Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Picture Books

I've been reading about lots of holiday book ideas - particularly thinking about "An Advent Calendar of Books." (which I found on Delightful Children's Books) I've always loved Christmas picture books, giving one to Laura on her December birthday for years and years, even as an adult (I think last year was the first year I didn't.  I wonder why?).  So I'm going to keep a list of the holiday books I've read, and try to read more!  Christmas.  Day of the Dead.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  Hanukkah (I do work at a Hebrew Day School, after all....).


Agee, Jon - Little Santa
Appelt, Kathi - Merry Christmas, Merry Crow
Bastianich, Lidia - Nonna Tell Me a Story
Daly, Niki - What's Cooking, Jamela?  
Donaldson, Julia - Stick Man
Donovan, Jane Monroe - Small Medium &  Large
Drummond, Ree - Charlie and the Christmas Kitty
Duvall, John The Great Spruce
Evans, LezlieFinding Christmas 
Frazee, Marla Santa Claus The World's Number One Toy Expert
Hardie, Jill - The Sparkle Box 
Lewis, J. Patrick & Beth Zappitello - First Dog's White House Christmas
Lin, GraceRobert's Snow 
Mader, C. Roger - Stowaway in a Sleigh
Major, KevinAunt Olga's Christmas Postcards
Sabuda, Robert - Winter in White
Shannon, David - It's Christmas, David!
Shulevtiz, Uri - Dusk
Smallman, Steve - Santa is Coming to Tucson
Stanton, Melissa - My Pen Pal, Santa
Strand, KeithGrandfather's Christmas Tree 
Toht, PatriciaPick a Pine Tree 
Underwood, Deborah Here Comes Santa Cat
Wilson, Karma - Bear Stays Up for Christmas


Aylesworth, Jim -  The Mitten
Burton, Virginia Lee - Katy and the Big Snow
Christiansen, Candace - The Mitten Tree
Donovan, Jane Monroe - Small Medium & Large
Gerber, Carol - Winter Trees
Hader, Berta & Elmer - The Big Snow
Harper, Lee - Snow! Snow! Snow!
Lin, GraceRobert's Snow (There's a bit about Santa here, but it's MUCH more about snow!)
MacLachlan, Patricia - Snowflakes Fall
Neubecker, Robert - Winter is For Snow
Pfeffer, WendyThe Shortest Day
Sabuda, Robert - Winter in White

Day of the Dead
Joose, Barbara - Ghost Wings
Luenn, Nancy - A Gift for Abuelita
Morales, Yuyi - Just in Case
Thong, Roseanne Greenfield Dia de Los Muertos
Winter, Jeanette - Calavera Abecedario


Brown, Calef - Hallowilloween
Collins, Ross - Dear Vampa
Gall, Chris - Substitute Creature
Moulton, Mark Kimball - The Very Best Pumpkin
Murray, Marjorie Dennis - Halloween Night
Pulver, Robin - Never Say Boo


daCosta, Deborah - Hanukkah Moon
Edwards, Michelle - Papa's Latkes
Jenkins, EmilyAll-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah 
Polacco, PatriciaTrees of the Dancing Goats, The
Rosen, MichaelOur Eight Nights of Hanukkah


Kirkfield, Vivian -  Pippa's Passover Plate
Newman, TracyAround the Passover Table
Portnoy, Minda Avra - A Tale of Two Seders
Rappaport, Doreen - The Secret Seder
Snyder, LaurelThe Longest Night: A Passover Story
Weber, Elka - A Yankee at the Seder
Ziefert, Harriet - Passover

General Information about Sukkot
Hyde, Heidi Smith - Shanghai Sukkah

Schur, Susan - Taschlich at Turtle Rock

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