Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Letterboxing

EVENT:  Get Your Kicks on Route 66 - June 4, 2016
I went to a large event just outside Washington, DC at Watkins Regional Park.
Found my 100th Letterbox there!

Found new boxes in Maine AND Pennsylvania.
I love doing this with Brendan and Ella.  And now, Laura's decided to try, and got Tristan a stamp, too.  She says he's most interested in stamping the Power Rangers, though.....

P2 F120 X61

New in June:
Traditional: 21 finds (now 120)
       1 new PLANT (Shel Silverstein Poet Tree at Bosler Library)
HH: none new, still 9F
Postals: 12 new finds (now 110)
        1 new plant (Pick a Few)
        1 new tracker created (Flower Garden)
LTCs: 1 new plant:  ANP on MDI for Hometown Postcards 2
     (now 3P and 28 F)
Personal Travelers:  14 Found at the Rte. 66 Event (now 54 found)
Event Boxes: 14 Found at the Rte 66 Event (now 34 found)

Carves:  1 new - Pick Me a Few for the Flower Garden Tracker
Repurposed:  Shel Silverstein Poetree became a traditional plant
                      Park Loop Road (favorite drives) became Hometown Postcards 2 LTC


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