Saturday, June 1, 2019

What's on Chirp

Chirp:  "New Deals on Audiobooks Every Day"

Waiting to read:

All Systems Red (Wells) (3:17)
An Heir to Thorns & Steel (Hogarth) Scholar w/chronic pain finds he's an elf (12:58)
Brain on Fire (Memoir) (Cahalen) (7:48)
Curiosity, The (Kiernan) Man thawed after 100 yrs in Arctic ice (15:38)
Dangerous in a Kilt (Durand)
The Diviners (Bray) (18:12)
Dovekeepers, The (Hoffman) (19:01)
Downstairs Girl (Bowling) YA (10:22)
The Familiars (Halls) (9:44)
Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus (Bowling) Mid/YA? (5:27)
The Library of Lost and Found (Phaedra Patrick) (10:29)
Life We Bury (Eskers) (8:24)
Little Comfort (Hill) (10:34)
Many-Colored Land, The (May) (16:00)
Northanger Abbey (Austen) (8:23)
Playing with Temptation (Wilde) (7:06)
Stillborn Armadillos (Russell) (8:18)

Crappy/Can't Get Into/Abandoned
Shaker Murders, The (Kuhns) (9:21) 2019

Angels Burning (O'Dell)  (5)
Barbarian Prince- this was horrible, didn't finish, purchased in error...
Beyond the Night.
Blonde Hair Blue Eyes (Slaughter) prequel to Pretty Girls (4)
Bookshop on the Corner, The (Colgan) (9:13)
Borrowing of Bones, A (Munier) (11;58) (3.5)
Darkling Bride, The (Laura Anderson) (12:02)
Driven to Distraction (Foster) Steamy also on Kindle
Ghost Manuscript, The (Frieswick) AdMyst (2.5)
Hot as Puck (Valente) (6:39)
Hush Hush (Fitzpatrick) YA Fant (3)
Ice Planet Barbarians (Dixon) SciFiSteamy
Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating (Christina Lauren) (7:16)
Lessons from a One-Night Stand (Rayne) (3.5) Steam 2/4)
Line Between, The
Maneuver (Bliss) AdRom (1)
Once Gone (#1 Riley Paige) (Pierce) (7:34)
Open Season (Howard) Ad Rom/Myst (4)
Paradise Awakening (Burton) horrible!
Places No One Knows (Yovanoff)
Running from a Rock Star (Albright)
Sacrificed to the Dragon (Donovan) (6:30)
The Shunning (Lewis) AmishFict (1)
Starters (Price) YA Dystopia (4)
Steadfast (Davies) (5:43) Ad Steamy Romance (2.5)
The Substitution Order  (Clark) Mystery/Thriller  5
Take Me (Bella Andre) Steamy
Tamed by the Beast (Goodwin) Interstellar Brides (5:28)
There's Something About Sweetie (Menon) 2.5
Throttle Me  (Bliss) (8:19)
The Wish (Davids)
Worked Up (Bailey) 2
The Year of Saying Yes (Doyle) (12:02)

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