Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Russia

818.  Bronnitsy, Russia
Hi!  My name is Yulia.  I am 18 years old.  I live in the suburbs of oscow.  this year I finished school and I want to connect my life with medicine.  What is your dream?
634.  Russia
Best Wishes for you!

587.  From Russia With Love
Greetings from Russia!  My name is Pavel, I am 24 y.o. and Human Resources Management student.  I live in small town called "Syzran."  On the card you can read names of 80 bigger cities.

590.  Russian Kremlins Postage Stamps
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Russia, Urals.  I live near Yekaterinburg with my husband and fat cat.  I wish you warm autumn!  Elena
Hi ther!  This is a card of Russia and I marked a place where my little city is.  I like living here, calm town with rather adequate people :)  Also I like to travel to Moscow, but I get tired of it too fast.  People always hurry, angry and never smile.  Have a good day and take care.

483.  Russia MAP
Hello Chris!  Next week I'll go to Spain.  And last month I visited Monaco. 
With best wishes, Olga

603.  Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Hello Chris!  We are writing you from the main city of the Ural - Ekaterinburg - that is famous for its great and monumental mountains.  Ekaterinburg is one of 11 cities where football matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held.  Hope it'll be amazing games!  Smiles when sadness intrudes!  Bye!

817.  Moscow, Russia
Good day!  I live in Valuga.  It's not far from Moscow.  We're proud of Cosmonautics State Museum.  I love art, puzzles, rock music, psychology. 

814. Russia 
Ivan Bilibin, Russian Artist (1876 - 1942)
On postcard illustration of the famous Russian artist Bilibin.  he created wonderful illustrations of fairy tales.  It is possible that you library has a book with his illustrations.

Happy Postcrossing!
I live in the old Russian city of Bryansk.  It's famous for its beautiful landscapes and churches.  I hope you'll like my post card with matroskkas.  Tatyana

455.  HAPPY EVERYDAY from Moscow, Russia
Hi from Moscow!  There are a lot of brilliant places there!  Have your ever been in Russia?

Happy Birthday!
Hello Chris!  A lot of greetings from Russia!  Hope you enjoy this card and wish you magic and happy Birthday!  Take care, Yulia

803.  Perm, RUSSIA
Hello Chris!  I hope this post you'll like it.  My name is Olesya.  I am from Russia, I live in Perm city.  I like to read books, go to the cinema and go for a walk in the morning time when birds are singing.  Olesya 23 VI 2017

484.  "The Bookworm" Siberia, RUSSIA
Hello Chris!
My name is Valeriya.  I live in Small Siberian town Seversk.  I'm a visiting nurse in children's polyclinic.  I like my job although I gave too little free time.  I love to read too.  At present I prefer fantasy.  Maybe I'm so tired of real life problems that I would like fairy tales :)  But the most favourite book is "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.  One can read this book time after time and each time this book is perceived differently...warm greetings from cold Siberia!

496.  Girl Reading - Krasnodar, Russia
Hello, Chris!
My name is Natali.  I live in the city of Krasnodar, Russia.  I like reading books, to listen to goos music, and nature.  I hope you enjoy this card.  with bet wishes!

500th Card!!!  RUSSIA
Hi Chris, My name is Olga.  I live in the ancient Russian city of Pskov.  I'm an engineer.  I really hope that you like this postcard.  Best wishes, Olga

513.  St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Hi!  Greetings from rainy city St. Petersburg.  This is not a doorway, but a cool window frame!
Daria and Kirill

601.  Kazan, Russia
Kazan State Univercity in the door reflection of the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan
Greetings from Russia!  Best Wishes, Aliya

549.  Russian Mailbox
Hello Chris!  My name is Valeriya and I'm from Moscow, Russia.  I love travelling and next week I'm going to Crete.  Good luck and Happy Postcrossing!   Valeriya

316.  Russian handcraft
Vladimir-city, Russia +4 degrees C.
Hello Chris!  My name is Sofiya, I'm 24 y.o.  I'm from Russia.  I hope you like this card :).  On this postcard shows Dymkovo toy and Russian scarf with the national pattern.  Best wishes for you!  Good luck and Happy Postcrossing!

