Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Germany

1228.  Bavaria, Germany
Hello Chris, I send you greetings from Bavaria/Germany.  This map or pictures on this map was made by our photographer and shows nature in our village.  I hope you like it.  I wish you all the best, Sonja

1211.  Schone Grusse aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
(Greetings from Mecklenburg-Viorpommern, which is a state on the northern coast of Germany)
This card is from Moritz Lake, one of the biggest lakes in Germany.

1188.  Germany
Writing is indecipherable, unfortunately.

1160.  tea und fun, Netherlands
Hello Chris.  I am Hemmo.  Just retired from Special Education.  .....Groningen is a beautiful old city.  Nice to live in.  Now I am sitting in my favorite pub to write this card.  Hope you like it.  Postcrossing is a very nice hobby.  Wish you all the best this New Year.

1127.  "Never Too Old to Play"
Hello Chris!  I'm Daniela and live near Munich.  I hope you enjoy the old ladies on the postcard.  As I work as an accountant and the year end is the busiest time, I have to work these days.  But I enjoy the silence in the office.  Wishing you a happy new year!  

1068.  Wuppertal (near Cologne), Germany

865.  Munsteil, Germany
Hello Chris, Nice greetings from Munsteil, Germany, a community with more than 300,000 inhabitants and uncountable bicycles.  Best wishes, Susanne

819.  Germany
"Bills and Love Letters"
This box looks similar to the German post boxes: both are yellow.  But they have no different "entrances" for bills or love letters. :)  Maybe then it would give more love letters.

813.  Apolda, Germany
I got this postcard at the [can't read} 4th Horticultural show.  It's a huge gardening event currently hosted by my hometown,

799.  Furstliche Bibliothek Corvey - GERMANY
(Princely Library Corvey - aristocratic private library)
Hello Chris, my name is Hans.  This is one of many rooms of library at the Princely Palace Corvey, Germany.  all the best.

793.  Bonn, Germany
"Colorful Mailboxes"
Bonn is the birthtown of the famous composer L. V. Beethoven.  I'm Gabi and I like to travel around the world.  Have days of smiles.

785.  Meldorf, GERMANY (close to the North Sea)
Warm greetings from the north of Germany.  My name is Svenja and I live with my family in Meldorf, a small town really close to the North Sea.  My oldest son was very excited when I told him that I have to send a card to Pennsylvania!  He ask, "to Anne and Philipp?!?" because he loves the stories about the magical treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne.  I prefer reading books on the dyke at the coast while my husband is playing with the kids on the mud flats (of course I am a "mud monster" very often).  Best Wishes!  Svenja

756.  Dessau, GERMANY
Translation:  Wanna-be master hunter
Hello Chris, my name is Hannelore.  I am married, retired, and grandma with a big garden and a great lovely sheep dog.  I think and hope you like this card.  All the best for you!

718.  Bavaria
My name is Bettina and I live with my family in the most beautiful state of Germany, in Bavaria.

712.  Germany
For days we have very cold weather, but sunshine.  Perfect to visit a Christmas market, which we have many in our region.  Greetings from the south of Germany!

643.  Hildesheim, Germany
Hello Chris,
I'm Holger, a teacher of maths and ethics, married father of two sons.  We live in a 164 years old house with our own library.
Best wishes, Holger

640. Cologne, Germany
Hello Chris!
Many greetings from Germany!  My name is Melanie.  I'm 43 years old and live together with my two children in Cologne, the 4th larges city of Germany.  In my free time I love reading, knitting, swimming, and writing postcards.
All the best to you!

