Monday, August 26, 2019

81. The Ghost Manuscript by Kris Frieswick

Listened to Audible (Chirp)
read by Carrington MacDuffie
Unabridged audio (13:32)
2019 Post Hill Press
432 pgs.
Adult Mystery/Thriller with Fantastic aspects
Finished 8/26/2019
Goodreads rating:  3.83 - 117 ratings
My rating: 2.5
Setting:  contemporary Boston, Ma PLUS

First line/s:  (from preface) "The fear pierced Carys Jones's abdomen, and every other sensation she'd been feeling was consumed."  (from Ch. 1) "The sight of the envelope on Carys's desk set her left eyelid twitching."

My comments:  What an unrewarding ending.  All that buildup and then...blah.  Not enough resolution.  Lots of improbabilities.  The most disappointing for me was the reader - she read flawlessly, it wasn't that.  Her voice iss what put me off, it was too old and mannish, not suited for the character.  And of all the Bostonians depicted in the story, she only gave one a (BAD!!!) New England accent.  The two men from Wales had not even the slightest Welsh accent.  I've heard so many readers that can pull off accents,, whoever chose this reader didn't choose the right one, not even close.  That can make or break storytelling, and it certainly didn't make it for me.  So many thwarted possibilities,, what a bummer.

Goodreads synopsis:  Rare book authenticator Carys Jones wanted nothing more than to be left alone to pursue her obsession with ancient manuscripts. But when her biggest client is committed to an asylum, he gives Carys an offer she cannot refuse. In exchange for his entire library of priceless, Dark Age manuscripts, Carys must track the clues hidden in a previously unknown journal, clues that lead to a tomb that could rewrite the history of Western civilization.
          But there are people who would do anything to stop Carys from finding what she seeks—for reasons both noble and evil. The hunt takes Carys to places she never thought she’d go, physically and emotionally; first to Wales, her estranged father’s homeland, then to bed with Dafydd, a mysterious Welshman who agrees to help her with the search, and finally, deep inside her own psyche, when the monk who wrote the journal 1,500 years ago appears and assists her in her search.

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