Saturday, June 30, 2012

38. Bad Blood - John Sandford

Virgil Flowers #4
audio read by Eric Conger
8 cds (10 hrs)
388 pgs.
Rating:  5

Setting:  contemporary southern Minnesota
I really adore Virgil Flowers.  He's a cool, REAL guy, one I'd like to meet.  He's a criminal investigator for the state of Minnesota, sent out to various parts of the state to work on crimes.  He's clever, he has his own way of investigating....many times by giving out information that many other investigators would keep close to the chest.  This selective information always gives back threefold.

In this outing, he is paired up with local sheriff Lee Coakley, an attractive divorcee.  When one murder leads to another, and then another, the investigator leads to members of a secretive local church.  When the deepest secrets seem to include older men marrying very younger...girls....they discover that sexual misconduct, incest, and abuse may go back many generations.  As much as some of the story was upsetting, the it was told well and was quite exciting and action-packed.

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