Saturday, October 1, 2016

Postcards with Bikes...etc.

753.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Beste Chris, greetings from town Heemsliesh, a village close to the beach and 30 km to Amsterdam.  I work in Amsterdam in a laboratory.  In the labe we are analyzing medicines and drugs in blood and urine.  I'm 45 years old and like to read, hike, geocache and travel. Our next holiday will go to Austria and Slovenia.  Ee hele fiyne dag. Marielle

614.  Greetings from Holland
with love...

554.  Ipoh, Malaysia
The building in Concubine Lane were constructed in 1908
Hello Chris,
Greetings from Malaysia.  I hope you are in the best of health.  Today is our country 59th Independence Day.  I wish you all the best and happy postcard writing.  Regards, Juita

514.  The Netherlands
Hello, Although not a postbox, this card shows the post (wo)man.  In the Netherlands he often comes by bike.  I live in Apolder, about 5 meters below Scalevd, on the former seabord (hard to read the writing).  My birthday is also on 30th of April.
Happy postcrossing and best wishes, Koen

475.  Groeten uit Holland (Greetings from Holland)
Hi Chris!  It's my bike!  Typical for Holland.  I like knitting too.  Where I live is a small village, it has 2000 residents.  Heb het goed = All the best!

389.  Libros - GERMANY
June 7, 2016 - a very sunny day in Darmstadt,Germany
Dear Chrisk, I hope this postcard meets you in a happy mood!  I live in a fairly big town, which has a lot of university students, many parks, and some pretty buildings.  The only thing that's missing is some water, a lake or a river for example.  I always like the smell and sound of it.  Love, Cindy

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