381.  Palekh Folk Painting, Russia
Hello Classy,
My name is Sveta, I'm from Moscow, Russia.  Have you ever heard about Palekh?  It's a style of Russian folk painting named by the same village.  Masters from there were well-known by their art of iconography, but after the revolution they had to look for other jobs so now Palekh painting is used on wooden lacquer boxes.
All the best!  Sveta.

576.  Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Dear Chris!  I'm from Saint Petersburg, Russia.  This card represents our summer.  For about two summer months we don't have real dark night.  A lot of cats live in our courts.  All neighbours love them and feed regularly.  My best wishes!  A

I live in the city not far from Moscow.  We proud of the Cosmonautics State History Museum and K. Tsiolkovski Memorial Home.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
Best Wishes,

380.  Russia
12 May 2016
Hello, my name is Mariya.  I'm 23 years old.  I live on  Russian Urals city of Perm.  My house is a cozy cottage on the banks of the Kama River.  I live with my husband and three cats.  I work as an accountant, but in spite of the routine work, I love to draw, play guitar, piano, singing, reading, and traveling. I would like to see a lot of countgries, to plunge into the traditions and culture of each, including USA!  Happy Postcrossing!

374.  Red Apple - Moscow, Russia
Hello!  I'm Kate.  I live in Moscow.  I love books and especially S. King.  I hope you enjoy this postcard and stamps.  Good luck and sunny day!  16.05.2016

321.  Victory Day in Russia
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Russia.  Happy Victory Day!  (Victory Day is the national Russian holiday on 9th May)  I wish you all the best and hope you like this card.  Have a nice day and enjoy every moment!  Nastya

 492.  Russian Folktales
Hello Chris, My name is Elya, I'm from Moscow.  The p;ostcard is showing the characters of a Russian folk tale called "Fox, Rabbit and Rooster."  The rabbit and the rooster lived together, and the rabbit did not allow the rooster to look out the window. so that the fox could ot see hom.  Once he broke the ban, and the fox dragged him into her burrow.  But everything went well.  Here you can see the less popular option of tale with a cat and thrush instead of a rabbit.
Best Regards,  Elya

542.  Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
Greetings from Russia!  City Novosibirsk.  Best Wishes, Lana
Happy Postcrossing!

598.  Welcome to Moscow
Hi, Chris!
My name is Anna.  I'm from a city (word obliterated) Rentov (about 30 thousand inhabitants), it's near Moscow.  I live with beloved husband, we have a dog, dachshund.
     I sew textile dolls.  More than anything else I like to reae and create some interesting stuff such as paintings, fancy work, scrappy blankets, covers for books.  In addition I love to think out and make flower beds.  I am pleased to watch figure skating, athletics, and biathlon.  I wish you good luck in your hobby.  God bless you.  all the best.

694.  Bogza Art Gallery - Russia
Hello Chris, best wishes from Russia, Moscow.  Hope you like this card with one view of one Russian place - Sochi.  I hope that one day I can visit it.  Elene

302.  Arbat Street. Pedenstrian Zone.  Moscow.
Hello, Dear Chris!  My name is Catherine, I live in Moscow.  I am an artist and geologist.  On Arbat Strteet I spend every Sunday in art studio.  War greetings from cold Moscow!!!

350.  St. Petersburg, Russia
Hi.  My name is Tanya.  I live in St. Petersburg.  I work as an engineer.  My husband and I love traveling, especially in Russia.  Welcome to Russia and Happy Postcrossing!!

181.  Russian Painting
Petrozavodsk, Russia
She mailed this in an envelope covered with stamps - see below.
Hello Chris!
I live in the Republic of Karelia in Petrozavodsk city.  This is in the north-west (of) Russia.  I send you postcard with the picture of one of the city squares.  The Republic of Karelia is situated near to the border with Finland.  And I really like Finland and Finnish culture.  It's an amazing country.  But I would like to tell about my region.  :)  We have amazing nature, wonderful forests and lakes.  Apart from (that) we have interesting traditions and culture (it's somewhat similar tot he Finnish culture);.  There are Karelian pies, the Russian word is "Kanumku" and it sounds like "calitki."
I hope you like this postcard.
Best wishes,

407.  Neva River and the Peter & Paul Fortress from the Palace Embankment; St. Petersburg Russia 
(card sent from Spain)
Hello!  I'm from Spain, but now I'm in the big trip on the gulf of Finland.  And sending you greetings from amazing city - St. Petersburg.

