Friday, February 18, 2011

12. The Art of Mending - Elizabeth Berg

Audio read by Joyce Bean
Brilliance Audio, 2004
6 unabridged cds
6 hrs.
237 pgs.
Rating: 3.5 (I had my ups and downs with the protagonist)

Laura and her family travel to Minnesota to their annual family reunion/state fair trip. Her sister Caroline wants to talk to Laura and their brother Steve alone. Always strange - weird, even - Caroline opens up about issues with her mother from when she was a child. Neither Steve or Laura believe her, Steve is actually disgusted with her. Then their father died, the only person other than their mother who might know the actual truth. Laura watches, thinks, questions, and even has her mother come stay with them. Reality shifts and changes upon close examinations, of course. Interesting. But none of the characters was particularly likeable. Maybe it was the mood I was in. I enjoy Elizabeth Berg immensely, but this one didn't hit home at all for me.

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