Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Finland

802.  Kouvola, FINLAND
I'm Kati and live in Kouvola City, Finland.  Happy Postcrossing!

333.  Lappi Lapland, Finland
Hello!  You already had a card from Oulu, I'm sending a map card of the top half of Finland.  Oulu is a bit below the cut.  I am originally from Tornio on the border of Sweden - when I was a teen we used to bike to Sweden to buy candy because it was cheaper there.  Some of my schoolmates in High School lived in Haparanda, Sweden.  It's a free border, so we could cross it whenever we wanted to.  I've gone to Ruka/Kuusamo area for vacation several times.  We usually stay at a cottage and make short hikes to nearby hills.  There are lots of reindeer in the area - one time we had 5 in the cottage yard.  Mia (5.5.2016)

304.  Suomi Finland
I'm 52 yo woman living with my 17 y daughter and 2 cats here in Scandinavia, in Finland.  We have thousands of lakes and forests, nature is beautiful.  Sometimes we see Aurora Borealis in the sky, especially in winter.  We have four seasons.  I listen to music and a famous band Nightwish is from F"inland.  Best Wishes, Ippe & Melissa

627.  Inge Look (Finnish artist) - sent from GERMANY
Hope you like this card.  Life in ......(I can't understand what she's written here)..I have 2 grandchildren.  Angelika

512.  Hanko, FINLAND
Hello Chris!  My name is Ulrika, I am 47 years old.  I live in the sourthern most town of Finland: Hanko.  It is a small town but we have 30 km of beaches over here.  Have a wonderful day! Ulrika

509.  Rayrinki, FINLAND
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Finland.  My name is Marika.  I live in a small village called Rayrinki and work at our organic farm.  I hope you like this card.

270. Ikkunaprinissi by Erja Hirvi, -marimekko- 
The stamp is a picture of karelian pie.  It is my favorite Finnish pastry.  The crust is made of rye flour and filled with rice porridge.  Ususally it is purchased ready to shop, but I will make them myself.  T. Leen Kerava

385. Originaali:  Raija Nokkala "Kalaretki: FINLAND
Greetings from Finland!

466.  Virpi Pekkala Card, Finland
Hello Chris,  It is time for blueberries in Finland.  I love to eat them, but I don't love to pick them.  There are too many mosquitos in the forest. (The mosquitos love me :( )  Just now I am in our summer cottage in eastern Finland.  It is evening and we warm up the sauna.  My husband is a sauna lover.  I like it, but cannot stay there a long time.  It is too hot.  Best Regards, Leena

531.  Virpi Pekkala card from FINLAND
Hello Hei Chris!
Greetings from Finland.  Nice you like our Virpi Pekkala's art.  I love her quiet humour.  Hugs and kisses, Leila

575.  Finland
Hello I'm Mila.  I have a lot of animals.  I'm 8 years old.  Do you have any animals?  Happy Postcrossing, Mila

334.  Greetings from Finland!  
Here is card about my home areas sigil bird, metso (tetrao urogallus).  Large is male and it's hanging out with its chicks.  When in heat male can be really angry and attack on humans too!  My friend got attacked once but he sat on the bird until it calmed down.  Crazy guy!  But both are fine now. :)  Good summer for you, Mervi

348.  Tampere, Finland
Hello Chris! 
My bestg greetings from Finland.  On this card you can see a view from my former hometown Tampere.  The town is situated between two large lakes and through the city flows a river with low falls.  There has been many factories by the river but today they have been changed into museums, shops, or offices.  I have lived now 6 months in Valkeakoski, 35 kms. south from Tampert.
Wishing you all the best,

393.  Suomo - Finland
Hello Chris!  I chose you an autumn view, because I just love the colours of our nature at that time.  This view could be from my summer house and perhaps you can imagine me sitting by the lake with a coffee mug in my hand and listening to birds singing to me while flying to warmer south.  Love, Tiina

565.  Lingonberries in FINLAND
Hello Chris, Greetings from Finland!  It's morning at the moment, that's why the temperature (+9 degrees C) is that low.  Although I'm guessing it's not going to rise but a few degrees.  It's really autumn in Finland!  I don't miod because the autumn is inspiring season for me.  Leaves are getting colourful and light is bright and air is clean.  Blueberry season is usually in July and August.  At the moment Finnish epople are after lingonberries in the forests.  On of my friends told me she got 20 litres, and that's a LOT!  I like to make smoothies made from bananas, raw chocolate, and lingonberries.  It's kind of sweet but sour.  I wish you al the best, Manka

Hello Chris,
About 1500 this kind of bears live in our forests.  I hope I don't meet one when I go to pick lingonberries.  I work in home care as a nurse.  Mostly take blook samples from elderly people who can't go to the lab.
All the best, Marja-Leena

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