471.  The Monument to Eleanor Lord Pray in Vladivostok, Russia
(Fantastic connection to Maine/New England in this incredibly interesting recent NH news article.  I must go here!)
Dear Chris, here come greetings from port city Vladivostok.  It's located at the head of the Golden Horn Bay not far from Russia's borders with China and Korea.  Svetlana

Emperor Nikolay II with the heir Czarevich Alexey
Hello, Chris!
I send you a historical card.  Nikolay II was one of the first state figures, who raised a question of global disarmament.  The end of Romanovs' ruling is tragic.  All the family was executed in Ekaterinburg at the night from 16 til 17 July 1918.
So, happy postcrossing!

156.  Nicholas II with his wife
Hello guys!  My name is Anna.  I'm from Russia.  My home town is Voronezh, but I'm living in Moscow and working as an analyst.  The postcard shows the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II with his wife.  They were killed by Bolsheviks in 1917.  Happy New Year!  Anna

Old Saint Petersburg
Emperor Nicolas II and emperor's family members before the Winter palace.  1906.
Hello, Chris!  I saw in your collection the postcard with Emperor Nicolas II and son and decided to sent this postcard, which shows old Saint Petersburg (my city) and emperor's family.  Hope you'll like it.  It's such a beautiful autumn outside, but second day  I see a fog in my window.  Anna.Ko from Spb

Kaliningrad, Russia (on the Baltic Sea)
The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea is sandwiched between Poland to the south and Lithuania to the north and east.
Good day!  I'm still new to postcrossing and this is my first postcard.  My name is Mare.  I live in Kaliningrad on the shore of the Baltic Sea.  We are beautiful but the weather is not always happy.  Successful postcrossing!  Sincerely, Maribella
26 06 2015

696.  Russian Cemetery
Hello Chris!   My name is Maria.  My hobbies are breeding flowers, postcrossing, and travel with my husband.  I read tht you collect postcards with cemeteries, and like Halloween!  I hope you enjoy the card and its desing.  This postcard is from my collection from my grandmother and she's 32 years old! :) I wishy you all the best!

697.  Russian Landscape Painter Ivan I. Shishkin (mailed from Finland)
Hello there!!  I'm Veronica, 25, from Sipoo, Finland.  I'm a photographer and love all art.  I also enjoy travelling.  I have been living in 8 different places around the world.  Have a great day!  Veronica

552.  Ural Mountains, Russia
Hello!  My name is Olga.  I live in Yekaterinburg, Russia.  I work as a manager.

287.  Yalta, Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, 1902
Greetings from Russia!  This orthodox church is located in Crimea, southern Russia.  Happy postcrossing!

Church of Our Savior and the Protection of the Mother of God; Vytesgorskii Graveyard
This photo was taken in 1909 by Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich
08 April 2016
Hello, Chris!
Many greetings from Moscow!  My name is Anna.  I am 45 y.o. I am married.  I have adult son.  I live in Zelenograd (translation "green city').  This is one of the districts of Moscow.
All the Best!

261. Moscow, Spasskaya Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral
Hello!  My name is Natalie.  I live in Moscow.  My favorite aphorism:  "All that does not kill us makes us stronger."  ~ F. Nietzsche

Moscow.  St. Basil's Cathedral at night
I sent for you a [postcard with the view of night Moscow famous and beautiful buildings!  It is very old, big, and fanstgastic b eautiful.  I think you like this postcard!  Best wishes from Russia, Anna

Moscow.  The Novodevichy Convent
Hello Chris, I'm Alex from Moscow.  I hope you'll like the card.

