Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Canada

812.  Alberta, CANADA
"April and June dig up an old friend"

Happy 241st birthday to your awesome country!!  America doesn't look a day over 200, she's aging beautifully.  Canada turned 150 on July 1st, but that's not as impressive at 241.  Eat a hotdog and light some fireworks for me!

796.  Northeast Ontario, CANADA
Greetings from NE Ontario.  Today is your big holiday - we celebrated Canada Day on July 1st.  It's our 150th, so celebrations all year.  It's a beautiful day, sunny & 30 degrees C, we've had a lot of rain so the is welcome!  Hpe your mailbox is full of great postcards!

508.  Port Moody, British Columbia, CANADA
Hello!  Greetings from the north!  I live in the small city of Port Moody, which is near Vancouver in the lower mainland of BC.  I'm very happy to call it home.  Carmen 
299. Think Skink
Ontario, Canada
Common Five-lined skinks have the ability to "drop" their tails if grasped in order to escape.  The moving tail gragment will distract the predator while the skink escapes.  The missing tail with grow back over time, but will not be the same colour or length as before.  The Common Five-lined Skink is Ontario's ONLY lizard and they are a species at risk. 
Hello!  I love telling people about Canada.  I hope that some day you can visit the "Great White North".  I love camping at Pinery Park!
31% of Canada is forest...
Canada has more lakes than all other countries combined!
20% of the world's fresh water is in Canada.

328.  Winnipeg: Canada's Natural Beauty
A Postage-Paid Canadian Postcard
Hello from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!  Winnipeg is the capital of the Province of Manitoba.  The building on this card is the government building with a "golden boy" on top of the dome - it was a gift from France.
Happy Postcrossing, Vera

339.  The Cranberry Lady, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hello grade 4 class in Tucson, Arizona!  I am from a suburb of Vancouver, BC.  Here we grow most of the cranberries in the world.  Isn't it such a strange way that they are harvested?  Do you like cranberry sauce with your turkey?   They were probably grown here for "Ocean Spray"!
May 8/16

489.  St. John's, Newfoundland, CANADA
Hi Chris,
Greetings from St. John's NL in Canada.  I get a kick out of this card because it's so 'stereotypical Canada' but being from Maine you are probably familiar.
    I hope you're having a great day!  Sabina

502.   Alberta, CANADA
Greetings from Alberta, Canada.  Hope this made you smile.  Have a Great Day!  David

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