633.  Hamburg, Germany
Hello Chris!  Greetings:)  This is one of my newest cards, a fun map of the city centre of Hamburg.  I was born in Hamburg almost 48 years ago and now I live one driving hour north from there.  Twice a week I'm going to evening school, Mondays to learn to play piano and on Wednesdays to learn the Russian language.  I've just started and like it very much!  Momentarily I read books written by Ken Bruen from Ireland about former policeman who now works as a private detective, he has a drug problem.
Bye bye, Kirsten

632.  Nordstrasse (North Street?) from Germany
My name is Kerstin, I am 37 years old and live in Germany.  I work in the office of a big recycling company.  In my spare time I write letters and postcards, read, hear music, and meet friends.  Blessed be, Kerstin

629.  Bremen, Germany
Best wishes from Bremen, Germany!  My name is Birkit and I like to travel and I love reading, too!  In the moment I read the books from Chris Colfer, I like them!  Have a nice day and Happy Postcrossing.  Birkit

628.  Greetings from Germany
Many greetings from germany.  I am 37 years old and I like to play accordian in my free time.  I also like to write letters, meet my friends, travel.  All the best, Bianca

612.  Berlin, GERMANY
Hello, my name is Rachel.  I am 11 years old.  My hobbies are dancing, playing the guitgar, listening to music, watching films, & reading.  On the postcard you see the Obe-baumbrucke.  Berlin is a great city.  I go to Freii Schule am Mauerpark.  This is a nice school.  Have a nice day.  Goodbye.  Rachel

609.  Essen, Germany
Cartoon von Michael Holtschulte
Dear Chris,
You like funny cards.  This one means a song: 
 The boy: "Advent, advent, the school is burning."
The father:  "How touching."
Hopy you smile about it!  Greets from Essen, big town in Germany.
Yours, Steffi

604. Visit Berlin
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Berlin, the capital of Germany.
597.  Meinfranken - Weinfrnaken GERMANY
Hey Chris!  I envy you for living in Maine!  - I once like to visit Maine and Nova Scotia.  Until that time I like living in the Odenwald.  One of the beautifullest areas in Germany.
Happy Postcrossing, Christine

595.  I LOVE My World - GERMANY
Hi Chris, Hellow from Europe where fall is coming now and the days of sandal-wearing seem to be over, unlike in southern Airzona, i guess.  Or have you already moved & get your mail sent on to your new address?  All the best to you in any case!  Dorothee

585.  All Women are Powerful Queens - Matthias Burckner - GERMANY
Hello and happy postcrossing from Germany.

584.  Edmund Blair Leighton (1853 - 1922) Sweet Solitude
Received from Germany
Hello Chris,
My name is Marion, I'm 50 years old and live in a small village near Bonn.  This was the capital city of West Germany when Germany was divided.  The composer Beethoven was born in Bonn.  I work as a teacher and the director of a nursing school.  Have a good time!  Yours, Marion

571.  Bremervorde, GERMANY
Hello Chris, i hope I chose a nice card for you?!  I love books and I hope I get so much books in my life.  My English is not the best.  Wish you all time the best, many greetings from Gabriele

564.  Cologne-Ehrenfeld, GERMANY

Hello Chris!  Greetings from Cologne - Ehrenfeld.  It is a part of Cologne.  Many students live here.  There are many cool bars and restaurants.  Cologne is a really fun city.  Everyone is open and welcoming.  It is always worth a trip.  Enjoy your summer.  All the best, Camy

541.  Ostfriesland, Germany
(EAST FRISIA, a region in coastal NW Germany)
Hello Chris!
Greetgings from Germany!  My name is Wilhelm and I live with my wife Jutta and our dog Monty in (sutu?) village Reipe.  I work as a tester of cars at the VW-Passat factory in Emden.  9,000 workers make 1250 cars every day.  Our region Ostfriesland is in northwest of Germany.  Best wishes, Willi

538.  Colorful Mailboxes, Postallove from Germany
Dear chris,  I am Nicole, 28 years old, high school teacher from Dusseldorf, Germany.  I am living in the center of the big city and I really love it, because there is always something going on around me.  Best wishes, Nicole

536.  Schone Grusse aus dem Maintal
Greetings from the Beautiful Main Valley, GERMANY
Hi, chris, my name is Jens and I come from Frankfurt  .  I'm 48 years old and I'm working in the office of DHL-Freight.  My hobbies are cycling, traveling, to meet friends and postcards.  Best wishes and have a nice day, Jens Henkel