Kizhi Island, northern Russia
Hallo Chris!
On this card the object of the World heritage of UNESCO - the Architectural ensemble Kizhi is represented.
Happy postcrossing! Anachiuta
St. Petersburg. The Hermitage
The State Staircase (1860s)
Dear Chris,
Greetings from Russia!  It's view of The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg.  I visited it twice - great!  Good book and interesting reading, Tatulya

State Russian Musuem, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Hello from Russia!  I'm Olga.  To represent the culture of my coungtry I chose this postcard with the State Russian Museum which is situated in Saint Petersburg.
Top left:  "The Last Day of Pompeii, 1833" by Kare Briullou
Top right:  "The Merchant's Wife, 1918" by Boris Kustodiev
Bottom right:  Russian icon St. George and the Dragon, 14th - 15th century
Hope you like the postcard.  Olga 24/06/15

173.  Voronezh, Russia
Hi!  My name is Fanisa.  I'm from Kazan, Russia.  You can see on this postcard the Riviera Aquapark where everyone can spend his/her free time with family, children, and have a rest.  I hope you spend your spare time having fun.  Best regards, Fanisa :)

St. Petersburg, Russia
(Note:  This was a really huge, oversized card and arrived in an envelope.)
Hello Class!  My name is Vera and I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  Our city has all the ingredients for an unforgetable travel experience and I'm happy to be a native citizen.  Saint-Petersburg charms and entices in every season -- people usually love its white nights, world-beating opera and ballet productions.  If you plan your trip to Russia - I highly recommend you visit Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs - Pushkik, Pavolvsk, Peterghot.  If you're about to come just leave me a note and I'll help you get the most out of your time in SaintPetersburg.  You asked to let you know about city where I live and now I feel myself a travel agent!

155. Taganskaya Metro Station
Hello!  My name is Sergey.  I'm 8.  I live in Moscow, Russia.  I am sending you this card with Moscow Metros view.  Moscow Metro is one of the ost beautiful places in Moscow.  Happy postcrossing!

308.  Smolensk, Russia 
City walls and moat with water
Thubem!  Hello!  Warm greetings from Smolensk!  Smolensk is one of the oldest cities in Russia.  863 year - the first mention of Smolensk in chronicle... All the bert!  Olga

310.  Samara RUSSIA
(This card was supposed to be sent on 10/31/15, but was not written and sent until 4/10 - so although it appeared to take 189 days to get here, it actually took 25.)
Hello Chris!  This greetings from Samara big city on Volga.  On the picture is one of our main street with art gallery.  It is a very old  building.  Actually, our city is very sunny, but sometimes foggy.  Have a nice. day.  Anne

361.  Moscow:  Manage Square: The State Historical Museum
May, 2016
Hello from Russia.  Stamp dedicated to 9 May, Victory Day over Nazi Germany.  Good luck to you!

362.  Dzhalil Opera and Ballet Theater - RUSSIA
Hello from Russia!  I'm Natalya, nice to meet you!  Hope you like this card from Kazan City.  Wish you more magic in your life.  All the best, Natalya 07.05.2016

372.  Peterhof.  The Great Palace, RUSSIA
Hello!  My name is Julia.  I live in Russia in Tula.  I am an engineer.  I like to travel.  I hope you like this postcard.  Best whishes!  Tula

480.  Greetings from Russia
Hello, my name is Katerina.  I was born in Moscow and have lived there all my life.  My home town is very gib.  I come from a small family.  I have mother, father, and sister.  We get on well with each other.  My family is very important to me.
     Have a great day!

488.  Chinese Bridge in Alexander Park, St. Petersburg, Russia
Greetings from St. Petersburg, Russia!  My name is Anja, I'm 21 years old and I'm going to be an aviation engineer.  Happy postcardunited!

544.  Academic Opera and Ballet Theater - Saratov, RUSSIA
Hi!  Many greetings from Russia.  I hope yo like this card and stamps.  Today, 06 September 2016 +23 degrees C and sunny.  Very nice day!
Happy Postcrossing.

619.  Catherine Palace Amber Room, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Krasnoyarsk City, Russia
Hello Chris!
On this postcard you can see the famous sight of Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg.  This room from Amber.
Best wishes, Lisa
I Hipe you like postcard.

626.  Yekaterinburg, Russia
"Sevastyanov's House is a historic mansion built in Neo-Gothic style; presently the building serves as the Executive Mansion for the President of Russia in Yekaterinburg."
Hello!  My name is Irina.  I live in Yekaterinburg and I work as an analyst at the factory.  I love to listen to music - the Ural rock, Finnish nutal.  There is a middle of autumn in the Urals now.  Today was +3 degrees C.  Forecast for tomorrow is snow.  I love the winter and New year - it is my favorite holiday.  I wish you a lot of beautiful postcards, and good friends!


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