Saturday, April 30, 2016

Postcards Received from California

1142.  "Africa Rocks" at the San Diego Zoo
They just opened this new Africa Rocks section.  There's a new really nice penguin exhibit that also has leopard sharks in it - the zoo's first sharks!  Hope you're staying warm - it was 80 degrees when I sent to the zoo on Saturday! (Jan 15)

673.  Santa Maria, California
I hope you are enjoying fall in Tucson.  I enjoy many things, but my favorites include crafting, travel, quilting.  I do not enjoy house hold chores.  Happy Postcrossing, Carrie

623.  Los Angeles, California
Hello Chris, Greetings from Los Angeles!  I live in Los Angeles, but I moved from Hawaii.  Living in different of new place is kind of challenging but we can experience so many things.  Best wishes for your moving!
Happy Postcard-Uniting!  Lynn

610. San Francisco, CA
Q: What do you say about a horrible mummy joke?

600.  Redwood National Park, CALIFORNIA
Hello from northern California.  I love this time of year.  halloween, leaves falling, and rain replacing sun!  It's just been a little too hot.  Hope your fall is lovely!
P. S. I can't imagine what Day oft he Dead is like in AZ!

588.  Greetings from California by way of Missouri...
I'm Kat an I'm actually in Missouri but this card matched your wish list.  I hope you like it. :)

569.  Lompoc, California
Hello from Lompoc, California!  I live in a small city by the coast.  Right now I am watching the Patriots demolish the Texans, and as much as I hate the Patriots, I have to respect Bill Bellichick (the Patriots' coach) for being such a football mastermind.  He can win with a 3rd string rookie QB.  Blows my mind how good the Patriots are.  But I hate them !  LOL
Happy Postcrossing, Shelby

525.  "Open Happiness" Sacramento, CA
Hello there!  
Well, instead of sending some generic landscape of the country you already know, I decided to send you something you like to drink!  Yeah, I know there are no "diet", but hopefully you'll make an exception this time.  I also used to teach 4th graders.  They are so funny!
Happy postcrossing, Leo

384.  Greetings from Catalina Island, California
June 4, 2016 - 95 degrees F
Hello Chris,
Greetings from California.  I spent 3 summers on beautiful Catalina Island.  Hook my wife over the holiday.  Beautiful weather and refreshing waters.  I wish you a very happy retirement.  Happy Postcrossing, Rene

281.  Santa Barbara, CA
Hello class!  I live in Santa Barbara.  I work at a Law Firm that you can see in this photo.  My kids like to surf and I enjoy reading on the beach while they do.  Keep learning!
Best Wishes,

Solvang, California
Nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley is the beautiful town of Solvang.  Unique architecture, gift shops, and bakeries are just some of the attractions to the area enjoyed by many visitors every year. (cag note:  I've been here 3 times, once with Laura, once with Dede, and once alone)
Hi Chris,
this is a great little town that is about two hours north of me.  We explored the bakeries and found some great treats.  There were wine tasting rooms, fun gift shops, and even some outlet stores.
Best wishes, Susan

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California
Founded Nov. 1st 1776 by Father Serra
this is a view of the beautiful Front Garden with the famous pigeons that greet the visitors.
(reproduction of a postcard postmarked 1946)
Hello Chris!
I am pleased to send this card to you.  I live a few minutes drive from this mission.  It is one of many missions along the California coast.  They were important in the settlement of this state.
Best wishes, Mary

Marin County, Calfornia
Welcome to Marin County, California!  One of California's original 27 counties, Marin County has a rich history filled with both cultural and political extremes.  Although providing much of the lumber for the massive rebuilding following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Marin is currently known more for its liberals than for its logging.  With almost 75% of the county as protected and public land, and given its proximity to the SF Bay Area, it's easy to see where Mountain Biking, hippie-ism and granola consumption largely came from.  Political views aside, Marin County is home to a seemingly infinite number of trails, forests, beaches, waterfalls, views, main streets, and many other settings in which to simply enjoy being alive.  At least that's what I've found...I hope you do too!

San Diego, CA
Hello Chris!  I love San Diego.  I go there every year for Comic.Con in July.  It's a very nice city to host all the geeks that come for the convention!

San Francisco Bay Bridge
Linking San Francisco and Metropolitan Oakland, in California, is the longest bridge in the wrl - extreme length, including approachers is 8 1/4 miles.   One pier of the bridge is 242 feet high, equivalent to a 20-story building.  (cag note:  this is an old postcard, I wonder what bridge/s top those statistics at this point in time?)

Lake Tahoe
The crystal clear waters of this spectacular lake reflect the snow-capped peaks that surround the lake.
Hi Chris.  When we lived in northern CA we went to Tahoe several times.  Every time I was amazed at how blue the water is!  Barb

Yosemite Half Dome
Hello from Cali!  I hope you enjoy this PC.  Linda

Santa Ana, California
Hey Chris!  Is it as hot in Arizona right now as it is here in Cali?  Probably hotter than here, huh?  And since summer is just starting, it will just get worse.  Not much to say about my city, save it has plenty of Asian restaurants, from a Korean BBQ to Japanese sushi houses and Chinese buffets and Vietnamese Pho noodle shops.  I enjoy eating food from different cultures, tried Mediterranean today with a friend.  Jennifer

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