Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What's Up Next?

Angie Pallorino (Loreth Ann White) (police proc. in Victoria, BC)  #2 The Lullaby Girl 
Archie Lean, Portland Maine 1892 (Kieran Shields) #1 The Truth of All Things KINDLE
(Chief Inspector) Armand Gamache/Three Pines, Quebec (Louise Penny) #3 The Cruelest Month AVAILABLE eBk & eAudio through TPPL
Beth Sturgis & Jack Kale (Robert Daniels) #2 Wake the Devil
Betty Rhyzyk, Dallas Narcotics #2 The Kiln coming Spring 2019
Carter Ross (Brad Parks) #3 The Girl Next Door
Casey Duncan - Rockton (Kelley Armstrong) Caught Up #7 next coming 2022 The Deepest of Secrets
Cormoran Strike (Robert Galbraith) caught up - next one out is #6 (nothing up 7/2021)
Cork O'Connor (William Kent Krueger) #3 Purgatory Ridge
Cyril Landry (J. Carson Black) up-to-date as of July 2021, nothing showing up
Cyrus Haven (Michael Robotham) possibly no more: read #1 &2
Dave Gurney (John Verdon) #6 White River Burning AUDIBLE and #7 On Harrow Hill
David Mapstone, Phoenix (Jon Talton) #2 Camelback Falls KINDLE
Decker & Lazarus (Kellerman) #19 Hangman KINDLE
Decker & Lazarus (Kellerman) #1 The Ritual Bath KINDLE
Elise Sandburg (Anne Frasier) #2.5 Sincerely Dead (only 8 pgs.) #3 Pretty Dead
Elizabeth Harris/Lancaster Police Detective (Caught up, waiting for #3) still no #3 July 2021
Ellie Hatcher/NYC cop (Alafair Burke) #3 212 (This IS correct - 212)
(Det.) Erika Foster (Robert Bryndza) #2 The Night Stalker
(Iceland Inspector) Erlendur (Arnaldur Indridason) #3 (first translation to English) Jar City AUDIBLE & KINDLE
Garrison Gage (Carter) #6 Bury the Dead in Driftwood (out 8/11/19)
Genevieve Lenard (Estelle Ryan) #1 The Gauguin Collection - also have 2 & 3 KINDLE
Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly) #13 The Overlook CD
Jack Reacher (Lee Child) #19 Personal AUDIBLE
Jack Reacher (Lee Child) #17 Wanted Man AUDIBLE
Jane Whitefield (Thomas Perry) #8 A String of Beads KINDLE
Jessica Blackwood (FBI, computers, & cemeteries) (Andrew Mayne)  #3 Black Fall
Jessica Shaw (on-the-road PI) #2 Bad Memory
Joe Burgess, Portland ME cop (Kate Flora) #2 The Angel of Knowlton Park KINDLE
Joe Pickett (C. J. Box) #2 Savage Run (avail. thru RBDigital at TPPL)
Joe Plantaganet (Kate Ellis) #2 Playing with Bones
(Det.) John Barnes (Scott Holliday) No #3 yet as of 7/2021
(Det.) John Byron Portland PD (Bruce Robert Coffin) #2 Beneath the Depths (2017)
Josie Quinn, Denton PA Cop #2 The Girl With No Name- don't listen to audio if read by Eildih Beaton
Jude Fontaine (Anne Frasier) all caught up - no more in the series thus far (7/21)
Kate Burkholder (Linda Castillo) #13 Fallen (7/6/21)
(Inspector) Kari Vaara (James Thompson) #3 Helsinki Winter
Kevin Kerney (Michael McGarrity) #4 Hermit's Peak
Kick Lannigan (Chelsea Cain) #2 Kick Back
(Det.) Kim Stone (Angela Marsons) #4 Play Dead
Kinsey Milhone (Sue Grafton) #23 W is for Wasted
Laura Cardinal (J. Carson Black) #5 Ladies Man (Kindle Unlimited)
Laura Winslow (David Cole (Dragonfly Bones) have bk
Lena Jones (Betty Webb) #5 Desert Cut
(Det.) Lottie Parker #2 (Gibney) The Stolen Girls
Lucas Davenport (John Sandford) #2 Shadow Prey AUDIBLE
Mercy Kilpatrick (Kendra Elliot) #3 A Merciful Secret
Michael Kelly (Brian Christopher Shea) #2 Bleeding Blue coming 2/20 Kindle only...
Mike Bowditch (Paul Doiron)  #12 Dead by Dawn
Mike McCabe & Maggie Savage (James Hayman) all caught up - #7 next
Nadia Tesla (Orest Stelmach) #1 The Boy from Reactor 4  KINDLE
Naomi Cottle (Renee Denfeld) Child Finder, #2 The Butterfly Girl
(D. I.) Nikki Galena (Joy Ellis) #2 Shadow Over the Fens
Rebekah Roberts NYC Journalist (Julia Dahl) all caught up, #4 next
Renee Ballard/LA cop (Michael Connelly) #4 11//9/2021 The Dark Hours
Riley Paige/FBI (Blake Pierce) #2 Once Taken
Ruth Galloway (Elly Griffiths) #6 The Outcast Dead
(Det.) Sam Porter/4MK (J. D. Barker) caught up through #3 (no more as of 7/21)
(Sheriff) Serenity Adams (Indiana Amish Cntry) #2 Whispers from the Dead
Solomon Creed, Redemption, AZ (Simon Toyne) #1 The Searcher KINDLE
(Dr.) Theo Cray, biologist (Andrew Mayne) all caught up as of 7/2021
Veronica Stillwell, 1887 feminist mystery-solver (Raybourn) #2 A Perilous Undertaking is next
Virgil Flowers, MN Investigator (John Sandford) All caught up through #12...
Walt Longmire (Craig Johnson) #1 The Cold Dish AUDIBLE

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