Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Greece

1176.  Thessaloniki, GREECE
Hello/ahoj.  My name is Petra.  I'm 19 and I'm from capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, but I moved to Greece and now I live in the 2nd largest city in Greece - Thessaloniki.  It is a beautiful multicultural city full of history like whole of this country.  Sending you many greetings from sunny Greece!  Petra.

330.  Santorini Thirassia, Greece
Hi!  I'm Ani from Athens, Greece!  I live and work in Athens, my house is close to Athens Riviera and I enjoy seaside walks.  I send you postcard of Thirassia & Santorini islands.  Santorini is the most famious of the two for its wild beauty, the volcano, the vineyards, Akrotiri - an archaeological site like Pompei lost after a volcanic explosion, its beaches are with black or red sand, very special.  Although the island is very touristic & crowded, I prefer in May being there; it's worth it to learn its story and have a look on its breathtaking photos.  Love, Ani.

So when I thanked her for the card, I asked how you got to the village - by boat?  And this is her answer:
“I'm glad you like it,I wish you visit greece! There is a road but it's not seen in the Santorini from the old port to the city you can have a donkey trekking or get the cable lift! In case you need more postcards from greece for your class don't hesitate to ask me! Bye bye!”

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