Sunday, February 6, 2011

MOVIE - Tiny Furniture

Pathetic protagonist - did nothing for me
Released 11-12-10 (Limited)
unrated (1:38)
Saw 2/4/11 at the Loft with Sheila and Ronnie
RT: 75% cag: 39%
Director: Lena Dunham (also the writer and lead actress)

No one is likable in this boring, who-cares? story of a girl who comes home after graduating from college with no motivation and only a fell-sorry-for-herself attitude.

None of the characters is likable. I wanted to push the mother off the Brooklyn Bridge and shove the sister's head into a gas oven. The newly-befriended loser who sponges off her should have been shoved in front of a fast-moving taxi. Only her two friends, one whom she treats abominably, are at all likable.

This movie shows that people who worry about the young people who are tomorrow's leaders DO have something to worry about. Are we supposed to empathise with this girl? She's a loser, whiner, and totally pathetic. Crappy movie.

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