Saturday, January 2, 2010

MOVIE - Sabah, A Love Story

Delightful - my kind of movie
Released 2005, Canadian Indie
NR (1:30)
RT: Not Rated cag: 88%
Director: Ruba Nabba

A wonderful, heart-warming movie about an Arab-Canadian family that is learning that to hang on to their Muslim culture does not mean that they have to abandon the life and norms that they've found in Canada. Sabah, a 40-year old unmarried daughter stays home and "takes care" of her mother. Her sister, no husband that we see, is raising an 18-year old daughter that wants to CHOOSE her husband, not be set up with one by her family. Her brother is the "boss" since her father died many years before. His marriage (which, coincidentally, is one of love and not match-making) looks rocky.

And then Sabah meets Stephen, a Canadian furniture-maker, a really decent, good-looking guy. Slowly she lets her guard down enough to talk to him, and they discover they really enjoy each other. It's a wonderful, real, slow-moving courtship, which it would be in reality, which makes it totally believable. You hope against hope that all will work out for these seemingly star-crossed lovers, but good sense and good humor make this work work work. I really enjoyed it - a lot. (And yes, it had a wonderful, feel-good, giggle-out-loud-with-relief ending.....)

The Canadian actor who played Stephen, Shawn Doyle, was wonderful - and adorable. It looks like he's been a somewhat-regular on HBO's Big Love.

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