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Short Stories and Short Story Writers

Short Stories

Not my strong suit...
Adiche, Chimamanda Ngoi
     "Cell One" a short story from The Thing Around Your Neck, 2013, first story in the collection

Castillo, Linda
    "Long Lost" - a 52-page short story about Kate Burkholder that is considered #4.5 in the series (a short story that comes between the 4th and 5th books in the series.
     "A Hidden Secret" - a 74-page short story in the Kate Burkholder series.
     "Seeds of Deception" - a 74-page ebook that I listened to on Audio, about Kate and her mischievous best friend Maddie when they were 14 years old.
       "Only the Lucky" - a 56-page ebook that was not too bad, and no on died (at least I ca't remember that they did....)

Child, Lee
     Small Wars - a 44-page short story about Jack Reacher that includes his brother Joes, set in 1989, considered #19.5 in the series.

Doiron, Paul
    The Imposter - a 60-page short story that takes place back at the very beginning of Mike's career, when someone stole his game warden identity. #10.5 (2020)
    Backtrack - an eBook of 21 pages about Charley Stevens as a 28-year-old warden finding a doctor missing in the Maine woods. #9.5 (2019)\
    Rabid - a 50-page short story about Charley and Aura Stevens' interaction with a Vietnam vet and his wife,  #8.5 (2018)
    The Bear Trap - a 20-page eBook about Charley Stevens finding and capturing a notorious hermit named "Sweet Tooth" who had been stealing in the Maine woods for 19 years. #4.5 (2014)

Flora, Kate
     Girls' Night Out  - an eBook of 32 pages by an author who writes longer fiction: police pocedurals

Hoffman, Alice
     The Bookstore Sisters - Kindle Audio short story of 36 pages set on the Maine coast (2022)

McNally, John
     "Return Policy" -  the first story in the collection The Ghosts of Chicago (2008)

Munro, Alice
     "Deep Holes" - a short story from her 2009 collection Too Much Happiness
     "Dimensions" - a short story from her 2009 collection Too Much Happiness
     "Fiction" - a short story from her 2009 collection Too Much Happiness
     "Runaway" - a 45-page short story in the collection Runaway (2005)
     "Wenlock Edge" - a short story from her 2009 collection Too Much Happiness

Oates, Joyce Carol
     "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" (1966) Best American Short stories, 1967

Sanow, Anne
     "Pioneer" - a short story from Triple Time, 2009

Tan, Shaun
     Tales from Outer Suburbia (2009) is a collection of 15 weirdly bizarre short stories written for tweens

Waldman, Ayelet
     "At the Water's Edge" - a very, very short story - for kids, though it's quite spooky - from Half-Minute Horrors edited by Susan Rich.

Short Story & Essay Collections Read or Partially Read

Ghosts of Chicago (John McNally)
      read "Return Policy" and liked it a lot
Knitting Yarns (edited by Ann Hood)
     read and reported on FOUR essays - Ann Hood, Elizabeth Berg, Lan Samantha Chang, and Andre Dubus III
Runaway (Alice Munro)
     read the title story - wow!
Tales from Outer Suburbia (Shaun Tan)
     see above
Too Much Happiness (Alice Munro)
     listened to the first four stories.  great stuff.
Triple Time (Anne Sanow)
     read the first story - would like to read more at a later date

Other writers to try:
Adichie, Chimanmanda Ngozi - I have The Thing Around Your Neck
Antepol, Molly - I have The Un-Americans
Bender, Aimee - I have The Girl in the Flammable Skirt
Carver, Raymond
Diaz, Junot
Doyle, Brian - I have Bin Laden's Bald Spott & Other Stories
Eisenburg, Deborah - I have Twilight of the Superheroes
Gaiman, Neil
Hempel, Amy
Hill, Joe
Joyce, James - I have Dubliners
King, Stephen
Lahiri, Jhumpa - I have Interpreter of Maladies
Lee, Rebecca - I have Bobcat and Other Stories
Mason, Bobbie Ann - I have Zigzagging Down a Wild Trail
Moore, Lorrie - I have Birds of America
Munro, Alice (lover her work) - I have Runaway and Dear Life
Saunders, George
Sedaris, David - I have Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
Welty, Eudora - I have Selected Stories of Eudora Welty

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Many older short stories are available in full at

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