Monday, April 20, 2009

Wangari's Trees of Peace - Jeanette Winter

Rating: 5

Jeanette Winter''s recognizable artwork, framed by her signature rich color to the edge of tghe page is in itself a great reason to read this book. But the story --- and the way she tells it --- are both rich in language and information.

When Wangari returns from six years of schooling in America, she realizes that a huge amount of Kenya's trees have been cut down. She starts by planting and nurturing nine seedlings. And then she begins to give them away to the village women to grow, care for, and protect. "The women spread out over their village, planting tiny trees in long rows, like a green belt stretching over the land." She protects old growth threes and is even arrested. But she does not give up. "The umbrella of trees returns."

Read the text.

Excellent author's note. Wangari won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize and is now a member of the Kenyan Parliament! Wonderful storytelling. 

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