534.  Wiesbaden, Germany
Hello, Happy Postcrossing from Germany

533.  Elbe River, Germany
"DIE ELBE von Hamburg bis Dresden"
Hello Chris!  My name is Natalie, and I'm student from Magdeburg, Germany (you can notice it in the middle of the map).  Our city stands on the Elbe River and my friends and I love to sit near it in the evening.  I hope you're having a good summer! :)
cheers, Nataliya

528.  Geo Photo from GERMANY
Hi Chris,
My name is Susanne and I love all kinds of wildlife.  I like watching birds or even ants.  Buytterflies and dragonflies are so fascinating.  Of course,  cheetahs are pretty powerful, fast, strong, yet I find them very graceful, too.  I wish you a smooth transition to Pennsylvania.  I hope you can enjoy every day of your free time!  Best wishes, Susanne

526.  Dom zu Magdeburg - Magdeburg Cathedral
Magdeburg, Germany
I love streets from Germany.  Have a nice day and fun with postcrossing.

498. Germany
Hi Chris, I find it somewhat difficult to describe (the) Germany...we think live to work and are very connected to the traditions.
Greetings, Nadine

491.  Frankfurt, GERMANY
Hello Chris.  My name is Rike and I live near Frankfurt Main.  Do I understand it correctly that you like zombies?  Me too!  The postcards shows the cover of a Zombie cookbook from Germany.  It's full of humorous zombie stories AND recipes for vegetarian zombies who do no like to eat brains.  Unfortunately, you can get the book only in German language.  Nevertheless, the cover is great.  Undead greetings, Rika
PS:  Great surname!!

476.  Bavaria, GERMANY
Hi Chris,
I'm Lotte, 25 years old and live in Bavaria which is a southern region of Germany.
Best Wishes
456.  Bills and Love Letters;  Dortmund, North Rhine - Westphalia, GERMANY
Hello Chris, greetings from Germany.  My name is Angela and I live in a small town close to the city Dortmund in North-Rhine-Westphalia.  The words on the mailbos:
Hope you like the card.
Take care, Angela

406.  Germany
Hello Chris,
Greeting from Germany!  I wish you all the best, good luck and health.  Happy Postcrossing, Andreas

402.  Berlin, Germany
Hello Chris!  I guess I never written to a person living on a "mt." before :)  Although your avatar doesn't look very mountainous :)  Ok, what you see on the front of this card is something famous (but not a building :) and Berlin Unique, a takeaway or sandwich bar called Konnopka's Imbib.  Should you ever visit Berlin don't miss a chance to try this one.  Wish you all the best, Andre
My reply to him:
Thanks so much for your card! I'm not sure why Mt. Holly Springs is named Mount. I lived for 30 years in Maine on Mt. Desert Island (which was an abbreviation for the way the French explorers named the Island of deserted mountains. They have plenty of conifers on them now!) My avatar is actually where I live during the school year, in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is in a valley between FOUR mountain ranges - and there's no Mount in the name. Go figure. I love your handwriting, by the way. Can you tell I'm a school teacher? Best, Chris

389.  Libros - GERMANY
June 7, 2016 - a very sunny day in Darmstadt,Germany
Dear Chrisk, I hope this postcard meets you in a happy mood!  I live in a fairly big town, which has a lot of university students, many parks, and some pretty buildings.  The only thing that's missing is some water, a lake or a river for example.  I always like the smell and sound of it.  Love, Cindy

387.  Norderney, Germany

Here comes greetings from the German North Sea coast.  We live close to the East Foisian island and always try to spend some sunny days on Norderney and Borkum Island.  Happy Postcrossing.

379.  Kiel-Hotenan, GERMANY
17 Mai 2016
11 degrees C. cloudy
Hello Chris, how nice to write this postcard to you.  I hope you will like it.  My name is Tanja (38 y.) and I'm living in a village close to our province capital Kiel and the Baltic Sea.  On this card you can see the old lighthouse on the entrance to the Kiel-Canal.  I like this spot.  There is a very nice cafe with old furniture and you can enjoy a walk and watch the ships coming from the Atlantic or the Baltic Sea.  All the best for you!  Happy Postcrossing.

