Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2017 Oscar Buzz

I figure it's time to check out what the bigshots are saying about the academy award possibilities for 2017.  I checked a couple of websites (Business Insider,  Awards Circuit, and came up with the following list of movies to see:

20th Century Women (12/21 Comedy/Drama with Annette Bening and Elle Fanning)
Allied (11/23 WWII Spy flick with Brad Pitt)
Arrival (11/11 SciFi with Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner)
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (11/11 Drama - Iraq includes Kristen Stewart)
Birth of a Nation (10/7 HistFict abt. Nat Turner/Rebellion)
Elle (11/11) French (For. Language) (rape and revenge)
Fences (12/25 1950's race relations with Denzel Washington)
Florence Foster Jenkins
The Founder (1/20/17 - biopic of Ray Kroc, McD founder - Michael Keaton & Laura Dern)
The Girl on the Train (10/7)
Gold (12/25 Pursuit of big gold find with Matthew McConaughey)
Hacksaw Ridge (11/4 HistFict biopic WWII Cons. Obj. with Andrew Garfield)
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures (12/25 African American female NASA scientists)
Jackie  (12/9 Through the eyes of Jackie Kennedy with Natalie Portman)
La La Land (12/16 with Ryan Gossling & Emma Stone)
Lion (11/25 Young Indian boy gets lost in Calcutta with Dev Patel)
Live by Night (1/13/17 Dennis LeHane dir & acted by Ben Affleck)
Loving (11/4 HidtFict 1950s B&W forbidden marriage)
Manchester by the Sea (11/18 Uncle becomes reluctant guardian with Casey Affleck)
Miss Sloane (12/9 brilliant lobbyist with Jessica Chastain)
Moonlight (10/21 black man grappling with sexuality issues)
Nocturnal Animals  (12/9 2 stories in 1 - a manuscript and its receiver with Jake Gyllenhal and Amy Adams)
Passengers (12/21 SciFi Space travelers awaken early with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence)
Patriots Day (12/21 2015 Boston Marathon bombing with Mark Wahlberg)
Rules Don't Apply (11/23 1958 young girl & Howard Hughes with Warren Beatty)
Silence (11/1 17th Cent Jesuit priests with Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield - Scorsese)

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