Friday, October 7, 2016

My Jackalope Postcard Collection

1180.  Official Jackalope License from FLORIDA
Warm greetings!  My name is Hank.  I am a husband, a father and a grandfather.  My four grandchildren are very special to me!

827.  Texas Jackalope
Hello Chris!  I live in a small city of Beaumont, not far from the Louisiana border.  I'm a cat lover.  I also enjoy long walks in the park and gardening.

756.  Dessau, GERMANY
Translation:  Wanna-be master hunter
Hello Chris, my name is Hannelore.  I am married, retired, and grandma with a big garden and a great lovely sheep dog.  I think and hope you like this card.  All the best for you!

736. Wyoming
A native of Wyoming, the Jackalope has never been captured alive.  It can only be hunted on June 31st between sunrise and sunset.  It mimics noises, especially the human voice and runs at lightning speed, therefore, the Jackalope is seldom seen.  Some folks drink Jackalope milk to cure eccentricities.  Best time to milk a Jackalope is after midnight as it sleeps i=on its back, belling shining in the moonlight.
 I hope this is a good addition to your collection

617.  Where the Jackalope Roam! 
Much like the stories of Sasquatch sightings, legends of the elusive Jackalope continue to haunt Western lore even in modern times.
Hello Chris,
     Greetings from central Minnesota.  I picked up this card last fall when we visited Mt. Rushmore.  I have lived in Pittsburgh and Tucson.  I would move bacdk to Tucson in a heartbeat!  Parts of Pennsylvania are beautiful though.
Best wishes, Jane
589.  Flying Jackalope of the South Dakota Badlands
sent from Portland, Oregon
One of the world's rarest and most unusual animals, The Flying Jackalope is most frequently found in South Dakota's Badlands near Wall.  It is extremely shy and capable of blinding speed to escape detection.  Because of its evasive nature it has no been considered on of the "endangered species" despite it rarity.  This prize photo was taken with a telephoto lens a short way east of Wall.
I had to uninstall Pokemon Go on my phone.  I was convinced I would kill myself or someone...with my car.  I noticed I was playing at red lights...then playing in stalled traffic.  Buyt it wasn't until I asked myself while driving across a bridge, "I wonder if there are water pokemon here?"  I did not check because I imagined myself driving off the bridge.  Of course I would not die, but I would have had to explain how it happened.  I delted the game when I got home.  -TM

570.  Riding High in Idaho
Hello!  This was as close as I had of a jackalope.  Been going back & forth for soccer games today.  Two of my kids play.  Hope you like PA!  It's beautiful in the fall!  Bonnie

495. HAND DRAWN CARD!!!  Praha, Ceska Replublika
Hello Chris,
Your post was first time I heard about jackalopes.  Buyt I find tghem terribly cute.
Wish you a great summer,

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