369.  Bremen, GERMANY
Hello Chris.  Many greetings from Germany.  My name is Solveig.  I'm 40 years old and I work as a nurse.  I live in a small town in the state of Lowe, Saxony, near the town of Bremen.  I love reading books and I sing in a choir since many years.  Books, music, and chocolate makes me always happy!  I wish you all the best and nice postcards.

368.  LOVEPARADE Concert in Essen, Germany
May 29, 2016
20 degrees C and sunny

Hello Chris, nice to meet you!  My name is Heidi and I live in the Ruhr Area in Germany.  I'm 57 years old and I work as a technical consultant for internet communications.  Wish you all the best!  Greetings, Heidi

357.  Germany
Hello Chris, my name is Petra and I live in the middle of Germany in a town called Friedberg (Hessen).  I live here with my 43 years old mother in our own house.  Last week I drive to Dresden, my mom wished to see the big church there.  All the best, Petra

353.  Blick von der Fischerinsel auf das Nikolaiviertal, GERMANY
Hello Classy.  My name is Nikita.  I am 29 years old and live in Bruggerbracht by the Life help work in HPZ orientation group.  (??? Those seem to be the words written...)  My hobbies are pottery, swimming, gymnastics, and Harry Potter.  Greetings from Ken.  Happy New Year.  Nikita.

352.  Munster, Germany
10.5.16  Hello.  My name is Inanya and I live in Munster, Germany.  This card shows you my lovely hometown.  When the weather is sunny you can see many balloons in the sky.  Some have a special shape, like a giant bottle ... Best wishes, Inanya

344.  Altes Schwarzwaldhaus, GERMANY
May 10th, 2016
Hello Chris, the card I chose for you shows young girls in their typical old costumes of our regions, the Black Forest."  In the background is an old farmhouse, now a museum.  Best wishes, Gunter

343.  Potsdam, GERMANY
14th May 2016
Hi Chris, this is a friendly hello from Denise, 52, from Germany.  I'm sending a card of my ex-hometown Potsdam, close to which I still live.  the New Palace is one of the beautiful palaces in Sanssouce Park (UNESCO).  One of its main rooms was recently re-opened after restoration.  Maybe you could send me a nice viewcard of your placi in return?  Thnaks a lot, all the best and happy postcrossing, Denise. (I did send her a card in return, one of the seaside in Ogunquit, Maine.

342.  Wuppertal, Schwebebahn, GERMANY
17th May 2016
Hello Greetings from Germany!
City of Wuppertal is the "secret capital" of Bergischesland (low hills country).  Which is famous for its overhead raliway called SCHWEBEBAHN.  Se more on Youtube!
Best wishes, alles Gute, Josef

327.  Grusse aus Osnabruck (Greetings from Osnabruck) Germany
 For many years, Osnabruck has been know as the "Friedensstadt" (City of Peace).  Ever since it was so instrumental in the signing of the Treaty of Westphaolia in 1648 which ended the Thirty Year's War. Some signigficant figures associated with Osnabruck are Erich Maria Remarque, a writer born in the city in 1898 who is best known for his novel "All Quiet on the Western Front", and the Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum, who was born here in 1904 but tragically murdered in Auschwitz in 1944
8/5/2016  Anke

325.  Erlangen, Germany's Public Library
Hello.  My name is Claudia and I live in Erlangen with 105,000 inhabitants and 39,000 students. In front you see part of out "new town" built in the 17th century in baroque style.  The building is today our public library.  The first owner of the building never lived there, later it was used as a bank, police station....  Greetings, Claudia

324.  Chamois in Germany
Hi boys and girls,  In the sout of Germany in the gib mountains there are many of these typical animals called chamois.  Do you have them in the United States, too?  Wishing you all the best, Martina
315.  Landsberg am Lech, Germany
2016 - 04 - 14
15 degrees C, sunshine
Hello, Best regards from Landsberg near Munich in Bavaria.  Linja

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