Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Poland

618.  Stack of Books - Poland
Hi Chris,
I'm Ksenia and now I live in Kradow Poland, but originally I'm from Russia.  I like travelling and reading.  And I prefer paper books to electronic ones.  It is cool to take a new book :).
Hope you'll like the card.
Best wishes, Ksenia

318.  Nighttime Reading
Greetings from Poland

511.  Poland, Gdynia; 28 06 2016
Warmest greetings from Poland, Magdelana
Welcome to Poland - a country famous for the hospitality of cordiality of its people, delicious cuisine and beautiful colours during all seasons of the year.
the positive changes that have taken place in recent years are bound to make your stay in Poland even more eventful :-)  So come :-) ...You have a lot of spare time?  That's easily taken care of.  Especially that the possibilities are varied and huge; mountain hikes, water sports (Baltic Sea has amazing beaches), horse riding and cycling tourism, modern cinemas, and the best quality in entertainment.  These are only some of the many possibilities.  Poland has survived centuries of conflict to emerge as a proud, independent country, ready to assume her new role in modern history.  Visitors ot Poland are discovering what the locals have long known, that Poland is a country rich in fine culture, scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites.  Whether exploring the nation's vibrant cities, the lakes and forest of her picturesque countryside or some of the other tourist attractions in Poland, visitors are sure to bring away rich memories.  PS.  And so delicious food - you have to try :-)

319.  Gdansk, Poland
Hi!  Warm greetings from Poznan, one of the largest cities in Poland.  I'm a legal trainee and I want to become an attorney in the future.  I love almost every kind of active spending time e/q/ hiking, cycling, skiing, or canoeing.  I hope that you'll like this postcard pictureing Gdansk, the city in northern Poland.  Wish you all the best!  Bartosz
(this was sent in an envelope)

557.  Greetings from Poland
Hello Chris!!!
My name is Paulina.  I'm 20 years old.  I live in small village in southwest side of Poland.  I send you a postcard from my holidays.  I was in Pobierowo.  I love his place because there is Baltic Sea.

517.  Zamosc, Poland
Hello Chris!  I'm Paulina, 23, from Poland.  I study at university of technology.  This card shows my native town.  It's a beautiful old town.  This year I'm getting married!
Take care, Paula

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