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1104.  Malaysia
Hi Chris, I'm Lyn from Malaysia.  I'm a teacher but right now I'm furthering my studies in special education.  I like reading.  My favorites are books written by L. M. Monto=goermy.. I've got all her books yeay!  Have a nice day.

819.  Germany
"Bills and Love Letters"
This box looks similar to the German post boxes: both are yellow.  But they have no different "entrances" for bills or love letters. :)  Maybe then it would give more love letters.

818.  Bronnitsy, Russia
Hi!  My name is Yulia.  I am 18 years old.  I live in the suburbs of oscow.  this year I finished school and I want to connect my life with medicine.  What is your dream?

793.  Bonn, Germany
"Colorful Mailboxes"
Bonn is the birthtown of the famous composer L. V. Beethoven.  I'm Gabi and I like to travel around the world.  Have days of smiles.
Same card:  665.  Poland

771.  Moscow, Russia
Greetings from Russia, Moscow!  I hope you like this postcard...have a good mood and happy postrcrossing.

769.  Ipoh, MALAYSIA
Hello!  Greetings from Malaysia

714.  Japan
My name is Natasha and I'm originally from Cologne in Germany, but I've lived in Japan fr about 3 years I "got stuck" here when I met my husband. :) We have a daughter who will be 2 this month.  The mailbox on the card is located in an ousen (Japanese spa) town in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.  We live in Sano, Tochigi Prefectore, about 100 km north of Tokyo.  Natasha

712.  Germany
For days we have very cold weather, but sunshine.  Perfect to visit a Christmas market, which we have many in our region.  Greetings from the south of Germany!

692.  Boulder, Colorado
Hello from boulder, Colorado.  My name is Kristen.  I work in a local thrift store that benefits a wildlife rehabilitation center.  It is a strange job because of all the interesting donations we receive.  I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

673.  Santa Maria, California
I hope you are enjoying fall in Tucson.  I enjoy many things, but my favorites include crafting, travel, quilting.  I do not enjoy house hold chores.  Happy Postcrossing, Carrie

668.  Salt Lake City, Utah
Hope you like this card of colorful mailboxes.  The election is over - thank goodness!

657.  Taiwan
Special Lanyu Flying Fish Festival & Boat Launching Ceremony AND Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival
Greetings from Tai-tung.  Have a nice day.  Sabine 10/27/16

629.  Bremen, Germany
Best wishes from Bremen, Germany!  My name is Birkit and I like to travel and I love reading, too!  In the moment I read the books from Chris Colfer, I like them!  Have a nice day and Happy Postcrossing.  Birkit

620.  Happy Postcrossing from Holland
Hello, My name is Monique and I live in Holland.  I hope you like this mailbox card.  Greetings from Holland

616.  Postovni schranky ("Mailboxes") Czech Republic
Hi Chris, My name is Alena.  I live in Czech Republic in a smaller town called Paevy, but I was born in Prague.  I have a husband and our twins, daughter and son, 13 y. o.  My hobbies are playing volleyball, badminton, and to read fantasy books.  I wish all the best to your and your family.  Alena.

579.  BELGIUM (Postcard is Russian)
Bounjor!  I just finished my first week at university.  I was pretty tired but I'm happy to be back at school.  I missed it a little bit.  Hope you have a good day.  Greetings from Belgium, Solange

561.  Greetings from Hong Kong!
I hope you like this shaped mailbox card.  Last week, I have attended postcrossing meetup.  This is my 2nd time to join such event - it is exciting to sign and write many postcards with different postcrossers.
Wish you all the best, Cally.

549.  Russian Mailbox
Hello Chris!  My name is Valeriya and I'm from Moscow, Russia.  I love travelling and next week I'm going to Crete.  Good luck and Happy Postcrossing!   Valeriya

539.  Happiness Express from Japan
My name is Erika, and I'm 24 y.o. I'm from Taiwan.  I study Japanese in Tokyo City, Japan.  Hope you will like the postcard.  I wish you all the best.  Take care, Erika Oa

530. Saitama, Japan
Dear Chris, Hello!  Greetings from Japan.   My name is Miki.  I live in Saitama with my husband and son (two months old).  I like doing yoga, shopping and traveling.  September 19 is Respect for the Aged Day, which is a Japanese holiday celebrated annually to honor elderly people.  Many people spend time with their grandparents.  I wish you all the best.  Miki

514.  The Netherlands
Hello, Although not a postbox, this card shows the post (wo)man.  In the Netherlands he often comes by bike.  I live in Apolder, about 5 meters below Scalevd, on the former seabord (hard to read the writing).  My birthday is also on 30th of April.
Happy postcrossing and best wishes, Koen

705.  Peti Surat (Postbox) - Malaysia
Hello Chris,  Apa Khabar?  Means How are you in Malay.
 This is the postbox that I sused to mail out postcard.  Hope you like it.  Have a great day.
497.  Peti Surat (Postbox) - Malaysia
Dear Chris,
Greetings from Malaysia.  Good day to you.  Sending you thig mailbox shaped card.  Hope you like it.
     Happy Postcard Uniting.  Love, Isabella

472. "Write a letter for you" - Taipei, Taiwan
Hello Chris, My name is Ginny and I'm from Taipei, Taiwan... "You've Got Mail" is my favorite romance move.  Share with you!  Ginny

470.  Gulang Island, CHINA
Hello!  I'm Fanny, from China.  This is a mailbox I think ... maybe.  This card is from Gulang Island, a famous view of Chine, it just near my city.  This island has many old European buildings and delicious seafood.  Happy postcrossing, Fanny

462. Burgundy region, central France
Hello Chris, Here is a postcard from France.  I am British but if live with my American-French wife in a small town called Premery in Burgundy region, central France, close to the vineyards and the Loire river, the longest rier in France.  Best wishes for you new life in Pennsylvania, where my sife's sister lives!  Chris in Burgundy

456.  Bills and Love Letters;  Dortmund, North Rhine - Westphalia, GERMANY
Hello Chris, greetings from Germany.  My name is Angela and I live in a small town close to the city Dortmund in North-Rhine-Westphalia.  The words on the mailbos:
Hope you like the card.
Take care, Angela

455.  HAPPY EVERYDAY from Moscow, Russia
Hi from Moscow!  There are a lot of brilliant places there!  Have your ever been in Russia?

366.  Fun Facts:   US Letter Delivery
May 19, 2016
Aurora, NC 72 degrees F
Hello Classy,
My name is Casey and I live in Jacksonville, FL.  I work as a tugboat captain in North Carolina.
Peace,  Casey B.

332.  Oregon City, Oregon
Dear Chris,
Happy Friday the 13th!  Greetings from Oregon City, Oregon.  I sent you another card, but since it's at 50 days out I'm assuming it's gone.  So if it shows up, you have 2!  Happy Postcrossing, Paula

288.  Received 4/25/2106
Hello, I am not a religious type, but I live in "Roermond", with several churches ha, ha, ha.  In my country I love "the keukenhof" in lisse (not sure of the spelling, hard to read the handwriting) with lots of flowers in beautiful colours.  And driving a Solex bike with my sons and husband.  And in the end dinner near the lake.

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