Monday, October 24, 2016

Postcards Received Monday, 10/24/16

623.  Los Angeles, California
Hello Chris, Greetings from Los Angeles!  I live in Los Angeles, but I moved from Hawaii.  Living in different of new place is kind of challenging but we can experience so many things.  Best wishes for your moving!
Happy Postcard-Uniting!  Lynn

624.  Greetings from Malaysia
Hello, my name is REgine and my nickname is green tea.  As I love to drink green tea very much since I was 13 during secondary school.  I am now 21, studying graphic design courses in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.  I've just finished my internship program in holiday tours ! ! ! ! !

625.  Florida
Hi Chris,
I thought it was funny when I got your name to send to.  I read the things you like and I could be reading about myself.  Then I see your birthday and nearly fell off my chair.  LOL.  It's the same as mine.
Happy Postcrossing!  Alda

I then sent her this message:
Hi Alda, I loved receiving your card....I love that we have the same birthday! Would you send me your mailing information so that I can send you a card? I'm dying to know where in Florida you live...when I lived in Maine we used to drive down on February vacations....
My very best, 

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