Monday, June 13, 2016

Postcards about BOOKS and READING

640. Cologne, Germany
Hello Chris!
Many greetings from Germany!  My name is Melanie.  I'm 43 years old and live together with my two children in Cologne, the 4th larges city of Germany.  In my free time I love reading, knitting, swimming, and writing postcards.
All the best to you!

618.  Stack of Books - Poland
Hi Chris,
I'm Ksenia and now I live in Kradow Poland, but originally I'm from Russia.  I like travelling and reading.  And I prefer paper books to electronic ones.  It is cool to take a new book :).
Hope you'll like the card.
Best wishes, Ksenia

607.  Floatings Town - Indonesia
Hi Chris...
Greetings from Indonesia.  I am Ayu.  I also really like reading so much.  But lately I just can't keep up, he he.  So I read the simple ones like Harlequin romance, he he.  have a great day!  Ayi Dai

596.   Oil Painting attributed to Vladimir Hodorovich, Belarus
(looked him up, can't find him on the internet)
Hello Chris!  I am 59 years old.  I was a teacher, now I am retired.  I like to read, to bake, to do gardening.  Let my little angels bring you only good news!

584.  Edmund Blair Leighton (1853 - 1922) Sweet Solitude
Received from Germany
Hello Chris,
My name is Marion, I'm 50 years old and live in a small village near Bonn.  This was the capital city of West Germany when Germany was divided.  The composer Beethoven was born in Bonn.  I work as a teacher and the director of a nursing school.  Have a good time!  Yours, Marion

577.  SWEDEN
Sept. 11, 2016 - A strange day...This day is in my thoughts both in your country, but also in mine.  2003 our minister, Anna Lindh, got murdered.  Both two historical sad memories for Sweden.  Taila

571.  Bremervorde, GERMANY
Hello Chris, i hope I chose a nice card for you?!  I love books and I hope I get so much books in my life.  My English is not the best.  Wish you all time the best, many greetings from Gabriele

537.  "have a Coke and a smile" 
Cologne, MN
(I looked this book up - I'd never heard of it, bad me... First published in 1945, it won an Edgar for best first novel in 1946 and is considered a "classic of crime fiction."  It's a 70-year-old mytery novel...looks like I'm going to have to at least research it more, if not attempt to find it and read it....)
Hi Chris!  My name is JOAN.  I'm writing from Cologne, MN.  I was going to get a box from a 12 pk of Diet Coke and cut it into a postcard but I'm not sure how soon I would get to the store.  Joan

527.  Peace for Paris
Hello Chris,
Many greetings from the north of Franc.  My name is Pascale.  I like arts and I practice creative hobbies.  Today is Sunday, a great and nice day!I'm going to the market to do some shopping before going on holiday in Morocco!  All the best,  Pascale

522.  The First meeting of Jane Eyre and Rochester by Thomas Davidson
Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth
Dear Chris,
Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland.  I hope you like my choice of postcard.  As a reader, I'm sure Jane Eyre is known to you.  Lovely story.  Edinburgh Book Festival is on at the mment, part of the yearly celebrations.  Best wishes, Pat

509.  Rayrinki, FINLAND
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Finland.  My name is Marika.  I live in a small village called Rayrinki and work at our organic farm.  I hope you like this card.

505. Chicago, Illinois
Mary Stevenson Cassatt (American, 1844 - 1926)
Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading, 1876
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hi Chris!  Congrats on your retirement, I hope you're loving it!  I love that you mentioned in your bio that you loave to drink ice-cold Diet Coke.  Thaq's my big vice as well!  Sometimes with a lemon in it if I'm feeling fancy.  I hope you like this postcard - Mary Cassatt is one of my favorite American painters.  Hope you're having a lovely summer!

500th Card!!!  RUSSIA
Hi Chris, My name is Olga.  I live in the ancient Russian city of Pskov.  I'm an engineer.  I really hope that you like this postcard.  Best wishes, Olga

496.  Girl Reading - Krasnodar, Russia
Hello, Chris!
My name is Natali.  I live in the city of Krasnodar, Russia.  I like reading books, to listen to goos music, and nature.  Ihope you enjoy this card.  with bet wishes!
504.  Russia
Hello!  My name is Alena.  I live in Russia, in a small village.  Our house is on the shore of the lake.  All the children spend the summer on the lake, swim and sunbathe.  Wish you a happy summer!

484.  "The Bookworm" Siberia, RUSSIA
Hello Chris!
My name is Valeriya.  I live in Small Siberian town Seversk.  I'm a visiting nurse in children's polyclinic.  I like my job although I gave too little free time.  I love to read too.  At present I prefer fantasy.  Maybe I'm so tired of real life problems that I would like fairy tales :)  But the most favourite book is "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.  One can read this book time after time and each time this book is perceived differently...warm greetings from cold Siberia!

478.  Old Books: Greetings from Latvia!
Hello Chris!  My name is Zanda.  I live in the Labvian capital Riga together with my 3 children and 4 hamsters.  My hobby is collect interesting candles and various things with angels.  In my collection is more than 500 variety of candles.  Zanda

476.  Bavaria, GERMANY
Hi Chris,
I'm Lotte, 25 years old and live in Bavaria which is a southern region of Germany.
Best Wishes

389.  Libros - GERMANY
June 7, 2016 - a very sunny day in Darmstadt,Germany
Dear Chrisk, I hope this postcard meets you in a happy mood!  I live in a fairly big town, which has a lot of university students, many parks, and some pretty buildings.  The only thing that's missing is some water, a lake or a river for example.  I always like the smell and sound of it.  Love, Cindy

388.  Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Hello Chris!
Warm greetings from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands!  I'm sending you a staircase of books.  It looks like this picture is trying to say that reading books leads to ... adventure?  a beautiful life?  more knowledge?
I love to read books, unfortunately I don't have much time for reading anymore.  My favorite genres are fantasy, detective and historic novels.  Best wishes!  Franciska

374.  Red Apple - Moscow, Russia
Hello!  I'm Kate.  I live in Moscow.  I love books and especially S. King.  I hope you enjoy this postcard and stamps.  Good luck and sunny day!  16.05.2016

357.  Germany
Hello Chris, my name is Petra and I live in the middle of Germany in a town called Friedberg (Hessen).  I live here with my 43 years old mother in our own house.  Last week I drive to Dresden, my mom wished to see the big church there.  All the best, Petra

335.  Northern Spain
Hello there, I tried to find a postcard from Malaio, a small town in Northern Spain where I live.  However, I wasn't successful, so [please accept this postcard of a studious girl instead.
Have a good day, Valentina

318.  Nighttime Reading
Greetings from Poland

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