Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Belarus

815.  Belarus
20 years of postage stamps

648.  Belarus
Hello, many greetings from Belarus!  My name is Irina, I'm 44 years old and I live with my family in western Belarus in Hrodna (Grodno) near the borders with Poland (20 km) and Lithuania (30 km).  I hope you like this card.  Irina

586.  Still Life: Festive - Valiarjana Zholtak (1985)  BELARUS
Hi!  My name is Diana.  I live in Belarus.  My hobbies are dancing, different music, photography.  I hope you like this card and stamp for you!  Best wishes from Belarus :)

596.   Oil Painting attributed to Vladimir Hodorovich, Belarus
(looked him up, can't find him on the internet)
Hello Chris!  I am 59 years old.  I was a teacher, now I am retired.  I like to read, to bake, to do gardening.  Let my little angels bring you only good news!

274.  Belarus Castles
Greetings from Belarus.  My name is Anna.  I live in wonderful city Minsk with m;y husband Andrew.  We really like traveling and I chose this card for you because it shows the most famous castles of Belarus.  Most of them are UNESCO World Heritage.  I hopy you like this card!  Have a nice day and good luck!

479.  Greetings from Belarus!
Hello Chris, my name is Yana and I live in Belarus.  My country is in the centre of Europe, near Russia.  Actgually, we speak Russian, but we have our national language tgoo - Belarussian.  Our symbols are teh bird-stork and the flower - vasilek.   sometimes people from other countries call our country "Blye eyes," because we have a lot of lakes and rivers.  We also have a lot of castles and our national animals -zubrs (they look like bisons).  Thank you for the interest in my country.

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