Monday, June 13, 2016

Postcards about DAY OF THE DEAD

1272.  "I Was Kissed by a Teen-Aged Monster Last Night -"
Hello Chris!  I love Halloween!  We don't have it in Russia, but Halloween is really awesome!  We have "Swyatik," it's not a holiday, although there is a resemblance.  I think correct name - Yule (but there are differences)  During this period we conjure, tell fortunes and call spirits.  Sounds strange, I know, but it's funny.  Have you read The onster and the Marganita?  I adore Behecter the cat!  Love, Marcia
I don't find postcard with Day of the Dead, but I have skull stickers....

807.  Chisholm, Minnesota USA
Day of the Dead
"A male skeleton dressed in a charro outfit wielding a machete, accompanied by a drunken skeleton."  Illustrations by J. Posada, 1910
Hi Chris,  Our gardening season is in full swing!  It is good to have fresh food from the gardenand look forward to enjoying the surplus - canned or frozen - in the winter!  Enjoy your summer away from triple digits and fires.

524.  Greetings from Wisconsin
Dear Chris, Sending out love and good wishes for whatever you want from this life.  Greetings from Wisconsin, Uncle Fitch.

451.  Frida Kahlo Girl with Death - Pocatello, ID
July 13, 2016
Hello Chris!
If you were here in Idaho this morning, we could drink coffee (or Diet Coke!) and talk about Postcrossing.  Later, we could climb the hill behind my house and look out over the Portneuf Valley.  All the wildflowers are in bloom, and it's beautiful.  I am also a retired teacher (almost 9 years now), and I still miss the prep!  Who would have guessed?
Happy travels  -- Cheryl

373.  La Muerta Lisa
24 May '16
Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama.  My name is Cara.  I love gaming and geochaching....I hate bacon, I organize M & M's by color before eating them... I'd rather take a bubble bath and read a good book than go to a bar... and I believe in remembering where you come from.  Happy 'crossing!  ~ Cara

349.  North Carolina
20 May 2016
Hello Chris!
My name is Amy.  Greetings from North Carolina.  I hope this postcard finds you well and makes you smile.  Have a great day!  Amy.

293.  Sugar Skull
La Serena, Chile
April 15th 2016
"Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable. - Peter Drucker

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