Monday, June 13, 2016

Postcards about CEMETERIES

1227.  Kafka Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
Card sent from Washington, DC
H Chris!  I am Maureen and I work in Washington D.C.  I can't believe I don't have a jackalope card - I grew up in South Dakota, where they are big and have visited the town in WY where they supposedly began.  I am happy to send this card to you - I love Kafka and when last in Prague I visited his grave.  But this card isn't great and few people ask for gravestones, so I've had it awhile!

1196.  Erevelden in Indonesie
"Honor Fields in Indonesia"
sent from The Netherlands
My name is Marina.  I love walking and visiting cities in the Netherlands.  I also love to go to quiet places just to enjoy nature.  My husband has Parkinsons and cannot go with me.  I am very busy with photography.  Best Wishes,

1134.  Krakow, Poland

1110.  USA - Georgia
Hi Chris!  I hope you're well and you enjoy this card from the cemetery I volunteer at in Atlanta.  It's called Oakland - please look it up!  Misty

812.  Alberta, CANADA
"April and June dig up an old friend"

Happy 241st birthday to your awesome country!!  America doesn't look a day over 200, she's aging beautifully.  Canada turned 150 on July 1st, but that's not as impressive at 241.  Eat a hotdog and light some fireworks for me!

772.  China
Greeting from China.  Nice to meet you.  This is a postcard of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (cemetery).  Sun is the father of the country Hope you enjoy it.
NOTE:  Dr. Sun Yet-san (1866 - 1925) was the founding father and 1st president of the Republic of China..

696.  Russian Cemetery
Hello Chris!   My name is Maria.  My hobbies are breeding flowers, postcrossing, and travel with my husband.  I read that you collect postcards with cemeteries, and like Halloween!  I hope you enjoy the card and its design.  This postcard is from my collection from my grandmother and she's 32 years old! :) I wishy you all the best!

580.  Indonesia
Open air funerals in Tana Toraja, South Celebes
Hello Chris,
Greetings from Indonesia.  My name is Nisa and I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.  yesterday, we just celebrate our independence day.  This postcard shows you a "graveyard" in Toraja.  They have such a unique funeral ceremony.  If someone died, they will keep the body for sometime and one day, in the ceremony, the dead body will walk by his own to his graveyard.  They say it's magic.  I can't explain any logical explanation for this.  You can search "The Walking Corpses."  Have a nice day!  Nisa

521.  Pensacola, FLORIDA
(Card is from somewhere in the US)
Thank you for letting me send you this card.  I have been holding on to it for awhile waiting to send it tot he right person.  I love the irony in your last name.  I recently traveled through Arizona and got some good jackalope postcards.  Devin

503.  New Orleans, Louisiana
Hi Chris, My name is Kathy Lea and I live in Louisiana.  I like to travel, read, garden, and postcrossing.  I've never been up north, it is way too cold for me.  I love the tropical weather we have down here.  Hope you have a great day!

370.  Cimetiere Americain  - Normandy Landing Beaches, France  (card is from ROMANIA)
Normandy Landing Beaches, Colleville, Saint-Laurent-sur-mer (Calvados).  The American Cemetery - The memorial and the 9286 graves.
Hello and many greetings from N-W part of Romania.  My name is Duidiu and I love to travel.  This card is from my latest trip to France.  A nice one for your cemetery collection.  All the Best, Duidiu.

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