Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Australia

375.  Australia
Hi Chris,
Hello from Down Under!  We're in autumn now and where I live near Brisbane in Queensland, it's warm and sunny and 27 degrees C.  The colourful parrot on this card is a rainbow lorikeet and we have some visit us every day at our home.  They can be qquite noisy especially in big groups, but it can also be very entertaining watching their funny antics.  Cheers, Sue  19/5/16
311.  Melbourne, Australia
Greetings from Australia!  I live in Melbourne - the country's capital of sports and culture.  I work as a software engineer and love tos pend my free time outdoors.  Have a good day!  Cheers, Nadya

574.  Sorrento Back Beach, AUSTRALIA
Hooray - spring is here at last - the winter has been long and brutal (yes, it does get cold here too, it even snows).  I love comaping and can't wait to hook the trailer up to my bicycle and head of into the bush!
Cheers, Peta

699.  Tura Beach, NSW, Australia
Did You Know? Humpback Whale
The humpback whale is not the largest of the whale family, but it can still grow to 16 metres in length, weigh up to 40 tonnes and can live to be 48 years old.  These great mammals can throw their great mass up out of the water in a fantastic display.  They are a living wonder and have been an endangered species since 1963.  The breeding ground of the Humpback Whale remains a mystery.  Pods of humpback whales are observed every year on the coast of Australia during their 5000 km migration, returning to Antarctica.

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