Saturday, October 22, 2016

Postcards Received Saturday, 10/22/16

621.  Wuzhen, CHINA
Lang Peng, by beauty for passers - by to provide a shelter from the rain, a good place to rest
Hello Reader Chris,
My name is Summer, and I live in Foshan, the city famous for Kung Fu.  I am a college student majoring in tourism management, and I like travelling around.  Last month, I had a trip in Szchuan.
Best wishes!

622.  Taiwanese Student in Germany
Hello Chris,
I am Anny from Taiwan but now being an exchange student in Germany.  I hve been to the USA several times!  I love the people there and especially when I visited the "Badlands," with their cute groundhogs and also beautiful scenery!
     Now I am in Germany and can't wait to explore the beauty and culture here!!  Hope this postcard finds you well.  Happy Day!

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