Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Christmas Hexie Table Runner - The FIRST!

I'm going to surround Christmas hexies in black, so they'll pop.  And I think I'm going to loosely base it on this:
As of today I have 35 flowers sewn together and ready to go.  Some of these have been swaps from my friends from Hexies and More.
And I just started on my black hexies, I basted 18 of them last night.  So, as of today, January 1st, I'm ready to start putting this together!
Let's watch it grow!

1/1/2020 first set of two hexies, looks good!
1/2/2020 Day two of sewing this lap quilt together:
1/3/2020  A couple more hours sewing black hexies....slowly but's starting to look interesting....
1/6/2020  Got a little more done today and yesterday...
1/7/2019  Snowing tonight.  First snow of the year, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  Got a bit more stitching done.  It's growing! (The flower that looks pink isn't - it's thin red on white stripes.)
I went on a hiatus for a couple of months, but have picked this up a couple of days ago, about a week into the coronavirus quarantine. 
     I'm up to 16 flowers, and wondering how long to make it.....
3/28/20  Finished the top!  Now to figure out how to quilt and finish it as a table runner!
All quilted, faced, and finished, front and back:

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