Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Taiwan

1241.  Tainan, TAIWAN
Hello!  Today is the Spring Festival.  It's important Chinese celebrated on the 15th day of the first month in lunisolar calendar.  We'll eat Tanhyuan tonight.  That is glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls.  Spring is coming...Happy!  Good Luck!  Passme

1157.  Taiwan
Here's a "Greetings from Taiwan" for you.  Happy Postcrossing!

986.  Tastes of Taiwan
Hello Chris, Greetings from Taiwan.  The map card is about Taiwan's food.  All kindsare very good.  If you will come to Taiwan, you can't miss Taiwan famous nightmarket.  They are full of traditional food or around the world food.  However, I lover our country food first.  Hope you will like it and come here!

916.  Formosa
Hi Chris, This is the map of 1956, on that time Taiwan was also called Formosa.  Yi-liang

669.  Taiwan
Greetings from Taiwan.  This card shows you Taiwan map with "Hakka printed cloth."  The cloth has bright and beautiful flowers on it.  Hope you enjoy this!  All the best, Julie 

622.  Taiwanese Student in Germany
Hello Chris,
I am Anny from Taiwan but now being an exchange student in Germany.  I hve been to the USA several times!  I love the people there and especially when I visited the "Badlands," with their cute groundhogs and also beautiful scenery!
     Now I am in Germany and can't wait to explore the beauty and culture here!!  Hope this postcard finds you well.  Happy Day!

583.  Taiwan Houtong Cat
Hello, this postcard is come from Taiwan.  My name is Kat, I live in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan.  My country is a small island surrounded by the sea.  Wish you all the best!  Kat

547.  The Art of Disney: Wreck-It Ralph, 2012 from Taiwan
Hello, my name is Oswald.  It's warm greeting from Taipei.  I like watch movies, listen to pop music and travel.  They always make me relaxing and refilling me with knowledge, delightful atmosphere, and peaceful mind.  Oswald

543.  The East Gate, Hsinchu City, TAIWAN
Hello My name is George.  I lvie in Taiwan't Hsinchu.  The weather here is very hot and very wet.

499.  Taitung, Taiwan
Hello!  Greetings from a city called Taitung, located on the eastern coast of Taiwan, R. Co. C.  My home is not far from the sea, so it is very nice around here.  I love reading and traveling, too.  Best wishes for you!
good luck, Sung

472. "Write a letter for you" - Taipei, Taiwan
Hello Chris, My name is Ginny and I'm from Taipei, Taiwan... "You've Got Mail" is my favorite romance move.  Share with you!  Ginny

398.  Taiwan is Fun
Dear Chris,
My name is Louis.  I live and work in Taiwan.  I have been to visit USA several years ago.  It's a very beautiful country.  There are some famous landmarks of Taiwan.  I hope you like this postcard.  Best wishes, Louis

396.  Jiufen, Taipei, Taiwan
Dear Chris,
This is card from Taiwan.  My name is Li Yu Vou.  I am 28 years old.  There are a few sights in Taiwan you probably don't want to miss.  Jiufen is one of them.  If you have the opportunity I hope you can arrive to play.
Have a nice day.

390  from the National Palace Museum - Taipei, TAIWAN
Greetings from Taiwan!  "Meat Shaped Stone" is the most famouse treasure in National Palace Museum.  Hope you like it.  Nancy

371.  Greetings from Taiwan
Hi, I'm Ben and I live in Taipei Gey.  I like traveling and photography.  This is the night view of Taipei.  Hope you will like this card.  Have a good day!

355.  Taiwan
Hi Crhis.  Greetings from Taiwan!  I'm Wenhsin.  My hometown is Chiay City.  "Alishan" is our famous mountain.  This card is about Taiwanese winter.  Best Wishes, Wenhsin  15.05.2016

347.  Taiwan
Hello Chris!  I'm Ieiko, a 28 year old Taiwanese girl.  Photo on the postcard when I was traveling in Taimali.  This place is Tawain Number Nine Highway Taimali 399k, there can see from here on the beauty of the Pacific views.  I hope you like this card.  2016 May 10.

337.  Greetings from Taiwan
Hello, I am Eric Chen.  I am a college student from Taiwan, and I will graduate this June.  this postcard is about our traditional Chinese New Year.  It represents best wishe and Happy New 2016.  Hope you like it.  Eric Chen

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