Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Spain

280.  JunglaJara
Hello everyone!
My name is Puri, and I live in Menda, south of Spain, in the region called Extremadura.  Here many pigs are raised in the field, and they like to eat acorns (as drawn on postcard), which they are the seeds of the oak tree.  Hope you'll like it.

335.  Northern Spain
Hello there, I tried to find a postcard from Malaio, a small town in Northern Spain where I live.  However, I wasn't successful, so [please accept this postcard of a studious girl instead.
Have a good day, Valentina

559.  Mallorca - Islas Baleares - Espana
card sent from Germany
Hello Chris,
I live in Bremen, in the north of Germany.  I've just spent two weeks on this beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.  We went swimming every day, the water was so warm and clear, but we also did some sightseeing.
Best wishes, Cornelia

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