Saturday, October 1, 2016

Postcards Received Thursday 9/29 through Saturday 10/1/16

571.  Bremervorde, GERMANY
Hello Chris, i hope I chose a nice card for you?!  I love books and I hope I get so much books in my life.  My English is not the best.  Wish you all time the best, many greetings from Gabriele

572.  Journey through BORNEO (Malaysia)
Borneo is 73% Indonesia, 26% Malaysia (in the north) and 1% Brunei (northern coast)
Dear Chris,  Greetings from Kota Kinabulu, Sabah (Borneo) Malaysia!  I hope you'll like this map postcard and maybe get to put a "check" in the boxes someday.  I'm also a teacher - teaching English to young adults at a local college.  I used to teach secondary students in Thailand a few years back.  I hope you are enjoying your retirement and get to do more of the things you enjoy doing.  Have you been to this part of the world before?  I think you will like it especially if you like nature and the outdoors.  We have sunshine the hwole year round!  Wll, with some rainy days too.  here's wishing you a good day ahead! 
Warm regards, Louise

573.  Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand
card sent from BORNEO (like the above....two in one day?  CRAZY!)
Salam/Hello.  My nam's Wildan.  I come from Bontang, East Borneo.  My city is quite small with its rainforest and black orchids conservation house.  I wish you all good.  Wildan

574.  Sorrento Back Beach, AUSTRALIA
Hooray - spring is here at last - the winter has been long and brutal (yes, it does get cold here too, it even snows).  I love comaping and can't wait to hook the trailer up to my bicycle and head of into the bush!
Cheers, Peta
Later, received the following:
Hiya, Back Beach is on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, beautiful region in this diverse state, which also has alpine regions with snow fields in winter.

575.  Finland
Hello I'm Mila.  I have a lot of animals.  I'm 8 years old.  Do you have any animals?  Happy Postcrossing, Mila

576.  Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Dear Chris!  I'm from Saint Petersburg, Russia.  This card represents our summer.  For about two summer months we don't have real dark night.  A lot of cats live in our courts.  All neighbours love them and feed regularly.  My best wishes!  A

577.  SWEDEN
“Bookbinding of Christoffer Schneidler (1721-1787), Stockholm, Sweden. The book: F.Kahl "Christliche Betrachtugen"”
Sept. 11, 2016 - A strange day...This day is in my thoughts both in your country, but also in mine.  2003 our minister, Anna Lindh, got murdered.  Both two historical sad memories for Sweden.  Taila

578.  China
Hi.  My English name is Carrie.  I'm come from China.
I started to send postcards last year, but I don't send when I go to school.  Because I have no time to do that.  Your are my first people to sent on PU.  It's my first time to play.  This month I play PC and I had sent 4 postcards but now no on had receive.  hve a good time!!  Carrie

579.  BELGIUM (Postcard is Russian)
Bounjor!  I just finished my first week at university.  I was pretty tired but I'm happy to be back at school.  I missed it a little bit.  Hope you have a good day.  Greetings from Belgium, Solange

580.  Indonesia
Open air funerals in Tana Toraja, South Celebes
Hello Chris,
Greetings from Indonesia.  My name is Nisa and I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.  yesterday, we just celebrate our independence day.  This postcard shows you a "graveyard" in Toraja.  They have such a unique funeral ceremony.  If someone died, they will keep the body for sometime and one day, in the ceremony, the dead body will walk by his own to his graveyard.  They say it's magic.  I can't explain any logical explanation for this.  You can search "The Walking Corpses."  Have a nice day!  Nisa

581.  Greetings from Czech Republic - Pozrdravz
Hello, my name is Michala.  I'm 32 y.o. I married and I have 2 children (girl & boy).  Happy post carding.  Michala

582. Shanghai CHINA
Hello!  nice to meet you!  I'm from China.  Shanghai is a very big and modern city in China.  This card was designed by myself.  Hope you like it!

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