Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Postcards Received Tues, October 18, 2016

607.  Floatings Town - Indonesia
Hi Chris...
Greetings from Indonesia.  I am Ayu.  I also really like reading so much.  But lately I just can't keep up, he he.  So I read the simple ones like Harlequin romance, he he.  have a great day!  Ayi Dai

608.  Living the Life in Catania, ITALY
Ciao, Chris!  Lovely greetings from Sicily.  Wish you a good day!

609.  Essen, Germany
Cartoon von Michael Holtschulte
Dear Chris,
You like funny cards.  This one means a song: 
 The boy: "Advent, advent, the school is burning."
The father:  "How touching."
Hopy you smile about it!  Greets from Essen, big town in Germany.
Yours, Steffi

610. San Francisco, CA
Q: What do you say about a horrible mummy joke?

611.  Balk, Holland,
Hi Chris!
I'm from Holland.  I lived in a small village, Balk, which you can see on the card.  Very beautiful with a lot of water.  Now, I live in Leeuwarden for my study in International Business and Languages.  I wish you all the best in Pennsylvania.  Simone

612.  Berlin, GERMANY
Hello, my name is Rachel.  I am 11 years old.  My hobbies are dancing, playing the guitgar, listening to music, watching films, & reading.  On the postcard you see the Obe-baumbrucke.  Berlin is a great city.  I go to Freii Schule am Mauerpark.  This is a nice school.  Have a nice day.  Goodbye.  Rachel

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