Thursday, June 2, 2016

Postcards Received Thursday, June 2, 2016 - Mostly forwarded from AZ

359.  The Netherlands
Utrecht 15-05-2016
Hi Chris,
Before the euro, we had our own money.  On this card you see the "vuurtoreer" bill (Lighthouse bill).  If you would change it into dollars you wold have gotten $127.00  I like ice cold cola, too (not diet, that's not my favorite one), just regular with a lot of ice and a slice of lemon.  Hartegte groe, Kind regards, JP

360.  Todaijai Nigatsudo Temple in Spring-Nara, JAPAN
Hi, I'm Ai, from Japan.  I live in Nara pref.  There are so many nature, old temples, and srines.  The most famous place is Toudaiji-Temple and its Daibutsu (Great Budda).  I recommend there if you come to Japan.  Happy postcrossing!! 

361.  Moscow:  Manage Square: The State Historical Museum
May, 2016
Hello from Russia.  Stamp dedicated to 9 May, Victory Day over Nazi Germany.  Good luck to you!

362.  Dzhalil Opera and Ballet Theater - RUSSIA
Hello from Russia!  I'm Natalya, nice to meet you!  Hope you like this card from Kazan City.  Wish you more magic in your life.  All the best, Natalya 07.05.2016

363.  China
Hi Chris!  Many greetings from China.  My name is Nelly and I live in Hangzhou.  Hangzhou is famous for beautiful West Lake.  Nelly

364.  Trajinera en Xochimilco, MEXICO
Hi Chris,m  I'm glad to send you a card!  Xochimilco is a touristic place in Mexico City; very famous.  Unfortunately, the canals are in not good shape.  I used to go to travel in the Trajuieras as a child and teenager with my parents and my sister.  You can eat aboard and there are also boats with vuisiciaus, so you can look through while travling throug the canals..   Un abrazo, alejandra.

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