Bird and Elegant Trogon completely stumped me. Also thanks for the nice stamps you used the Greatest Show on Earth and Shirley Temple stamps are the first examples of those I have gotten. I've visited Arizona a couple of times on business & hope someday to visit as a tourist. All best wishes. Bill”

302.  22m  4/22 TUCSON Sag Nat Pk to Taiwan
     5/4/16 - 11 days
洪郁茵 wrote you a message:  “I never saw this view in my life. This view just saw in the cartoons.Maybe on day I can saw this beautiful view in my life. 
Thank for your postcard.
I very like it.
Do you have facebook or instagram?
We can make a friend.”
301.  Classy 4/22 Sepia/Lee's home - requested to Germany
     4/30/16 - 8 days
     “Hallo ;-) 
Thank you very much for your wonderful Postcard! 
Happy Postcrossing and Carpe Diem from Wuppertal, Lilly 

300.  cag 4/21 Postal History Fdtn to the Netherlands
     5/3/16 - 12 days
     “Hello Chris, Many thanks for your card. I`ve travelled through 18 US States, but I can tell you, that I left my heart in Arizona! What a beautiful state it is , with its big cactuses. We also visited Tucson, Scottdale, Phoenix of course and don`t forget that wonderful Grand Canyon. Wish you want tell me more about my loving State. If you want, you can send your mail to: 
I really hope to hear from you. For now, all the best and warmest regards from: 
Ron van Kempen.”

299.  cag 4/19 to Finland

298.  cag 4/19 Arizona Ruins card to Lithuania
     5/3/16 - 15 days
     “Hello mate, thanks for the grate and strange card. All the best and good luck to you.”

297.  cag 4/19 card to United Kingdom
     They say they never received.  On 6/6/16 I received this reply to my query:
     “Just sent you another message, but yes I do not believe I received this postcard, such a shame :( Oh well! I registered it with the details you sent :)”

296.  PCU 4/10 card to Bahamas
     4/21/16 - 13 days

295.  PCU 4/18 Route 66 card to Indonesia
     5/26 - 38 days
     Thankyou Happy postcard uniting !!!!

294.  PCU 4/18 Guardian Fairy Castle to Russia
     5/23/16 - 35 days
     Halle, привет! Thank you for the wonderful postcard! I love it!)) And thank you for the informative story about your city! So great to read about it! Oh, I would love to visit Tucson! Well, you have such an interesting history and such interesting culture!and Sonoran desert is just... wow!)) I hope that one day I will see it))) thanks again and all the best, Pauline.

293.  PCU 4/18 Washington DC (Gianna) to Poland
     4/29/16 - 11 days
     Hi!  Thank You for your nice postcard!  Wish You all the best!

290.  cag 4/18 Golden Gate Bridge (Jack) to Taiwan
     5/7 - 19 days
Thanks your nice postcard !
I also never been to America~
I hope I can visit there in one day~
Have fun

287.  Classy (Jared) 4/18/16 Chili Rellleno recipe to Russia
     5/17/16 - 29 days

286.  Classy (Ben) 4/18/16 TUCSON mntns to Switzerland
     4/27/16 - 9 days
     “thank you for your card I was in your State in 1995 went to Grand Canyon and then passed through Phoenix reaching at the end San Diego in California. I was impressed by the vegetation and the huge cactus. 
Greetings from Switzerland Paola”

285.  Classy 4/13 Universal Studio to France
     5/7/16 - 24 days
     “Thank you for your card have a Good day”

284.  cag 4/11 Grand Canyon card to Czech Republic
     5/2/16 - 21 days
     "Thank you for the beautiful card with Grand Canyon.
     Best wishes from Czech Republic :)"

283.  cag 4/11 Recipe card to Germany
     4/24 - 14 days

282.  Classy 4/10 owl card to Finland
     4/20 - 10 days

281.  cag 4/10 TUCSON mntns to the Netherlands
     4/19 - 9 days

280.  cag 4/10 to Australia
     4/27/16 - 18 days
     Hello There, Thanks for the great postcard/postage stamps.  Well enjoy postcrossing & have a great day & also have a safe, happy, & healthy '2016'.  Cheers, from Jo-Anne.

274.  PCU 4/4/16 to India
     4/30/16 - 26 days
     Hello Chris, Thanks for sending beautiful postcard.  I liked the card and the stamps on the envelope very much.  Wishing you all the best.  Regards, Murali Mohan

267.  22M 4/5/16 (Shaiya) Bell Rock, Sedona card to China
     5/25/16 - 51 days
     “Hello from China:) Thank you so much for the nice card!! I like it very much!! Also the stamps you put on the card are pretty:D Thank you!! Hope you enjoy postcrossing and all the best!!”

265.  Classy 4/1/16 Tucson mountains to China
     5/5 - 33 days
thank you very much for your beautiful postcard and stamps.
and your answer so good!
have a nice day~


254.  cag 3/27 to Russia
     5/16/16 - 51 days
     “Thanks for your letter ) sure, I'm happy to get it ) hope to hear from you again soon)”

224.  cag 3/12 Elvis Biscuit Recipe to Belarus
     4/29/16 - 48 days
     Hi Chris!  Thanks you for such a nice card!  I'll try to cook these buscuits when I have enough time.  And thank you for wonderful stamps!  I love them!  As for the Harry Potter books, I've already read first three books and I'm almost done with the fourth one, there are about 20 pages left. Unfortunately, I hadn't read these books in my childhood but two years ago I felt a strong desire to read all the books and since I've been a student of a linguistic university, I decided to do it in English.  So, it might be not so unfortunate after all. :)  The only inconvenience is that I read the books on my smartphone which is surely not my favourite way of reading.  Have a nice weekend!  Yuliya.

142.  cag (I think) 12/24/16 Tombstone card to Marietta, GA
This had never been registered, so I emailed her, asking her to look for it.  Her response on 5/17/16:
     “Hi Chris,
Although I'm usually on top of registering cards the day they arrive, there's always the chance that one of the children snagged it before me, so I double checked our postcards. We don't have the one you sent. I am happy to register it anyway.
Thanks for trying, 

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