Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from England

1221.  Cornwall, England
(sent from a father and son in Russia)
y name's Egor.  I'm 15.  I'm writing from my dad's account.  We really like sports, especially going to the gym.  May father is a coach and master of sports in weightfliting.  I also like running.  We want to travel to other countries.  Egor and Mikhael, January 2018

400.  Worcestershire Thatch, England
Hi kids,
What a great school project!  these houses date back before 1800 when slate for roofs started to become commercially available.  Today they are expensive to maitain, and difficult to insure because of fire risk.  But they look beautiful and there are still thousands around in the UK, and other parts of Europe.  I live in Droitwick, Worcestershire.
Best Regards, Duncan

605.  Manchester, England
Hello Chris!
Greetings from a cool but sunny north oif England.  I live just to the side of Mancester (a little to the left of the map) and lthough I'm from the south, I love it up here.
     I've never been to America, but I hope to visit Las Vegas for my 40th next year.
     Hope you're having a great week.
Take care, Amanda

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