Sunday, January 26, 2014

5. Mason Dixon Knitting - Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne

The Curious Knitter's Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions Questions, Answers, Jokes and Pictures
(Created for Knitters everywhere who share the give 'em hell spirit of just picking up the needles and making stuff) - Now who can resist THAT?

This is #2 in a series - the second is called Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
(read on my phone through Kindle) (audio read by…)
2006 Potter Craft (Random House) $22.99
158 pgs.
Written for anyone who has even a little inkling about knitting for wanting to...
Finished for the second time on 1/25/2014 - and scanned frequently
Genre: NonFiction: Knitting/Handwork
Goodreads Rating: 3.97
My Rating: 5/Love this book
Acquired years ago at Tucson Yarn Co.

My comments on Goodreads:  I love this book.  It's the second time I've read it.  It's inspiring, clever, fun and gets my creative juices soaring!  It's time for me to start a log cabin afghan.  Yup, gonna go pick out the yarn and needles right now.....

I've probably made over 100 sets of dish cloths and "scrubbies" over the past year.  Those dish cloths were inspired by my first reading of this book a couple of years ago.  It's got great patterns, true.  But the insight and information (including about knitting for charity) is extremely extra-enjoyable.

Goodreads Review:  Mason-Dixon Knitting authors comfort, inspire, amuse, and brighten the life of the lucky reader who steps into their world. This book features stories, patterns, advice, opinions, questions, answers, jokes, pictures, and more!

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