Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards received from the Czech Republic

1270.  Czech Republic
Hello Chris!  My name is Monika, I am 53 years old.  I live in Czech Republic.  I'm a nurse in a hopsital.  My hobby - traveling, cooking, growing flowers, and the grandchild.

1227.  Kafka Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
Card sent from Washington, DC
H Chris!  I am Maureen and I work in Washington D.C.  I can't believe I don't have a jackalope card - I grew up in South Dakota, where they are big and have visited the town in WY where they supposedly began.  I am happy to send this card to you - I love Kafka and when last in Prague I visited his grave.  But this card isn't great and few people ask for gravestones, so I've had it awhile!

788.  Benedictine Monastery Library in Broumov, Czech Republic
send from a postcrosser in Poland
I'm a 45-year old woman who works as a pediatrician and I love my job.  I come from a small town Itza, 80 miles south of Warsaw, which was famous for its clas pottery in Poland since the Middle Ages.  Nowadays, Itza is know for ruins of the medieval castle (you have received postcrd with photo of them from Piorunica), knigh tournaments, and delicious ice cream.  Cheers  (I visited this place two years ago.)

775.  Plzen (Pilsen) Czech Republic
I had many years this postcard, I didn't think I will find recipient.  :) Plzen (Pilsen) town, where was printed oldest Czech book (maybe) - Historia Troiana, incanabulis by Johannes Gutenberg's followers.  
Today we are with our children on mountain bike race in a near twon Prestice and I hope they will run.

616.  Postovni schranky ("Mailboxes") Czech Republic
Hi Chris, My name is Alena.  I live in Czech Republic in a smaller town called Paevy, but I was born in Prague.  I have a husband and our twins, daughter and son, 13 y. o.  My hobbies are playing volleyball, badminton, and to read fantasy books.  I wish all the best to your and your family.  Alena.

702.  Greetings from Czech Republic
Because I have only painting "reading cards" and you are man (!!) with a sense of humor, I send you raven card.  Raven is poem from Edgar Allan Poe, and you know it.  Enjoy your raven card and have a funny day, Jana.  
PS:  Raven in Czech:  KRKAVEC

581.  Greetings from Czech Republic - Pozrdravz
Hello, my name is Michala.  I'm 32 y.o. I married and I have 2 children (girl & boy).  Happy post carding.  Michala

290.  Received 4/25/2016
10.4.2016 Diksany, Czech Republic, 9*C
Ahoj - Hi Chris! 
Greetings from the spa town Podebrady, founded in 1223 where I was visiting for my mother, who was there for rehabilitation after heart surgery.  Have a nice Day!  Pavel

495. HAND DRAWN CARD!!!  Praha, Ceska Replublika
Hello Chris,
Your post was first time I heard about jackalopes.  Buyt I find tghem terribly cute.
Wish you a great summer,

340.  Hodonin, Czech Republic
This is my hometown of about 25,000 situated in south east part of the country in region of wine and traditional costumes.  Enjoy!  Alena.

367.  Praha (Prague)
Hello Chris,
My name is Marta.  I live in Mimon, a little town in Czech Republic.  With my husband and our two cats and three dogs.  I wish you very nice day.  Marta.

397. Czech Republic
Hello Chris,
My name if Filip.  I live on Browsis.  I go to school Pneamost.  I am 14 years old.  My hobbies are cycling, cooking, sleeping and walking.  I go to seventh class.  My sister's name ua Poja,  My mother's name is Renatra and my father's name is Povel.  My dog's name is Bella.  Bye.

463.  Hranice, Czech Republic
Hello!  My name is Marbeth.  On the front page of the postcard is my hometown, Hranice.  I love my town, I think it's really beautiful.  Happy Postcrossing!  Maribeth

485.  Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic
Hi Chris,  Greetings from Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic.  This card is from my team-building in Trebon region.  We had cycling weekend around lakes.  I've meen in Maine for two summers in Camp Winona.
Happy Postcrossing, Tom

520.  A. Mucha's Window Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic
Ahoj (HI) Chris :-)
I truly hope you're well and happy.  I lived in England for 10 years and am going back to London in Feb. to celebrate my birthday there.  I can't wait.  I worked as an English tutor for 2 years, now I work at a pizza place and I enjoy it very much.  Let's smile at a stranger every day.  Take care and have a fab life as it's a gift - good and bad.  Monika

560.  Hotel Atrium Praha - Prague Czech Republic
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Cxzech Republic, Prague.  My name is Jirina (Georgia).  I am 44 years old.  This postcard was obtained by visiting hotel Atrium, About twenty years ago there lived jean-Claude Van Damme.  We waited six hours, so we saw him.   He went to the restaurant Chez Louis.  Two minutes and he was gone.  Have a nice day. Jirina

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