Saturday, April 30, 2016

Postcards Received from Florida

1180.  Official Jackalope License from FLORIDA
Warm greetings!  My name is Hank.  I am a husband, a father and a grandfather.  My four grandchildren are very special to me!

661.  Florida Fun Facts
  • Just a few days after Easter 1513, Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon landed near what is now St. Augustine and named the area Pascua Florida, Or "Flowery Easter."
  • Orlando attracts more visitors than any other tourist destination in the United States.  Narly 60 million people visit Orlando every year.
  • Florida is similar in size to England and Wales combined.
  • No atter where you are in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles away from the ocean.
  • Florida produces 80% of the US citrus products.  The key limes of the Florida Keys are the tastiest.  Key lime pie is a specialty in Florida.
  • Famous writer Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West in the 1930s.  His house is now a museum and home to over 40 cats.
  • Clearwater has the highest rate of lightning strikes per capita in the United States.
  • Greetings from sunny Florida, city of Fort Lauderdale which is called the Venice of America.  My name is Nataly.  I love to read and travel.  Before I lived in Russia, Moscow.  I wish you to get positive emotions and all the very best.

625.  Florida
Hi Chris,
I thought it was funny when I got your name to send to.  I read the things you like and I could be reading about myself.  Then I see your birthday and nearly fell off my chair.  LOL.  It's the same as mine.
Happy Postcrossing!  Alda

Mjasa in U.S.A. wrote you a message 0n 11/10
“Hi Chris.
Sorry for the late response.
I live in Coral Springs in southern Florida, just north of Fort Lauderdale. Yes I laughed when I read your profile, it could nearly have been my own, lol.
I come originally from Iceland but have lived here for 10 years now and I can honestly say I like the weather better here. We still get a lot of "winterbirds" down here, lol.
I would love to get a card from you, I am trying to get a state card from all the states so if you find one I would love to have it. I haven't visited all the states but I am working on that too. :)
My address is
Alda Elvarsdottir
9051 NW 1st Street
Coral Springs, FL 33071
If you would like I could send you some cards from here again.
~ Alda 
1139.  "Leisure" 1910 William Worcester Churchill
Greetings from Florida!  I live near the Atlantic Ocean and love to watch the waves and the sea birds.  Small world - my brother went to law school at Dickinson.  I'm originally from PA.

521.  Pensacola, FLORIDA
(Card is from somewhere in the US)
Thank you for letting me send you this card.  I have been holding on to it for awhile waiting to send it tot he right person.  I love the irony in your last name.  I recently traveled through Arizona and got some good jackalope postcards.  Devin

295.  Coquina Rock Formation at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park
Palm Coast, FL
4/25/16 Hello Chris, my name is Robin and I live in Jacksonville, Florida.  Like you I love to read and enjoy a Diet Coke.  I also like to scrapbook and have lately been enjoying the adult coloring craze!

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