Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from The Netherlands

798.  Maas en Peel Library, The Netherlands
De Bibliotheek Mass en Peel - Vestiging Reuver
Hi Chris, my name is Jessica.  I am German, but I moved to the Netherlands for a job many years ago.  My husband is German, too.  We met on the internet!
NOTE:  She responded to my thank you!:
“Hi Chris,
yes, the card shows my local library. They used to do postcrossing, too (TheBusyLibrarian), but they stopped because the postage costs have been rising through the roof in the Netherlands the last 3-4 years. It made me cut down considerably, too :-( It's becoming a little bit of a luxury in the Netherlands, doing postcrossing. But hey, it's a hobby and hobbies do tend to cost money ;-)
By the way, I took the picture myself and also, it is me in the picture, haha... They weren't open at the time I was there to take pictures and the staff was busy, but I wanted somebody in the picture to make it look more alive. So I took a remote-control picture of myself :-)
Well, wishing you a nice day & happy postcrossing.

753.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beste Chris, greetings from town Heemsliesh, a village close to the beach and 30 km to Amsterdam.  I work in Amsterdam in a laboratory.  In the labe we are analyzing medicines and drugs in blood and urine.  I'm 45 years old and like to read, hike, geocache and travel. Our next holiday will go to Austria and Slovenia.  Ee hele fiyne dag. Marielle

704.  The Hague, The Netherlands
Gerry Hurkmans, 1952

I think the books on this card are from someone who likes history.  The quote on the bottom right is in dutch.  I love reading, too, but my books are mostly from Africa as I lived there for three years.  Now I work as a wedding photographer and live in the Hague together with my three naughty cats.  Wish you lots of happy cards!

620.  Happy Postcrossing from Holland
Hello, My name is Monique and I live in Holland.  I hope you like this mailbox card.  Greetings from Holland

614.  Greetings from Holland
with love...

611.  Balk, Holland,
Hi Chris!
I'm from Holland.  I lived in a small village, Balk, which you can see on the card.  Very beautiful with a lot of water.  Now, I live in Leeuwarden for my study in International Business and Languages.  I wish you all the best in Pennsylvania.  Simone

594.  "It's Duff Time" - The Netherlands
Hello Chris, Here's a duff beer for you and some cool rare Dutch stamps.  Nicky.

540.  Happy Cows from the Netherlands
Hi Chris,
This is y first postcard with postcardunited so sorry I don't have the postcard you like.  But I hope you find it funny.  We have a lot of cows here in the neighborhood.  I live in a small [place called Bodegraven with my husband and son.  Greetings, Naomi

524.  Netherlands (Nederland)
I wish you a happy day.

514.  The Netherlands
Hello, Although not a postbox, this card shows the post (wo)man.  In the Netherlands he often comes by bike.  I live in Apolder, about 5 meters below Scalevd, on the former seabord (hard to read the writing).  My birthday is also on 30th of April.
Happy postcrossing and best wishes, Koen

482.  Zeeland: Holland
Hallo!  The only nice thing about Holland is seaside and Zeeland is province with the nicest beaches I know.  To get nice weather is the other thing - this summer we had 1 week sun, the rest only rain...  Today also...
Greetings!  Poli

475.  Groeten uit Holland (Greetings from Holland)
Hi Chris!  It's my bike!  Typical for Holland.  I like knitting too.  Where I live is a small village, it has 2000 residents.  Heb het goed = All the best!

465.  Stoffig Pakhuis Fabric Shop, Delft, Netherlands
Hello Chris, I live in Delft, it's well-known for its Delfts Blue pottery.  You can make quilts with the Delft blue material!  I don't quilt, but I like to create my own clothes, and for that I often go to this shop.  There you can buy all the materials, even for quilts.  We've been in Arizona in May, we saw the Joshua trees and more.  Very nice!  Bye, Els...

Hello Chris, and greetings from the Netherlands.  I am Laura, 54 years old, married and mother of two sons of 20 and 24.  I live in a small town called Ouest Knollendam, nearly (can read) by the Zaanse Schans!  Maybe you've heard of it once.  It's famous because of the mills, tiny wooden green horses, and the wooden shoes. A lot of tourists from all over the world come to visit this.  This PC is from the Zaanse Schans and I hope you like it.
Much greetings and happy postcrossing,

408.  Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Gijs Gans - uit Mamma Belle en het Dierenspel
Hi Chris,
My name is Erato and I'm Greek, but I live in the Netherlands.  The card falls not in your likes or dislikes and it's quite original, that's why I chose it for you.  Have you ever been to Europe?  I've never been the the USA but my dream is to go to Alaska and stay there for awhile!
Enjoy your retirement and always smile!

388.  Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Hello Chris!
Warm greetings from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands!  I'm sending you a staircase of books.  It looks like this picture is trying to say that reading books leads to ... adventure?  a beautiful life?  more knowledge?
I love to read books, unfortunately I don't have much time for reading anymore.  My favorite genres are fantasy, detective and historic novels.  Best wishes!  Franciska

378.  (Too cute for me!)  The Netherlands
do more of what makes you happy.

359.  The Netherlands
Utrecht 15-05-2016
Hi Chris,
Before the euro, we had our own money.  On this card you see the "vuurtoreer" bill (Lighthouse bill).  If you would change it into dollars you wold have gotten $127.00  I like ice cold cola, too (not diet, that's not my favorite one), just regular with a lot of ice and a slice of lemon.  Hartegte groe, Kind regards, JP

354.  "Bekking & Blitz" Fiep Westendorp Illustrations
The Netherlands
Hallo class!  I want to tell you about yesterday.  5th May it was, Freedom Day.  the day before we remembered the people who died in the second world war or later.  Yesterday we celebrated our freedom.  Children, please make one thing sure.  Always follow your heart and maker your dreams come true.  We need all special talents in this world, and you have one!  Smile a lot and love the other people.  Debra

345.  The Netherlands
Dear Chris, Hope you enjoy this view of typical Dutch windmill.  I am 50 years, married, we have one dog named Marley (a Belgian Shepherd).  We have one daughter, she lives with her boyfriend in Amsterdam, studies psychology.  I love to read, travel, colour, and photograph.  Happy Postcrossing, Anoushka
302.  Close-Up Map of the Netherlands
4th April 2016
Dear Class,
My name is Ruben and I am a 21 year old student of geography!
I am also planning to become a teacher.  On the front of this card you can sere the map of the Netherlands.  I live near the city of Gronigen.  Can you find it?
Have a nice day,
Greetings, Ruben

288.  Received 4/25/2106
Hello, I am not a religious type, but I live in "Roermond", with several churches ha, ha, ha.  In my country I love "the keukenhof" in lisse (not sure of the spelling, hard to read the handwriting) with lots of flowers in beautiful colours.  And driving a Solex bike with my sons and husband.  And in the end dinner near the lake.

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