Tuesday, February 22, 2011

13. No Time for Goodbye - Linwood Barclay

an adult "thriller"
Bantam Books, 2007
pap $7.99
470 pgs.
Rating: 3.5 (it was good, but I figured out what happened in the first third of the book)

Cynthia Bigge wakes up one morning when she's 14 and both her parents and her brother are gone. No trace. No cars. No clues. A total and complete unknown.

Cynthia is raised by her mother's sister, Tess. And 25 years later she's married to a great guy, Terry Archer, who she met in college. The story is told by him, in the first person, and takes place now. A TV special has been made about the disappearance and then weird things start happening. Break-ins where nothing is stolen, but her father's hat is left on the kitchen table. Phone calls and emails with mysterious messages. And still so many unanswered questions. So a private detective is hired. And the story slowly unfolds. It's a pretty decent story, and the husband/protagonist is a pretty decent guy. An English teacher, so of course he is...

And yes, I'd read another by this author. I want to see if all his writing is as predictable as this one seemed to me. Even so, I did enjoy it....

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