Thursday, June 3, 2010

42. Punished! - David Lubar

For: Middle Grades (4-6)
Darby Creek Publishing, 2006
96 pgs.
Rating: 4

David Lubar is a kick. Try reading his blog without laughing. Sleeping Freshman Never Lie is still one of my favorites. And this not-too-lengthy story is fun and a perfect read-aloud for my fourth grade class. I shall begin the year with this! (And I've got to admit, the cover illustrations is a hoot, too!)

Logan tells this story about himself and his plight. One day he is a little too rude in the library, and an interesting gentleman puts a spell/charm/jinx/hex on him as PUNishment. Well, the kids can't say more than three words after that without including a pun. He just can't. So he discovers the steps he needs to take to rid himself of this charm. Those steps include upclose and personal dealings with oxymorons, anagrams, and palindromes. Right up my alley! Loved it. What a blast reading this aloud to the class, having them partake in a few wordplay challenges (let's include alliteration, similes, personification, onomotapoeia....) Terrific fun!

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Charlotte said...

This sounds like one that my oldest might like lots--I shall look for it! Thanks.