Monday, April 25, 2016

Postcards Received from Indonesia

132.  Received 12/8/15
Probably one of my all-time favorites

580.  Indonesia
Open air funerals in Tana Toraja, South Celebes
Hello Chris,
Greetings from Indonesia.  My name is Nisa and I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.  yesterday, we just celebrate our independence day.  This postcard shows you a "graveyard" in Toraja.  They have such a unique funeral ceremony.  If someone died, they will keep the body for sometime and one day, in the ceremony, the dead body will walk by his own to his graveyard.  They say it's magic.  I can't explain any logical explanation for this.  You can search "The Walking Corpses."  Have a nice day!  Nisa

405.  Jarkarta, Indonesia
Hello Chris, I am Sititie. Greetings from equator.
Most people in Indonesia eat rice as a main food, that's why farmers do rice planting to provide enough rice.  Here we do in traditional way as you see in postcard.  When harvesting season comes, they also cut the paddy with manual, not by machine.
Best wishes &Happy Postcrossing.
Regards:  Sititie

637.  Jawa Timur,  Indonesia
Hello, Greetings to you.   Hope you'll be elated by this card.

486.  Pon XIX Jawa Barat 2016 - Indonesia
Hi Chris,
Greetings from Indfonesia.  My name is Krisna.  I really want to visit your country.  The Liberty status is really famous - Happy Postcarduniting!  Krisna

487.  Colours of Medan, Indonesia
Hello!  APA Kabar?  How are you?  Greeting from Indonesia.   Happy Postcard Unititn!!!
Medan City is the capital of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.  Interesting places are Sun Plaza, Medan Post office, Misjid Raya, Red Cross building and Kualanamu Airport.

607.  Floatings Town - Indonesia
Hi Chris...
Greetings from Indonesia.  I am Ayu.  I also really like reading so much.  But lately I just can't keep up, he he.  So I read the simple ones like Harlequin romance, he he.  have a great day!  Ayi Dai

551.  Indonesia
Dear Chris,
I hope this is not the type of postcard you avoid :).  Hopefully, this is not too vintage for you.  Happy postcrossing!  Greeting from Indonesia.  Bask

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