Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from France

1215.  Best Wishes from FRANCE
Here's a postcard which is meant to be colored by yourself.  I've seen that you like windows. February, 2018

592.  Salutations de FRANCE
Hello Chris!
My name is Karen, I'm 22 and I live in France, in a small city near Lyon.  I love sports and especially soccer.  I like travelling and watching TV shows.  Have a nice day!  Karen

462. Burgundy region, central France
Hello Chris, Here is a postcard from France.  I am British but if live with my American-French wife in a small town called Premery in Burgundy region, central France, close to the vineyards and the Loire river, the longest rier in France.  Best wishes for you new life in Pennsylvania, where my sife's sister lives!  Chris in Burgundy

527.  Peace for Paris
Hello Chris,
Many greetings from the north of Franc.  My name is Pascale.  I like arts and I practice creative hobbies.  Today is Sunday, a great and nice day!I'm going to the market to do some shopping before going on holiday in Morocco!  All the best,  Pascale

370.  Cimetiere Americain  - Normandy Landing Beaches, France  (card is from ROMANIA)
Normandy Landing Beaches, Colleville, Saint-Laurent-sur-mer (Calvados).  The American Cemetery - The memorial and the 9286 graves.
Hello and many greetings from N-W part of Romania.  My name is Duidiu and I love to travel.  This card is from my latest trip to France.  A nice one foryour cemetery collection.  All the Best, Duidiu.

291.  Received 4/25/16
Toulouse - Le Cloitre des Jacobins
Hello Chris,
My name is Julie, I'm a teacher with little children.  This postcard represents one of my favorite places in my town, Toulouse.  This town is nicknamed  the "pink town" (the color of ...?) This place is so quiet, I love it.

452.  Aile ouest, XVIIIe siecle; Centre d'art contemporain (France)
Contemporary Art Cetner for the Abbey of Auberive, 18th century
I am a grandmother who lives in a small town of Frnce.  Best regards, Josse

566.  Hautes Pyrenees - Le cirque de Gavarnie et le village.  FRANCE
Bonjour!  My name is Olivier, I'm 25 and live in the southwest of France.  I'm a replacing letter carrier and must know 15 rounds very well in case of illness.
Happy Postcrossing, Olivier

593.  Le Piment des Squelettes - Auguste Derriere
Hello Chris.  My name is Cedric, I live in a small village in the south of France.  Hope you like postcard.  Happy Postcrossing.

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