Monday, June 13, 2016

Postcards Received Monday, June 13, 2016 (After being away for almost a week- wow!)

372.  Peterhof.  The Great Palace, RUSSIA
Hello!  My name is Julia.  I live in Russia in Tula.  I am an engineer.  I like to travel.  I hope you like this postcard.  Best whishes!  Tula

373.  La Muerta Lisa
24 May '16
Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama.  My name is Cara.  I love gaming and geochaching....I hate bacon, I organize M & M's by color before eating them... I'd rather take a bubble bath and read a good book than go to a bar... and I believe in remembering where you come from.  Happy 'crossing!  ~ Cara

374.  Red Apple - Moscow, Russia
Hello!  I'm Kate.  I live in Moscow.  I love books and especially S. King.  I hope you enjoy this postcard and stamps.  Good luck and sunny day!  16.05.2016

375.  Australia
Hi Chris,
Hello from Down Under!  We're in autumn now and where I live near Brisbane in Queensland, it's warm and sunny and 27 degrees C.  The colourful parrot on this card is a rainbow lorikeet and we have some visit us every day at our home.  They can be qquite noisy especially in big groups, but it can also be very entertaining watching their funny antics.
Cheers, Sue  19/5/16

376.  Cape Town, South Africa
Hi Chris,
I thought that this card will fit your profile perfectly!  I took this photo a while ago.  My husband is a self-confessed coke-aholic!  I live and work outside the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.  You can drive one hour into any direction from the CBD and you are guaranteed to find magic in the countryside.  Charming towns, vineyards, scenic mountains and beaches.  
Greetings, Magaretha

377.  Japan
Hello!  I am an engineer of bridge construction.  Terrible earthquake has occured in Kumamoto, Kyushu.  We always fear Tsunjami.  TAK  16/05/19

378.  (Too cute for me!)  The Netherlands
do more of what makes you happy

379.  Kiel-Hotenan, GERMANY
17 Mai 2016
11 degrees C. cloudy
Hello Chris, how nice to write this postcard to you.  I hope you will like it.  My name is Tanja (38 y.) and I'm living in a village close to our province capital Kiel and the Baltic Sea.  On this card you can see the old lighthouse on the entrance to the Kiel-Canal.  I like this spot.  There is a very nice cafe with old furniture and you can enjoy a walk and watch the ships coming from the Atlantic or the Baltic Sea.  All the best for you!  Happy Postcrossing.

380.  Russia
12 May 2016
Hello, my name is Mariya.  I'm 23 years old.  I live on  Russian Urals city of Perm.  My house is a cozy cottage on the banks of the Kama River.  I live with my husband and three cats.  I work as an accountant, but in spite of the routine work, I love to draw, play guitar, piano, singing, reading, and traveling. I would like to see a lot of countgries, to plunge into the traditions and culture of each, including USA!  Happy Postcrossing!

381.  Palekh Folk Painting, Russia
Hello Classy,
My name is Sveta, I'm from Moscow, Russia.  Have you ever heard about Palekh?  It's a style of Russian folk painting named by the same village.  Masters from there were well-known by their art of iconography, but after the revolution they had to look for other jobs so now Palekh painting is used on wooden lacquer boxes.
All the best!  Sveta.

382.  Guyana, South America Gold Jubilee
Warm wishes from Guyana.  W're excited that you're a part of our 50th Independence Anniversary.  Reflect, Celebrate & Inspire.  Happy Postcard Uniting from the People of Guyana.  H. G.

383.  Gulangyu Islet Amoy, CHINA
Hope you will like this postcard.  Best Wish!
From: YeYang, China

384.  Greetings from Catalina Island, California
June 4, 2016 - 95 degrees F
Hello Chris,
Greetings from California.  I spent 3 summers on beautiful Catalina Island.  Hook my wife over the holiday.  Beautiful weather and refreshing waters.  I wish you a very happy retirement.  Happy Postcrossing, Rene

385. Originaali:  Raija Nokkala "Kalaretki: FINLAND
Greetings from Finland!

386.  New York City
June 5th, 2016
Hello Chris!
Sunny greetings from NYC.   Wonder what island you live in in Maine.  I Love ME in the summer!  Also enjoy iced cold classic Coca Cola - preferably in glass bottle.
Best, Dorothy

387.  Norderney, Germany
Here comes greetings from the German North Sea coast.  We live close to the East Foisian island and always try to spend some sunny days on Norderney and Borkum Island.  Happy Postcrossing.

388.  Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Hello Chris!
Warm greetings from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands!  I'm sending you a staircase of books.  It looks like this picture is trying to say that reading books leads to ... adventure?  a beautiful life?  more knowledge?
I love to read books, unfortunately I don't have much time for reading anymore.  My favorite genres are fantasy, detective and historic novels.  Best wishes!  Franciska

389.  Libros - GERMANY
June 7, 2016 - a very sunny day in Darmstadt,Germany
Dear Chrisk, I hope this postcard meets you in a happy mood!  I live in a fairly big town, which has a lot of university students, many parks, and some pretty buildings.  The only thing that's missing is some water, a lake or a river for example.  I always like the smell and sound of it.  Love, Cindy

390  from the National Palace Museum - Taipei, TAIWAN
Greetings from Taiwan!  "Meat Shaped Stone" is the most famouse treasure in National Palace Museum.  Hope you like it.  Nancy

391.  The Capitol, Washington D. C.
Dear Chris,
I've lived in the Washington, DC area for 3 years now and it's finally growing one me (since last year).  I lvoe going out to the National Mall and looking at the monuments and memorials. at night.  Patricia Vu

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